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RESUL : Resul Electricity Products

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RESUL's range of products is distributed across 6 areas of intervention, including:

- Equipment and Accessories for Electrical Energy Distribution Networks

- Equipment and Accessories for Gas Distribution Networks (natural gas and/or liquid petroleum gas)

- Fixtures and Respective Equipment for Public Lighting Networks

- Accessories for Water Distribution Networks

- Equipment and Accessories for Central Renewable Energies 

- Photovoltaic Projects 



> Overhead Bare Lines Accessories

> Aerial Bundle Conductors (ABC Cables) Accessories

> Public Lighting (Luminaires and Accessories)

> Switchboards, Distribution Cabinets And Components

> Underground Networks Accessories

> Earthing Equipments

> Band And Buckles

> String Accessories

> Terminals, Splices And Tap-Off Connectors

> Bronze And Aluminium Connectors For Substations

> HV And MV Accessories For Underground Cables

> LV Heat - Shrinkable Products

> Surge And Lightning Arresters

> Safety

> Protection And Disconnection

> Conventional And Prepayment Metering

> Generators, Transformers And Regulators

> Soleo Bia

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