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Although SMI (better known as "Embiveni" within Swaziland) is mainly recognised for its Simunye Beef branded products, we do in fact sell a very broad range of meat products in both Swaziland and Mozambique. These go to a wide variety of customers and, in Swaziland, this includes a large number of entrepreneurs operating small businesses who buy through the Embiveni Shop in Matsapha.


No matter who the customer is or where in the world they are based we always stick to the basic principle of helping improve our customer's business through:

• Innovation and development of new and exciting products.

• Only providing products of an excellent and consistent quality.

• Adding value to maximise convenience and minimise the work   that has to be done by our customers.

For the European market we only provide Simunye Beef products. These are either vacuum packed primal cuts which are prepared to customers specifications and, if chilled, have a 6 month shelf-life when kept at just above 0 ºC, or frozen manufacturing cuts (again prepared to your specification). Generally these cuts are delivered using sea freight, although we do use air freight for Switzerland.


The export beef is all registered as Halaal by the South African Halaal Authority (SANHA) and each consignment is provided with a SANHA certificate.


For Swaziland and Mozambique it is possible to purchase Halaal products directly from the export plant by prior arrangement.




Good quality products can only come from the finest raw materials. Then strict attention to detail using well designed production systems, the right equipment and competent, well trained employees ensures the correct final result.

For Simunye Beef this process begins on the farm where SMI works with the farmer giving the best possible start to the process.


SMI's quality manual is designed to ensure compliance to British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards and best practices plus of course compliance to the EU regulations. The manual includes our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and traceability programmes; the HACCP programme was implemented in 1998 and is thus well established.

The advantage of having multi-national customers means that we benefit from their expertise and ideas. This is especially so for SMI's quality department which receives assistance from the Norwegian Independent Meat and Poultry Association (Kjøtt- og fjørfebransjens Landsforbund, KLF). Their interest is to ensure we are meeting the high standards required for entry into Norway, but all of SMI's customers receive the benefit of their work.

Food safety and supervision by the Meat hygiene Department.

As required by the EU, SMI's operations are independently supervised by the Department of Veterinary Services; to do this 23 highly qualified members of their Meat Hygiene Department are stationed here. Their personnel include two veterinarians, 18 meat inspectors and three laboratory staff.

The duties of this department include ante and post mortem inspection, meat inspection, supervision of carcase maturation, environmental inspection and regular microbiological measurements with for example weekly swabs from SMI personnel, the equipment and meat products.


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