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Fr. Simon Peter Magandaazi : The Priest On Trial

The Priest On Trial $ : 7
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'Murky forces of power, sex and money entangle the man of God in Post-Idi Amin / AIDS Uganda'
'A very unique novel cominig out of Africa'

'A very beautiful and unique piece of work in defence of the family,priesthood and celibacy.'

'A book every parent of a teenage daughter must read.'

'A big challenge to soldiers and politicians.'

'A tribute to the people of Acholiland who are trapped in the whirlwind of the UPDF-Kony conflict.'

'A must read for all seminarians and priests.'

'Even the young woman religiously devoted to her TV soap operas will forget about them for a while.'

'Breath-taking and sexually explicit.'

The PRIEST ON TRIAL is a remarkable piece of work. It is brilliantly pieced together building tension and excitement.The reader is moved to the end with anxiety and apprehension.

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