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African Crafts School of Architecture and Urbanism

BP 1024 lome Togo, BP 1024 lome Togo
Contact Phones : 00 756 908/752 208,00 756 908/752 208
Faculty of Education Arts and crafts

Catholic University of West Africa

00120 - Città del Vaticano, 00120 - Città del Vaticano
Contact Phones : +39-06-69880115,+39-06-69880115
Web Address :www.fides.org
Fides News Agency (Fides) was created on 5 June, 1927, by order of the Council Superior General of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, as the first Missionary Agency of the Church and among the first agencies in the world, at the service of informing and promoting missionary activity. The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, at the Assembly of its Supreme Council in April 1927, decided to establish Fides “to raise awareness of missions” to the People of God via the press, with the intention to arouse missionary cooperation through vocations, spiritual communion and material resources. Fides was therefore to provide current news and images not only for publication in missionary magazines, but also for other press in all countries. Tasks entrusted to the Agency were also to prepare studies on the situation of missions and on religious and social matters in the mission territories. The Congregation “de Propaganda Fide” approved the decision and gave

Université Bilingue Libre du Togo

Villa Wilson AGBODJAN, Préfecture du Golfe, Avépozo-Batovi, coté plage, Lomé, Villa Wilson AGBODJAN, Préfecture du Golfe, Avépozo-Batovi, coté plage, Lomé
Contact Phones : +228-97-04-44-20,+228-97-04-44-20
Web Address :www.ublt.org/
YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Université Bilingue Libre du Togo (UBLT) is a university established by a scholar and more than a decade university administrator, Peniel-Mahamat Djimet AMANE on the 14th November, 2010 in the Republic of Benin, first as a university institute (Institut Universitaire Bilingue Rehoboth) and moved to Togo as a full fledged university under strict regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Togolese Republic. It is a technical, scientific, cultural and professional research and training institution placed under the tutelage of the ministry of higher education and research of Togo. The university aims to become a citadel of knowledge based on the reflexes of research and professional training piloted by the 'Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l'Enseignement Supérieur' CAMES, the body of accreditation of universities of francophone countries. Université Bilingue Libre du Togo (UBLT) is established to contribute, through technical and pr

University of Kara

BP 00120 - Lome Togo, BP 00120 - Lome Togo
Contact Phones : +39-06-69880100,+39-06-69880100
Web Address :www.uok.org
Kara is a city in northern Togo, situated in Kara Region, 413 km north of the capital Lomé. Kara is the capital of the Kara region and, according to the 2010 census, had a population of 94,878. The Kara River flows through the city and is its main resource of water. Originally known as Lama-Kara, the city developed from the village of this name that still exists into an administrative centre. Etienne Eyadéma was born in the nearby village of Piya. Kara includes a busy market place, numerous hotels, banks, the Prefecture, a brewery and the Congress Hall which was the seat of the Rally of the Togolese People Party before the advent of democracy. Niamtougou International Airport is located 40 kilometers north of Kara.

University of Lomé

P.O Box 1515 Lomé-TOGO Bld Gnassingbé Eyadema , Lomé-TOGO Bld Gnassingbé Eyadema
Contact Phones : (228) 22 25 50 93 (228) 22 25 50 94 ,(228) 22 21 35 00 (228) 22 21 30 27
Web Address :www.univ-lome.tg
University of Lomé The University of Lomé is the largest university in Togo and is specifically located in the city of Lomé. The University of Lomé initially had 5 schools today has a total of 15 faculties: Faculty of Arts and Humanities ; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Science (FDS ); Faculty of Economics and Management; Faculty of Health Science; Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy; The School of Humanities; the Higher School of Administration and Legal Careers; the Higher School of Economics and Management Techniques; School of Sciences and the Medical School.

University of Science and Technology of Togo

Quartier de Noukafou Boulevard Jean-Paul II (en face la station Total) Lomé, Quartier de Noukafou Boulevard Jean-Paul II (en face la station Total) Lomé
Contact Phones : (00 228) 92 73 15 05 ,(00 228) 98 84 59 71 (00 228) 98 11 62 49
University of Science and Technology of Togo The University of Science and Technology of Togo is a private university in West Africa whose headquarters are located in Lomé, the capital of Togo. The university is an academic institution in scientific, cultural and professional vested with legal personality, educational autonomy, scientific, administrative and financial.

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