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CAMSOLAR : Solar Energy

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Manufacturer: Evergreen


•STC - Pump at 190W, Voc at 32.8V, Isc, at 8 05A.

•High quality poly-crystaline solar panel for on-grid system.

•Get up to 104% of rated power with a guaranteed minimum of 98%

•Made in USA.

•For 5 or less than 5pcs, deliver period is at 6 - 8 weeks.


Manufacturer: SMA


•Max DC power at 4040W, AC power at 3800, MPPT range at200V-500Vl

•Inverter maximum efficiency at 95.6%.

•Outdoor IP65 Housing with OptCool dual compartment cooling system.

•Maxiumum power up to 45o C ambient temperature.

•Integrated electronic Solar Swith, ESS.

•5 year Manufacturerr warranty.

•Made in Germany



Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


•DC imput voltage at 10V - 15.5V, AC output voltage (RMS) at 220V or 115V+/-10%

•AC output frequency at 50 or 60Hz /-0.1%

•contious power rating at 300W @ 25oC

•Indoor IP20 Housing.

•Pretectioon against reverse polarity, AC short circuit, AC overload, high voltage, low battery, high temperature.

•Made in Tawan.