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  Contacts and Web Directory Book Shops & Authors


Adit Bookshop

Mbarara, Mbarara
Contact Phones : n/a,485420803

Africana Bookshop LTd

2, Colville
Contact Phones : n/a,0414345260

Alphamat Consult Ltd

Kawuku, Montague Street, off Misu
Contact Phones : +256772428912,-

We deal mainly with wholesale of books published by Cambridge University Press.

Amen Book Centre

60B, Gweri Road
Contact Phones : 0772584283,n/a

Andrew Wommack Ministries Bookstore

Shop 39,Cham Towers, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : +256(701)196484,n/a
Web Address

Angelina Bookshop

Plot 40/46, Ben Kiwanuka Street
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)343166

Aristoc Booklex Ltd

Plot 23, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)349052,+256(414)344381

Baptist Bookshop

Plot 42, Baptist Mission,Bombo Rd
Contact Phones : +256(414)541497,+256(414)531868
Web Address

City Valley Bookshop

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 0782385171,n/a

Decor Plus Ltd

8-10, Nkurumah road
Contact Phones : n/a,0414346867

DM Bookshop

17, Elgin street
Contact Phones : n/a,0481420814

Eastern Choice Bookshop

14, Cathedral avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,0454434048

Faith resource Centre

72, KAmpala Road
Contact Phones : 0772434378,n/a

Fr. Simon Peter Magandaazi

1, Cathedral
Contact Phones : +256 711 825763,+256 702 115955

gustro Ltd

16/4, Jinja road
Contact Phones : n/a,0414251467

Kamalu Longman Ltd

Plot 44, Rashid Khamis Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)270370,+256(414)342121

Kamalu Ltd

44, Rashid Khamis
Contact Phones : n/a,0312262449

Kampala NEw Styles Bookshop Ltd

15-29, Ben Kiwanuka
Contact Phones : n/a,0414348918

Kent Students Centre

2, Grant
Contact Phones : n/a,0481420814

La Fontaine Bookshop

Plot 4, Colline Hse,Pilkington Rd
Contact Phones : +256(712)880420,+256(414)348888

Masterly Bookshop and Stationery Point

59, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : 0772820377,0414231984

Mbale Bookshop

33, republic street
Contact Phones : n/a,045432458

MBale Christian Centre

MBale, MBale
Contact Phones : n/a,04544334172

Mukono Bookshop Printing & Publishing Co.Ltd

Plot 4, Colline Hse,Pilkington Rd
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(312)263541

Paulines Book & Media Centre

Plot 57, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)256346,+256(414)267988

Personal Development Materials

Plot 20, Rene Plaza,William Street
Contact Phones : +256 701 047 421,+256 752 941 440
Web Address

TK Dem Bookshop

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 077523447,n/a

Uganda Bookshop

Plot 4, Colville Street
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)343756

University Bookshop Makerere Ltd

Next to Guild Canteen, Lincoln Close
Contact Phones : ,+256(414)543442
Web Address :

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