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Government Of Uganda

Nakasero, State House, Nakasero Road
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 231 900
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Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Its abundant wildlife includes chimpanzees as well as rare birds. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary. Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries(MAAIF)

P.O Box 102, Entebbe, Plot 16-18, Lugard Avenue, Entebbe Uganda
Contact Phones : .,+256 41 4320004

The functions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) are derived from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Local Governments Act (1997) and the Public Service Reform Programme (PSRP).

Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (MODVA)

P.O.Box 3798, Kampala, Mbuya, Chwa II Rd, Kampala
Contact Phones : -,+256 41 4565100
Web Address

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (MODVA) is a government ministry responsible for the national defence and security of Uganda. In this capacity, its role is to preserve, defend and protect the people, property, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, contributing to regional stability and supporting international peace initiatives.


The ministry oversees the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF). This ensures that the UPDF is ultimately answerable to the people of Uganda, while it remains professional, with focus on protecting its citizens, defending national sovereignty and contributing to regional stability.

Ministry of East African Community Affairs(MEACA)

Plot 67/75, Yusuf Lule Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)340100,+256(414)348248
Web Address

Our mandate is to steer Uganda’s regional integration agenda. MEACA’s mission is to promote Uganda’s interests in pursuit of EAC regional integration. These functions have been translated into a five year document – the Draft MEACA Strategic Plan 2009 – 14. Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) recently, signed a technical support project with the Ministry being managed by Imani Development. In line with this, MEACA now seeks webmaster/ designer to review, customize and implement an enhanced website and to train Ministry Staff in managing and maintaining it.

Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda

King George Way IV Road and on Nakasero, Kyadondo Road ., Embassy House and Legacy Towers.
Contact Phones : +256 414 257 038,+256 414 259 338
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The Ministry of Education and Sports (MES), is a cabinet-level ministry of Uganda. It is mandated "to provide technical support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality education, training and sports to all persons in Uganda for national integration, development and individual advancement", according to the website of the ministry.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development(MEMD)

P.O. Box 7270, Kampala, Uganda, Amber House, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : +256- 414- 344414,+256(414)311111

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, also Ministry of Energy, Oil and Mineral Development is one of the governmental bodies of Uganda. The ministry has the function of developing and implementing policies related to electricity, minerals, petroleum and petroleum products. The ministry is part of the national cabinet and is headed by a cabinet minister.


The ministry is responsible for energy policy, investments in mining, and the establishment of new power generating infrastructure using hydro power, thermal power, solar power, wind power and nuclear power. The two largest power development projects in the country are the 183 megawatt Isimba Hydroelectric Power Station, expected online in 2016, and the 600 megawatt Karuma Hydroelectric Power Station, expected online in 2018. According to a 2012 published report, Uganda was considering the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation.

Ministry of Finance,Planning and Economic Development

Plot 2/12, Apollo Kaggwa Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)235051/4,+256(414)707000
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The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. Its mandate is to formulate sound economic and fiscal policies, mobilize resources for the implementation of government programmes, disburse public resources as appropriated by Parliament, and account for their use in accordance with national laws and international best practices. MoFPED was created by the 1995 Constitution of Uganda and derives its power from the Constitution and related acts of parliament, including the 2001 Budget Act and the 2003 Public Finance and Accountability Act.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda (MOFA)

P.O.Box 7048, Kampala, Plot 2A/B, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
Contact Phones : +256-414-257525 ,+256-414-345661
Web Address

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is a cabinet-level government ministry responsible for the implementation and management of Uganda's foreign policy and international activity.


The history of the ministry dates to the independence of Uganda on 9 October 1962. Initially, it was administratively under the Office of the Prime Minister. In 1971, it became a fully fledged ministry. In 1966, the position of State Minister for International Affairs was created, and in 1988 the position of State Minister for Regional Affairs was added.

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Uganda ( MGLSD)

P.O.Box 7136 Kampala, Plot 2, Simbamanyo House/ George St, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256(414)347854,+256(414)347855
Web Address

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) is a Cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. The mandate of the ministry is to empower citizens to maximize their individual and collective potential by developing skills, increasing labour productivity, and cultural enrichment to achieve sustainable and gender-sensitive development.

Ministry of Health, Uganda (MoH)

P.O Box 7272, Kampala Uganda, Plot 6, Lourdel Road, Nakasero
Contact Phones : Call Center Toll free 0800-100-066,+256 417 712260
Web Address

The Ministry of Health is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for planning, delivering, and maintaining an efficient and effective healthcare delivery system, including preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services, in a humane, affordable, and sustainable manner.

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT)

P. O. Box 7817 Kampala, ICT House, Plot 10/12 Parliamentary Avenue
Contact Phones : +256-414-236262,+256(414)236262
Web Address

The ICT ministry was created in 2006. The ministry is mandated to provide leadership, coordination, support and advocacy in the formulation of policy, laws, regulations and strategy for the ICT sector in Uganda, to foster the achievement of national development goals.Frank Tumwebaze, the current ICT cabinet minister has set the goal, in the medium term, for Uganda to join the six leading African countries in the ICT arena.

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Uganda (MIA)

P.O.Box 7191, Kampala, Plot 75, Jinja Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)231059,+256(414)258355
Web Address

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for the facilitation of "legal and orderly movement of persons to and from Uganda, regulate the residence of immigrants in the country, verify and process Uganda citizenship and enforce national and regional immigration laws for the development and security of Uganda"

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Plot 1, Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : +256(414)230539,+256(414)230538
Web Address

The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for the provision of "legal advice and legal services to government, its allied institutions and to the general public and to support the machinery that provides the legal framework for good governance"

Ministry of Lands,Housing And Urban Development

P.O.Box 7096 Kampala, Plot 13 – 15 Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : (256) – 791 – 622191, (256) – 772 – 463240,256) – 414 – 373511
Web Address

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD), is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for "policy direction, national standards and coordination of all matters concerning lands, housing and urban development".


In February 2010, the government of Uganda, in partnership with Thomson Reuters and with funding from the World Bank, began implementation of the Land information System. The system involves the digitization of Uganda's land registry, beginning with key geographical and administrative areas and then rolling the program out to include the entire country. This has improved the country's rank in the ease of doing business and has shortened turn-around times in processes like obtaining a mortgage, selling and buying land, and performing land surveys.

Ministry of Local Government, Uganda (MoLG)

P.O. Box 7037, Kampala, Plot 1, Pilkington Road, Workers’ House 2nd Floor, Southern Wing
Contact Phones : +256-041 341 224,+256 414 233 513
Web Address

The Ministry of Local Government (MOLG), is a cabinet-level government ministry of Uganda. It is responsible for the "creation, supervision and guidance of sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery in the decentralized system of governance. The ministry is responsible for the harmonization and support of all local government functions, to cause positive socio-economic transformation of Uganda".

Ministry of Public service, Uganda (MoPS)

P. O. Box 7003 Kampala., Plot 12, Nakasero Hill Road
Contact Phones : +256 414 250 534/6, +256 414 250 557/8,Toll Free: 0800100200/1/2

The Uganda Ministry of Public Service is a Cabinet level government ministry. The ministry is mandated to "develop, manage and administer human resource policies, management systems, procedures and structure for the public service" in Uganda.

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda

P. O. Box 4241 Kampala, .Rwenzori Towers 2nd Floor, Plot 6 Nakasero Road
Contact Phones : +256414-561700,+256414-561700
Web Address

The Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA) is the cabinet-level ministry responsible for the promotion of tourism, the preservation and welfare of wildlife, and the preservation, improvement and safekeeping of natural and other national historic sites and monuments.

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (Uganda)

P.O. Box 7103 Kampala, Plot 6/8, Parliamentary Avenue
Contact Phones : +256 312 324 268,+256-312 324 000
Web Address

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) is a cabinet level ministry of the government of Uganda. The mission of the ministry is to "develop and promote a competitive and export-driven private sector through the acceleration of industrial development", with the ultimate objective being the growth of the Ugandan economy. The ministry is headed by Minister Amelia Kyambadde, who was appointed by the president.

Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)

P.O. Box 20026 Kampala, Uganda, Plot 21/28 Port Bell Road, Luzira
Contact Phones : +256(414)503374,+256(414)505942
Web Address

The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) was established in 2007, from the then Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, following the cabinet decision taken on 15th April, 2007. It has the overall responsibility of the development, managing, and regulating water and Environment resources in Uganda.

Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT)

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 414 321 364,+256 414 320135
Web Address

The Ministry of Works and Transport is a Cabinet level government ministry of Uganda, that is mandated to plan, develop and maintain an economic, efficient and effective transport infrastructure, and transport services by road, rail, water, and air. The ministry is also mandated to manage public works including government structures and promote standards in the construction industry. The ministry is headed by a Cabinet Minister. 

National Medical Stores

4-6, Nsamizi Road
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 320089
Web Address

The Uganda National Medical Stores, commonly referred to as National Medical Stores (NMS), is a government-owned organisation in Uganda, mandated to procure, store and distribute human medication and health-related consumable items to government-owned health units in all districts of Uganda.

NMS was created by the Ugandan legislature in 1993.


The agency is governed by a 15-person board of directors, which serves for a four-year renewable term.

National Planning Authority

Contact Phones : -,+256-414- 250214/250229
Web Address
National Planning Authority was established by the NPA Act (15 of 2002) in accordance with Article 125 of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The Authority was established on backdrop of the need for: Building the national capacity for visionary and long term planning. The Authority would establish a framework that enable the short and medium term national priorities to be derived from and guided by agreed strategic objectives, long term development goals and perspective vision aspirations. Having in place an institution that will be responsible for ensuring a sustainable and balanced national development by integrating economic, social and political dimensions of development with spatial and environment aspects. Creation of policy and institutional arrangements that will facilitate systematic integration of district plans into national development plans i.e. integrating decentralized and national development planning processes. Establishment of a central forum

National water and Sewerage Corporation

39, Jinja ROad
Contact Phones : n/a,256414315000
Web Address
government institution

Office of the Auditor General, Uganda (OAG)

P. O. Box 7083 Kampala., Apollo Kagwa Road, Plot 2C
Contact Phones : -,+256 0417 336 000
Web Address

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is an Institution established under the provisions of Article 163 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. Its mandate, functions and powers are enshrined in the National Audit Act, 2008.

The main function of the OAG is to audit and report on the Public Accounts of Uganda and of all public offices or bodies and/or organizations established by an Act of Parliament.

Office of the Inspectorate of Government Uganda (IGG)

P.O. Box 1682, Kampala, Jubilee Insurance Centre, Plot 14, Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : +256 414 347387 (Hotline) ,+256 414 344219/259738/255892/251462
Web Address

The Inspectorate of Government is an independent institution charged with the responsibility of eliminating corruption, abuse of authority and of public office. The powers as enshrined in the Constitution and IG Act include to; investigate or cause investigation, arrest or cause arrest, prosecute or cause prosecution, make orders and give directions during investigations; access and search – enter and inspect premises or property or search a person or bank account or safe deposit box among others.

Office of the President (OP)

P.O. Box: 7168, Kampala, Uganda, Plot 16-18, Parliamentary Avenue
Contact Phones : -,+256-414-254881
Web Address

Office of the President (OP) is a Government Ministry through which The President of Uganda provides leadership in public policy management and good governance for National Development. 


Article 99 (3) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda vests the Executive Authority in the President and he is responsible for the welfare of the citizens and safeguards the Constitution and Laws of Uganda, among others. It is from this that Office of the President derives its mandate of providing leadership in public Policy management and good governance.

Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda (OPM)

P.O. Box 341, Kampala, UGANDA, 9-11 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, Kampala
Contact Phones : .,+256 417 770 500
Web Address

The Prime Minister of Uganda chairs the Cabinet of Uganda, although the President is the effective head of government. The post of Prime Minister was created for the first time in 1962. In 1966, Prime Minister Milton Obote suspended the Constitution, abolished the post of Prime Minister, and declared himself President. In 1980, the post of Prime Minister was re-established.

Office of the Vice President, Uganda (OOVP)

P.O. Box 7539, Uganda, Kampala, Parliament Building
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 234 590

The Vice President of Uganda is the second-highest executive official in the Ugandan government. Vice President is appointed by the President.

Parliament of Uganda

P.O BOX 7178, Kampala, Uganda., Plot 16-18 Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : +(256) 414 377 000/150.,+256(414)377180

The Ugandan Parliament was established in 1962, soon after the country's independence.

The most significant of the Ugandan Parliament's functions is to pass laws which will provide good governance in the country. The government ministers are bound to answer to the people's representatives on the floor of the house. Through the various parliamentary committees, parliament scrutinises government programmes, particularly as outlined in the State of the Nation Address by the President. The fiscal issues of the government, such as, taxation and loans need the sanction of the parliament, after appropriate debate.

The Ugandan parliament is composed of 238 Constituency Representatives, 112 District Woman Representatives, 10 Uganda People's Defense Forces Representatives, 5 Representatives of the Youth, 5 Representatives of Persons with Disabilities, 5 Representatives of Workers, and 13 ex officio Members.

Population Secretariat

9 , Statistics House Colville Street
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 705400
Web Address

The National Population Council is a government agency that was established by an Act of Parliament in 2014 to coordinate the implementation of the National Population Policy and Population Programme, and to advocate for the integration of population factors in development planning in accordance with the agreed framework under the National Development Plan.

The National Population Council transitioned from the Population Secretariat that was established in 1988 as a semi-autonomous institution under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Presidential Initiative On Banana Industrial Development

26A, Lumumba Avenue
Contact Phones : -,+256-414-371 050, +256-312-265 789
Web Address
The Presidential initiative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID) is a pilot project of the Government of the Republic of Uganda under the Board & Management Committee (BMC), PIBID whose underlying theory of change is that rural farmers with access to science led-processing and value addition enterprises under patronage of H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda will be able to rapidly access profitable market chains that supply local, regional and international markets resulting in increased household income. It is modeled around a rural Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and an Industrial Technology Park (ITP), models that have helped to transform economies in Europe, America and Asia. These enhance success of early stages of technology transfer and diffusion, and entrepreneurship among entrepreneurs, researchers & academics.

Privatisation & Utility Sector Reform Project

1, 2nd and 11th Floor, Communications House , Colville Street
Contact Phones : -,+256 312 325600/20, +256 414 705600/20
Web Address
The Privatisation and Utility Sector Reform Project (PUSRP) was established in 2001 as a follow up project from Enterprise Development Project II (EDP) which ended in 2000. The project is a government of Uganda reform and divestiture initiative, which is part of a wider economic reform and recovery program initiated in the late 1980s. The project development objective is to improve the quality, coverage and economic efficiency of commercial and utility services, through privatisation, private participation in infrastructure (PPI), and an improved regulatory framework. To date 122 Public Enterprises (PE) have been divested leaving a balance of 36 enterprises, yet to be divested.

Public Relations Association of Uganda

-, Christeve House 29/29A, 3rd Floor, Suite 11 Nkrumah
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 343 171
Web Address :-
The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) is the umbrella public relations body of Uganda. It is affiliated with other regional and global public relations bodies such as the Eastern African Public Relations Association (EAPRA), the African Public Relations Associations (APRA) and the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

Public Service Commission

-, 2nd Floor, Farmers House Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : -,+256-414-342279
Web Address
The Public Service Commission is established under the provisions of Article 165(1) of the 1995 Constitution. In fulfillment of its functions under Article 166, the Commission is required to make a report to Parliament in respect of each year’s performance of its functions. Under Article 166 (4) of the same Constitution, Parliament is required by law to empower the Public Service Commission to make regulations for the effective and efficient performance of its functions. This is in addition to the provisions of Article 251 (1) which empowers the Commission to regulate its own procedure or confer powers or impose duties on any officer or authority of the Government for the purpose of discharging its functions. In light of the above, a draft Public Service Commission Bill has been prepared and submitted to the Cabinet for approval. Currently the Public Service Commission Regulations guide the Commission in the carrying out of its functions in addition to other relevant regu

Tax Appeals Tribunal

3 , 8th Floor NIC Building, Pilkington Road
Contact Phones : -,0414-340470, 0414-232865
Web Address
Settles disputes between a taxpayer and Uganda Revenue Authority on matters of Taxation

The Judiciary

kampala, high court building
Contact Phones : n/a,256414233420
government institution

The Uganda Road Fund

10, 5th Floor, Twed Towers, Kafu Road Nakasero
Contact Phones : -,+ 256 (0) 414 257 072 + 256 (0) 312 229
Web Address
Uganda Road Fund (URF) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 to operate as a 2G (Second Generation) Fund with the objective of financing routine and periodic maintenance of public roads in Uganda from mainly reserved road user charges. Within the East African Region, Uganda was the last country to launch a second-generation road fund. The Fund became operational in 2010. The Fund has a duty to finance the implementation of the Annual Road Maintenance Programmes (ARMP) that are carried out by the Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the other designated agencies responsible for District, Urban and Community Access Roads. By aspiring to ensure a stable, adequate and timely flow of funds to agencies, the URF provides the opportunity for the implementing agencies to plan for efficiency and effective delivery of maintenance on their respective categories of roads. The anticipated gains due to such stable and predictable financing,

Uganda AIDS Commission

1–3 , Salim Bey Road
Contact Phones : -,+256-414 288065
Web Address
HIV/AIDS is a development issue and security crisis globally and at country levels. There is need to intensify the response underpinned by evidence on the dynamics of the epidemic in different contexts and the effectiveness of employed approaches and interventions. Uganda's response to HIV/AIDS has generated a wealth of information and knowledge. We provide tools for promoting sharing of information and learning from experiences, as well as information on the status and trends of the epidemic in the country, highlight challenges and proposals for the way forward to addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the community, district and national levels. UAC provides the overall coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the HIV/AIDS related activities in the country in order to harmonize response to HIV/AIDS and its effects. UAC is expected to provide strategic leadership by ensuring effective harmonization of the HIV/AIDS related activities of the various players within agreed policy and progr

Uganda Bureau of Statistics

9, Colville
Contact Phones : n/a,256414706000
research services

Uganda Electoral Commission

55 , Jinja Road
Contact Phones : -,0414-337500, 0312-262208/9/10/11
Web Address
The Electoral Commission was set up under Article 60 of the 1995 Constitution of The Republic of Uganda. It consists of the Chairman, Deputy Chairperson and five other members appointed by the President with the approval of Parliament and a Secretariat headed by the Secretary. Details covering The Commissions establishment and mandate can be accessed in Articles 60 to 67 inclusive.

Uganda Electricity Generation Co. Ltd

37, Nakasero Road 3rd Floor UEDCL Tower
Contact Phones : -,+256 312 372 165
Web Address
UEGCL is a body corporate, incorporated under the Companies’ Act (Cap 110), the Laws of Uganda and in conformity with the Electricity Act, 1999. The company was incorporated in March 2001 to operate and maintain the formerly UEB’s Generation Stations at Nalubaale and Kiira Power Stations, and to complete the construction of Kiira Power Station. UEGCL’s mandate changed from operations and maintenance of the Electricity Generation Complex in Jinja (NPS and KPS) to concession monitoring when the complex was concessioned out to a concessionaire (ESKOM (U) Ltd) for 20 years effective April 2003. The change in mandate requires UEGCL to ensure that the complex is operated and maintained in accordance with the acceptable utility standards, and preservation of the facilities. With the completion of Kiira Power Station, UEGCL moved on to development of other large and small hydropower stations in various parts of the country.

Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited

10, Hannington Rd
Contact Phones : -,+256 -417- 802 000, +256-414-233433/4
Web Address
Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) was incorporated as a limited company on the 26th March 2001 in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act as amended and the Public Enterprise Reform and Divestiture Act. UETCL’s existence is provided for in the Electricity Act Cap 145 that provided for un-bundling the vertically integrated Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) into successor Companies and establishment of the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). UEB was succeeded by three companies namely; Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) – Responsible for Power Generation at Kiira 200MW and Nalubaale 180MW power plants. Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) – Responsible for the grid assets operating above 33kV. Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) – Responsible for the grid assets operating at 33kV and below.

Uganda Human Rights Commission

2 B , Lumumba Ave. Kampala
Contact Phones : -, 0414-348007
Web Address
The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) was established under the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The decision to establish a permanent body to monitor the human rights situation in the country was in recognition of Uganda’s violent and turbulent history that had been characterized by arbitrary arrests, detention without trial, torture and brutal repression with impunity on the part of security organs during the pre and post independence era.

Uganda Insurance Commission.

24A, Insurers House, Acacia Avenue, Kololo
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 230469, +256 414 500945/6
Web Address
Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) was founded in 1965 by Insurance companies in Uganda to meet the challenges of an emerging competitive and continuously growing Insurance industry with the overall objective to promote the development and expansion of sound insurance and reinsurance activities in Uganda. In pursuit of our overall objective, we use lobbying and advocacy, publicity and sensitization, research and information dissemination, training and product development to ensure the smooth operation and promotion of this industry. By law- the Insurance Act 213- all licensed Insurance and Reinsurance companies in Uganda are required to be members of this Association

Uganda Land Commission

-, Century Building Siad Barre Avenue
Contact Phones : -,+256 (0) 414 235 875/235 884
Web Address
The Uganda Land Commission (ULC) was established by the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The Constitution provides for the setting up of Uganda Land Commission as an autonomous body; and at the commencement of the financial year 2006/07, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development created a vote for Uganda Land Commission. Arising out of the provisions of the Constitution, Parliament enacted laws that are contained in the 1998 Land Act, which regulate the operation of the Uganda Land Commission. The functions of the Uganda Land Commission are not decentralized but the Commission may liaise with the independent District Land Boards (DLB) with regard to Government land in the Districts.

Uganda Law Reform Commission

1, Workers House, 8th Floor, Pilkington Rd,
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 346200 /341138
Web Address
Vision of the Commission Laws that are responsive to the needs of society Mission of the Commission To reform and update the laws of Uganda in line with the social, cultural and economic needs and values of the people of Uganda Slogan of the Commission Law reform for good governance and sustainable development Core values of the Commission Impartiality, equity, professionalism, accountability and transparency

Uganda Local Governments Associations

136, ULGA HOUSE Kibuga, Block 13, Najjanankumbi, Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : -, +256(0)414-347575
Web Address
The Uganda Local Governments’ Association (ULGA) is an Association for Local Governments in Uganda. ULGA was formed in 1994 by the District Chairpersons as Uganda Local Authorities Association (ULAA) which was later re-named Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA). The change in name came as a result of the need to align it to the exiting definition of the Institution of Local Governments as per the applicable policy and legislative framework on decentralization and the Local government system in Uganda. Having been formed in 1994, ULGA has come a long way growing into a strong and formidable advocacy organization due to the support of its Member Local Governments, Development Partners as well as its Patron His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda. Today, ULGA boasts of its own home acquired on 30/02/1996 with the support of Members contributions from Danida and DFID. The ULGA House is located at on Plot 136 Najjanankumbi, Entebbe Road, whe

Uganda Media Centre

36, Nile Avenue, Kampala
Contact Phones : -, +256312261525/6/7, +256414-237-141/3
OUR MANDATE To effectively facilitate communications of government policies, programmes and projects to the public through the media OUR VISION To cause positive factual public awareness of Uganda OUR MISSION To facilitate the meeting of communication and information needs of government and the people in order to achieve Social, Political & Economic transformation OBJECTIVES • To provide professional media and communication services to government departments • To generate information for dissemination to the public • To standardize government communication • To ensure that the government is fairly and objectively represented in the media • To have a better and clear appreciation of public information and government communication needs • To participate in the development and implementation of government communication information strategy • To foster a positive communication environment between government and the media • To integrate the internationa

Uganda National Council for Science & Technology

6, Kimera Road, Ntinda
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 705500
Web Address
The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) is a Government of Uganda Agency, established by CAP 209, under the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development. The Council is mandated to facilitate and coordinate the development and implementation of policies and strategies for integrating Science and Technology (S&T) into the national development process.

Uganda National roads Authority

11, Yusuf Lule Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256312233100
Web Address
roads authority

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