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Workers House, 7th Floor,, PILKINGTON ROAD
Contact Phones : +256 776 278873,+256 312 112986
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About Africa2Trust
[Memberships] - Know who to TRUST in Africa! is an e-commerce and e-business platform tailored to give Africa and African companies and organizations a cutting edge. It gives CREDIBLE companies and organizastion in Africa a unified platform to market, create business networks, consultancy and partnerships and very importantly to sell their products and services to the international markets.

We emphasize a smooth transitional approach in solving the business and financial problems of small and medium enterprises in Africa. Our approach will ensure a blend of e-technology that is affordable, advanced and appropriate to the needs of business persons in Africa.

We shape up our clients' business and organizational structures to make them fully compatible with e-business and e-commerce trends worldwide. We offer e-business/e-commerce solutions to companies, organizations, or any person(s) in Africa.

Membership/Subscription Requirements/Prerequisites:

  • All companies/organisations MUST be registered in their respective countries and with an operating trading licence
  • They MUST have a physical address and we MUST get details of atleast one director
  • They MUST be members of at least one umbrella association or government institution - the one in charge of setting industry standards for that sector and ensuring that the standards are followed.
  • Only approved products and services are reflected on the internal sites for the companies/organisations
  • The only GIS maps reflected are those approved and uploaded by our GIS partners to ensure correctly.

Some of the benefits for companies/organisations that meet the requirements are:

  • A Complete STANDARD dynamic and interactive site within the portal.
  • They are reflected in the web directory
  • They are reflected in the contacts directory
  • Each of their products and/or service gets a complete page that meets search engine requirement - for its full description
  • Their products can be shopped and ordered for online.
  • They have a content management solution for ALL their content.
  • They benefit from our online and offline marketing strategies.
  • They work with our expert content developers to ensure that their content meets internet marketing standards.
  • And because they stand out as CREDIBLE, they will attract foreign investments and partnerships.

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