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ALUINOX LDA : Aluminium Door and Window frames

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More About Aluminium Door and Window frames

The ALUINOX, LDA offers a VARIETY of customer options, allowing it to choose the type of former frame: doors and windows with roller shutter, windows with anti-noise system, doors and windows with blinds between glass, rails, dividers / Partition , mosquito nets, panels and unique components. Always working with raw material origin, transformed into their frames are pleased to be easy to operate and the seduction of modern design that integrate with harmony to the style of each room. We are based in São Vicente and we provide services to our customers in all the Cape Verde islands.

Since then we multiply efforts and initiatives to overcome the expectations of our customers and meet the needs required by civil metalwork sector and public works. We can conclude that our challenge will be to invest in a constant improvement of technical and human resources necessary to always offer the best service as part of our business. Contact us for more information or request for quote.


Aluminum is a quality metal, with several features that make it the best option for the building industry. Check out the advantages of using aluminum:



Being a lightweight material, aluminum has some competitive advantages: a reduction in fuel consumption and higher load capacity. These features help to reduce the price of the final product. Moreover, it is suitable for both mobile structures, as for static, where the final weight of the project is of great importance.



Why not allow the passage of oxygen, light and moisture, aluminum is highly suitable for the manufacture of food packaging, medicine and uses in construction.



With high resistance to corrosive agents, aluminum is a long-life material, which can be used either in disposable packaging, as in the construction of car bodies.


Flexibility Being a malleable metal, industries shape the aluminum in order to adapt it does to your usage needs and consumption. This flexibility makes this material is applied in several areas of industry expertise.


Resistance Despite being lightweight and flexible, aluminum is extremely hard and resistant to external factors such as corrosion.Furthermore, it is indicated for use in building structures, aircraft and trains.