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niversidade Agostinho Neto Agostinho Neto University

7 Luanda Luanda Angola, Avenida 4 de Fevereiro 7 Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 311125,+244 (222) 311125
About UAN The Agostinho Neto University (UAN), is the only educational institution public Superior in Angola. Under its organic statute (approved by Executive Decree No. 60/01 of 5 October) is a legal person of public law, endowed with statutory, scientific, pedagogic, administrative, financial and disciplinary intended for staff training higher, in the various branches of knowledge. The UAN guarantees freedom of scientific, cultural and technological creation, in a perspective of respect and promotion of the human person, the community and the environment. Also, ensure the plurality of opinions and their free expression, promotes the participation of all university bodies in common academic life and ensures democratic management methods, through the exercise of direct election of representatives of the different bodies among its organs. Currently Agostinho Neto University is located in 10 of the 18 provinces of the country, with: 7 Faculties, 6 Higher Institutes of Education

Universidade Católica de Angola Catholic University of Angola

24 Luanda Luanda Angola, Avenida Pedro de Castro Van Dunem, n. 24 Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 010 916,+244 (222) 010 916
The project of a Catholic University in Angola began to take shape within the Episcopal Conference of Angola and Sao Tome (CEAST), in years gone 90. The dynamics of the project was entrusted to the then President of CEAST, Archbishop Cardinal Alexandre do Nascimento. The use of the experience of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), in the person of Lord Dom António Cardinal Ribeiro, Chancellor of the CPU, and a special way of Dom Jose Policarpo (of happy memory), and even the then Rector of the UCP, Prof. Doctor Manuel Isidro de Araujo Alves was instrumental in driving the first steps of UCAN project, here highlight the dynamism and selflessness of Mons. Canon José Alves Cachadinha and support the Kennedy Foundation.

Universidade Gregório Semedo Gregório Semedo University

Rua Adjacente 21 Janeiro / Av. Vandunem Loy, Morro Bento Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : 00244 919 873 839,00244 919 873 839
Web Address :www.ugs.ed.ao
The University Gregorio Semedo - UGS is a private institution of higher education, legally entitled by Intellectus, - Training and Management Ltd, Angolan company based in Luanda, whose corporate purpose teaching, education and training in their. various fields. UGS emerged in 2004 under the provisional authorization for operation granted by His Excellency the Minister of Education and was officially established by Decree # 23/07 of May 7, the Council of Ministers. The degree courses which currently minister were approved by the Secretary of State for Higher Education and was the Decree 83/08, a diploma that recognizes, published on 25 June. Are degrees that, in four years, not only form professional, but actually specialize them in the right areas of Computer Engineering, Commercial Management and Marketing, Human Resource Management, IT Management and Organization and Management .

Universidade Independente de Angola Independent University of Angola

II Corimba Luanda Angola, Rua da Missão, Bairro Morro Bento II Corimba Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 33 89 70,+244 (222) 33 89 70
Web Address :www.unia.ao
The Independent University of Angola, Unia - began operations on June 2, 2004 only ministering Propedêutico year of classes for four (4) degrees: • Computer Science • Civil Engineering • Computer Engineering • Engineering of Natural Resources and Environment Being the UNIA an Angolan University was found fit to boot the Propedêutico year because they find it useful and necessary to shape the knowledge of students who entered higher education, some of them after many years away from education because of the war and instability that the country experienced in the past. Besides, the sources are varied and the degree of formation of secondary education or any other medium courses also were and continue to be very different from the students. The Independent University of Angola was born from a dream and represents the effort and the enthusiasm of a group of Angolans willing to give their contribution to the development and consolidation of Education and Knowledge in Angola.

Universidade Jean Piaget de Angola Jean Piaget University of Angola

81 Viana Luanda Angola, Bairro Capalanka, Caixa Postal 81 Viana Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 29 04 48,+244 (222) 29 04 48
Showing translation for INFORMAÇÃO INSTITUCIONAL DA Universidade Jean Piaget de Angola nasceu em 1999 com a criação da Associação Instituto Piaget de Angola, conforme o registo do Diário da República, n.º 14, Série III de 1 de Abril de 1999. Tendo-se tornado, esta última, patrona desta Universidade, também denominada por UniPiaget de Angola, que se legitimou com a criação dos primeiros Cursos sob o Decreto Executivo n.º 44-A/01, de 6 de Julho. A Universidade Jean Piaget de Angola, ou a UniPiaget, é uma instituição de ensino superior privada, de carácter associativo que, visando dar cumprimento às normas gerais reguladoras do Subsistema do Ensino Superior, tem como missão promover a criação, a transmissão e difusão da cultura, do saber, da ciência e da tecnologia. Através da articulação do estudo, da docência e da investigação científica, o mesmo é integrado na vida da sociedade angolana. Ainda neste pressuposto, a UniPiaget apresenta como objectivos: A formação de estudantes nos aspe

Universidade Lusíada de Angola Lusíada University of Angola

11/13 Luanda Luanda Angola, Largo do Lumeji, nº 11/13 Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 37 03 46,+244 (222) 37 03 46
Web Address :www.ulangola.ed.ao
Granting certificates 1st Course Aggregation the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Lusíada in Angola Amphitheatre ALU .

Universidade Metodista de Angola Methodist University of Angola

10, Kinaxixi Luanda Luanda Angola, Rua Nossa Senhora da Muxima, 10, Kinaxixi Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 338 984,+244 (222) 338 984
Web Address :www.uma.co.ao
PIC-A - Scientific Initiation Program of the Methodist University of Angola day until December 31, 2015 The Scientific Initiation Program of the Methodist University of Angola, one of the highest relevance and indispensable tool for the qualitative academic and scientific training of students, began in January of 2014, although the official launch happened only on 28 June of the same year , the Magnificent Rector, Prof. Dr. Teresa José Adelina da Silva Neto, under its I Cycle of Lectures. This is an entirely biased program to the Angolan reality and provides, above all, the development of science, technology and innovation, in addition to preparing future researchers and academics. It elucidates-although it is impossible to separate a solid program of Masters and PhD Scientific Initiation of a solid program properly structured to be undoubtedly the foundation for the solidification of Masters and PhD programs successful.

Universidade Óscar Ribas Oscar Ribas University

Rua Direita do Centro de Convenções Talatona, s/n Luanda Luanda Angola, Rua Direita do Centro de Convenções Talatona, s/n Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 3750 1087,+244 (222) 3750 1087
Web Address :www.uor.ed.ao
The University Óscar Ribas supports its formation in humans and this, not someone else's never the bases grounded in culture, social, moral and ethnic values ​​that are the root of the Angolan nation always primaziando the differences sustentabilizam opinions and freedom of thought which are the engine of development and change. While academic institution, the University Óscar Ribas cultivates rigor and based discipline on mutual respect valuing critical thinking, curiosity and intellectual freedom, a collaborative universe always in search of excellence of knowledge, new experiences and new shares requiring its members an action based on honesty and integrity; professional ethics and personal; solidarity and responsibility elements that it considers essence of the whole training course and sustainability of heritage that transmits to the generations of tomorrow.

Universidade Privada de Angola Private University of Angola

11 Terra Nova Luanda Luanda Angola, Rua 11 Terra Nova Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 26 56 45,+244 (222) 26 56 45
Web Address :www.upra.ao
Brief history The Private University of Angola designated UPRA is a legal person of private law, endowed with legal personality, dedicated to the University Education in all fields of knowledge, scientific research, graduate, university extension and the provision of services the society. The UPRA is focused on social responsibility for the development of Angola and in motivating their students as competent and qualified professionals for efficient performance of chosen professions. The Private University of Angola recognized by Government Decree No. 28/07, has its genesis in Higher Private Institute of Angola, formerly called abbreviated as Ispra recognized in Decree No. 58/00, of 15 December, published in the Official Gazette 1st Series # 53. The constant checking of the objectives of UPRA, has required of senior management of the University, an effort qualifying continued its faculty, update their technical and technological equipment and renewal of their teaching, always bear

Universidade Técnica de Angola Technical University of Angola

14, Kilamba Kiaxi Luanda Luanda Angola, Bairro Capolo II, Rua A4 No. 14, Kilamba Kiaxi Luanda Luanda Angola
Contact Phones : +244 (222) 262 064,+244 (222) 262 064
Web Address :www.utanga.co.ao
Who we are TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ANGOLA, referred to in short UTANGA, a private nature education institution, part of the higher education subsystem in Angola, inaugurated in 2007, created by Decree No. 29/07 of 7 May, the Council of Ministers and published in the Diário Republic Series I n.º55. We have our headquarters in Luanda, called Campus Joaquim Pessoa, in the City of Fine, district of Kilamba Kiaxi, Capolo II neighborhood, A4 Street, No. 14 close to the new installation of the National Directorate of Road Traffic and the University Campus of Viana, in Camama-kicuxi road in the Luanda Sul deviation, face to the old police station. The UTANGA has as promoter the SAPANGUELE, Trade and Industry Ltd, having its own facilities and equipment translated into educational resources, technical and tecnológocos, which are in its heritage collection of the University. The UTANGA is profiled as a contemporary university, sustained in the design of the tripod "education, research a

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