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Somali National University

-, Columbia Rd Xamar Weyne
Contact Phones : +252(0)617494200 ,+252(0)866002
Web Address :snu.edu.so

SNU was officially found In December 1969 and the Institute of law and economics were transformed into the faculties of law and economy. In 1971, the faculty of Agriculture and the Chemistry were activated followed by the faculty of education in 1972. In 1973 the faculties of Medicine, Geology, Veterinary and engineering were founded and in 1979 faculties of language, Islamic study and journalism were also added to the faculties of SNU and lastly the faculties of Technical Teacher Training and the Political Science were the last faculties that joined SNU.

Amoud University

Borama Awdal Somalia, Borama Awdal Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (2) 445 4004,+252 (2) 445 4004
More readings about Amoud Amoud University history and background can also be found on the article called "In a breakaway region of war-torn Somalia, a new university takes root" from Somaliland Space, an online journal, and another article entitled "Restoration of Peace and Hope: The Amoud Initiative – By. Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud" from Weedhsan also an online journal. Following the collapse of the Somali state and the civil strife which followed, most educational facilities were destroyed, damaged or simply abandoned as a result of insecurity. Education ceased to function at all levels causing school-going children and youth throughout Somalia to see their future suddenly blocked by circumstances beyond their control. The Foundation Stone Laid by C.R.V. BELL OVE in 1952 during the construction of the first buidling at Amoud University(then Amoud Secondary School) [April 2015]

Benadir University

Adjacent to Care Somalia, Near Industrial Street Mogadishu Benadir Somalia, Adjacent to Care Somalia, Near Industrial Street Mogadishu Benadir Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (1) 658 995 / +252-61-5407077 / +252-69-99649,+252 (1) 658 995
For nearly a decade there was no higher educational institution that would produce qualified doctors and other professionals. A large number of qualified Somali professionals have either became the victims of the civil war or fled from the country in search of better livelihood and security. In response to this circumstance, a group of Somali doctors, after thorough analysis of situation, have decided to reverse the gloomy scenario of the situation. In this regard, they have established Benadir University in October 2002. The university started with single faculty, the Faculty of Medicine. However on the basis of innovative and strategic vision of the university, we have added other important disciplines. Currently Benadir University grew to 8 faculties with 2385 students. The programs of the university are designed to develop students’ personality and prepare them to playing well their role in the development of the country. BU strives to establish an open system of innovatio

East Africa University

PO Box 1111 Bossaso Bari Somalia, PO Box 1111 Bossaso Bari Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (5) 827 011,+252 (5) 827 011
Faculty of Business Administration; Faculty of Computer Science; Faculty of Law & Islamic Studies; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Medicine

Indian Ocean University

KM4 Madina Mogadishu 5544 Benadir Somalia, KM4 Madina Mogadishu 5544 Benadir Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (1) 858 377,+252 (1) 858 377
Web Address :www.iousom.com/
Faculty of Business studies; Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science; Faculty of Linguistics; Institute of Continuing Education

Jazeera University

Wadajir Benadir Somalia, Wadajir Benadir Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 6181 11140,+252 6181 11140
After the independence, Somali government inherited two different administration systems; one form Italian colony and other from British colony respectively in 1960. At the beginning, the two systems were formed for the interest of such colonial authorities not favor for Somali people. University’s Background: (Jazeera University) Secondary graduated students increased rapidly and the needs higher education grew highly. Not even Mogadishu, secondary graduators from the other regions came Mogadishu seeking higher, some Somali scholar though the situation seriously.

Kismayo University

Kismayo Jubbada Hoose Somalia, Kismayo Jubbada Hoose Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (3) 493 522,+252 (3) 493 522
5th of March, for the first time in Kismayo University history, officials from Islamic development Bank visited Kismayo University formally. It was a very important moment for both The Islamic Development Bank and the University. For the Islamic Bank officials it was the best way and opportunity for realizing how Kismayo University and other institutions under The control of Towfiq Welfare Associate are organized and controlled and how they are serving for the community and witness the new improvements and programs which the University will and is implementing. Coincidentally the University Council led by the President of Kismayo University Dr Mohamed Ahmed Abdi also visited the University. For the University it was a chance to show its victory and explain how its vision and mission are approaching to be achieved. This visitation ended in calm and successful manner and the visitors admired the activities and the progress of the University.

Nugaal University

Nugaal University Las Anod 55119 Sool Somalia, Nugaal University Las Anod 55119 Sool Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (2) 755 000,+252 (2) 755 000
secondary graduated students increased rapidly and the needs higher education grew highly. Not even Mogadishu, secondary graduators from the other regions came Mogadishu seeking higher, some Somali scholar though the situation seriously

Plasma University

KM6, Sey-Piano, Afgoe Road, Banadir Hospital Area Mogadishu 2521 Banadir Somalia, KM6, Sey-Piano, Afgoe Road, Banadir Hospital Area Mogadishu 2521 Banadir Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 615 593844,+252 615 593844
On behalf of the Plasma University community, I welcome you to the our 10th Graduation Ceremony which runs on this date of 26 December 2014. You’re Excellences, thank you very much for honoring us with your presence today. We are highly honored and so grateful that you found time out of your busy schedule to be with us. Dr President Hassan Mohamed HassanFirst, I must give gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah, without whose will, inspiration, blessing and support we would not have come this far. May I also express my acknowledgement &appreciation to the Academic, Administrative, and the supporting staff of PU, for their collective & individual contributions that has transformed this institution from small humble institute into full flagged well respected university within the country. May I also take this opportunity to express my most sincere congratulations to our graduands class of 2013. Your accomplishments – the fruits of years of toil – are a significant achievement w

Puntland State University

Garoowe Puntland Somalia, Garoowe Puntland Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 90 794 076,+252 90 794 076
PSU was established in March 1999 as a tertiary college, Garowe School of Management (GSM) offering six months diploma courses in Management, Accountancy, English and Computer studies. Sixty female students graduated in June 2000 and were subsequently absorbed into the labor market. In addition to the diploma course, GSM also offered short vocational training courses, trainings, seminars and workshops. Some of these short courses included the UNOPS- One month training course for Puntland DRDD (Directorate of Reintegration, Demining and Demobilization). On May 1st 2001, GSM was transformed into Community College under the name Puntland Community College (PCC) to offer a two year diploma course in Office procedures and Accountancy. Ninety students (50% male and 50% female) were admitted, with sixty-five (31 boys and 34 girls) graduating on 16th September 2003. PCC also continued offering short courses initiated by the GSM. The included the In-service training course to Puntla

SIMAD University

Wadada Warshadaha, Hamar Jadiid Mogadishu 630 Benadir Somalia, Wadada Warshadaha, Hamar Jadiid Mogadishu 630 Benadir Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 699 924646,+252 699 924646
Web Address :www.simad.edu.so/
In 1999, SIMAD was established as an institute of higher learning to foster academic excellence.After 11 years of consistent success and achievements, the Board of Trustees upgraded the institute into a full-fledged university on January 20, 2011. In its quest to improve the quality of higher education in Somalia, SIMAD UNIVERSITY offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses of international standards in various disciplines. These include economics, statistics, business, accountancy, computer science, technology, education, law, public administration, and allied health sciences. We constantly strive to create a friendly learning environment with plenty of facilities including technologically equipped classrooms, high-tech computer laboratories with internet facilities and well stocked library. The culture and experience of SIMAD UNIVERSITY have played an important role in the professional and personal development of our students. The University will continue to fulfill its res

Somaliland University of Technology

Berbera Road, Geed Habeeya Hargeisa Somaliland Somalia, Berbera Road, Geed Habeeya Hargeisa Somaliland Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (2) 442 7284,+252 (2) 442 7284
Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) was initially started in the year 2000 as Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology (Hargeisa CAAT). After eight years of successful operations, it became necessary to capitalize the success story of the College by transforming it to a full university in order to meet the new challenges that are imposed themselves in the socio-economic context of Somaliland. While Hargeisa College will remain as a centre of excellence for vocational training SUTECH shall provide an accessible and flexible study route to meet your career goals. SUTECH’s lecturing staff are all appropriately qualified with considerable teaching experience. SUTECH academic acclaim is built on curricula that provide top qualifications for careers. It provides high quality education that meets the evolving socio-economic development needs of our country. Our educational programs are skill-based and supported by facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

University of Burao

Burao Togdheer Somalia, Burao Togdheer Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (2) 712 642,+252 (2) 712 642
Our Vision The University of Burao is to equip our students for their future by providing an outstanding teaching and learning experience Attract and retain the best, reliable, well qualified lecturers and professors to work in all University Faculties Establish excellent University research centers Provide essential services to Togdher and eastern regions communities Our Mission Deliver an outstanding teaching and learning experience to enrich all our students and ensure they are equipped for their future careers Create the best, well qualified and adaptable teaching and non - teaching work force that can respond to the demands of our University students Provide outstanding financial and physical resources to support a successful, sustainable and secure University Our Values Delivering outstanding courses and services to inspire and motivate our students Placing the interests of the students at the centre of all the Universi

University of Hargeisa

Hargeisa Somaliland Somalia, Hargeisa Somaliland Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (2) 515900 / 00252 2 634476488 or 00252 2 634,+252 (2) 515900 / 00252 2 634476488 or 00252 2 634
University of Hargeisa is the Republic of Somaliland’s leading higher education institution and is committed to providing a wide range of undergraduate degree courses. It is the goal of the university to give all graduates the skills needed for success in their futures careers and to contribute to wider processes of educational and professional development in Somaliland. The University is dedicated to the highest standard of education to promote self-knowledge and engagement with the world through learning, research, and action. Situated in the capital city and the hub of commerce in Somaliland, the University is not only the largest in the country but also the inexperienced student has the opportunity to study in the same class with former or current officials in high places of government. Entering the community of knowledge seekers and providers at the University of Hargeisa therefore represents a significant leap from prior levels of education and experience in Somaliland.

University of Southern Somalia

Lugabaxsi Street Baidoa 25215 Bay Somalia, Lugabaxsi Street Baidoa 25215 Bay Somalia
Contact Phones : +252 (1) 550 2311,+252 (1) 550 2311
Web Address :www.uss-baidoa.org/
The idea of the University of Southern Somalia (USS) was originally conceived in 2002 by a group of Somali scholars and intellectuals in the United States. After considerable planning, the university was inaugurated at Eden Hotel in Baidoa on May 5, 2007. Baidoa is selected as the main campus of the university for a number of economic, geographic, demographic, and social reasons. Economically, Baidoa is one of the most important commercial centers of the country.The region is also the largest producer of Live Stock, Millet and Sorghum. Geographically, the Bay region borders several regions including the Lower and Middle Shabelle, Bakool and Gedo, Lower Jubba, and Hiiraan. Demographically, the region is located at the center of the most densely populated areas of the country. Socially, Baidoa is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, and has historically attracted Somalis from every corner of the country. More important, the region has important historical and

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