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The ENACOL gas is sold in bottles of 3, 6, 12.5 and 55Kg for domestic consumption and 1000Kg tanks for industrial use. Two reservoirs shaped ball, with capacity of 1500 MT, owned by ENACOL constitute the country's infrastructure only for storage of butane gas.


From the reservoirs, ENACOL makes filling containers and bottles, including competition, to meet the needs of the entire country, in the best conditions of quality and safety. Currently our sales network consists of 649 points scattered throughout the country. To a home delivery service is done in asparagus, Mindelo and Praia, through the No 800 60 60 (free call) or by mobile phones: Asparagus - Mobile:996 66 01. Mindelo - Mobile: 984 55 92 Beach - Mobile: 974 91 70.




Adapter for bottles of 6 kg


Having found that the connection of the bottle of 6 kg to gas stove, was a necessity, and seeking to satisfy our customers with safe and innovative products, we provide an adapter that allows the gear safely, the 6 bottle kg for use on the stove.


Thanks to this more comfortable, customers with bottle of 12.5 kg, reserve, can replace it with a 6kg, while replacing the 12.5 kg empty for another full.




Laranjinha Light


In 2009 we have new packaging 12.5kg, to the Cape Verde market, a new generation of gas bottle. Indeed, much lighter, safe, durable and ergonomic - the Laranjinha Light - was developed to meet new customer expectations. Fully recyclable and therefore "friend-of-environment," the Laranjinha Light has an attractive look and meets the safety and strength of traditional bottles of steel, with the lightness of this new generation of bottles, to which combines exclusive design and superior ergonomics.


Note that the Laranjinha Light also has a valve and a thermal fuse, which provide additional safety in the event of the bottle being exposed to extreme temperatures.




Gas Comfort


In 2010, we launched the piped butane system, developed for family houses, hotels, restaurants and condominiums. Stored in bottles of 12.5 kg, 55 kg or reservoirs, the gas is supplied through conduit itself from facilities located outside, and thus safe, more convenient and functional. Installation and maintenance are carried out by our specialized technical teams where high quality and safety materials are used, enabling us to supply a building, a house, a condo or an urbanization.


With gas always available, the customer is quietly while the Gas Comfort, brand ENACOL, comes home.