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Contact Phones : -,+265 (0) 1 320 722/575
Web Address :www.mzuni.ac.mw

In July 1994, after the government had studied the problems inherent in the delivery of tertiary education in the country, the former President of The Republic of Malawi, His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi, decided that a new University should be established and that it should be located in the Northern Region. Thereafter, the President appointed the Commission for the Establishment of the University in the North (COMESUN) and directed the commissioners to gather the opinions of a cross-section of the Malawian population in the three regions on the feasibility, practicality and viability of establishing such an institution.The commission heard views from politicians, traditional and religious leaders, academicians, professional experts, government officials and the ordinary people in the rural areas

Africa University of Guidance, Counselling and Youth Development

GCYDCA P.O.Box 30058, Lilongwe 3, Malawi, GCYDCA P.O.Box 30058, Lilongwe 3, Malawi
Contact Phones : +265(0)1-713-181~2,+265(0)1-713-181~2
The Guidance, Counselling and Youth Development Centre for Africa (GCYDCA) is an inter-governmental non-profit organization established by African Ministers of Education in 1994. African Ministers of Education established the GCYDCA as a Regional Centre to coordinate and manage the guidance, counseling and youth development programmes in Africa. The GCYDCA has 54 member countries comprising French, English and Portuguese-speaking countries. The GCYDCA (fondly known as the Centre) has been granted full diplomatic status by the Government of Malawi and all legal capacities comparable to the UN agencies and other International organizations. The member countries include the following: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Cameroon, Cape-Verde, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea – Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi (Host), Mali, Mauritania

Blantyre International University

Tikumbe Building, off Naperi Road, Blantyre Blantyre Malawi , Tikumbe Building, off Naperi Road, Blantyre Blantyre Malawi
Contact Phones : +265 995 947 940 ,+265 111 623 541
Web Address :www.biu.ac.mw
Blantyre International University BIU) was established in 2008 to provide high quality university education for this century. This is predicated on its belief that education must be life-long – that education is not a spatial monopoly of something called the school and college; not a time-bound learning experience; there is no such thing as childhood education, adolescent education, youth education, or adult education. There is just education which is a way of life, a life-long way of life. Every year, every month, everyday, a person will be learning, open to learning and must be given the opportunity to learn in the home, school, university, factory, farm, hospital, office, co-operative, church, trade union, political party, cinema and club, etc. Education must be open. In this regard, BIU believes in the need for the re-orientation and vitalisation of education with a view to preparing the young for the modern times that we live in, as a result of the following demands: 1) Th

Catholic University of Malawi

The Registrar The Catholic University of Malawi Montfort Campus P.O. Box 5452 Limbe, Malawi, The Registrar The Catholic University of Malawi Montfort Campus P.O. Box 5452 Limbe, Malawi
Contact Phones : +265) 0111625071 / (+265) 0111625071/ (+265) 01116,+265) 0111625071 / (+265) 0111625071/ (+265) 01116
Web Address :www.cunima.ac.mw
The Catholic University of Malawi is located in Montfort campus in Limbe, Malawi. Established in 2004, the university was opened in 2006, by then it composed of faculty of social science and education. By 2010, the university has added economics and accounting as some of the courses it offers.

Chancellor College University of Malawi

P.O. Box 280 Chancellor College, Zomba, Malawi, P.O. Box 280 Chancellor College, Zomba, Malawi
Contact Phones : +265 1 526 622,+265 1 526 622
Web Address :www.chanco.unima.mw
The University of Malawi was founded a few months after Malawi Independence.[1] The first enrollment consisted of 90 students in Blantyre.[1] Teaching began in 1965 in Blantyre, and within two years the Institute of Public Administration at Mpemba, the Soche Hill College of Education and the Polytechnic in Blantyre, and Bunda College in Lilongwe became colleges of the university. In 1973, all the constituents of the university apart from the polytechnic and Bunda College moved to Zomba and were merged into Chancellor College. In 1979, Kamuzu College of Nursing became a college of the university, and in 1991 the College of Medicine in Blantyre was formed as a further constituent college.

College of Medicine University of Malawi

University of Malawi, College of Malawi, Private Bag 360. Chichiri, Blantyre , University of Malawi, College of Malawi, Private Bag 360. Chichiri, Blantyre
Contact Phones : +265-1-871-911,+265-1-871-911
Web Address :www.medcol.mw
The College of Medicine (CoM) was established in 1991 as a constituent college within the University of Malawi (UNIMA). It is the only medical school in Malawi. The CoM has gradually grown from a program with an intake of 10-15 students per year and a handful of Malawian faculty, to a program with a medical student intake of on average 60 per year with 110 faculty members, of whom approximately 67% are Malawians. To date the college has graduated over 250 medical doctors. The CoM recently commenced undergraduate courses in Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Technology in 2006. The CoM introduced postgraduate degree programmes which include the Masters of Public Health (MPH) in the Division of Community Health in 2003, a 2-year MPH programme, which is taught by CoM faculty members in collaboration with staff from local, regional and international institutions. The CoM also has a Masters of Medicine (MMed) in the Division of Clinical Sciences. The 4-year MMed programme which was launched

Columbia Commonwealth University/Malawi

Registrar P. O . Box 30489 Chichiri Blantyre 3., Registrar P. O . Box 30489 Chichiri Blantyre 3.
Contact Phones : 0999579372 / 01847993, 0999579372 / 01847993
Web Address :www.ccwum.org
Columbia Commonwealth University (CCWU) was incorporated by the State of Wyoming on October 24th. 2001. In September of 2002 CCWUM was licensed by the Department of Education, (License Number 06-142-30) to offer distance education programs at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degree levels in Administration and Management, Arts and Sciences and Health and Human Services. The University also received recognition from various institutions such as the International Professional Mangers Association (IPMKA), the Chartered Institute of Administration and Management (CIAM) Consultant, Ghana, and the Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK. In 2001, upon the recommendation by a high ranking Malawian official that CCWUM’s programs be offered in Malawi, the Board of trustees established contacts with educators and key government officials in Lilongwe and Blantyre in order to consult on the best modes of delivering CCWUM’s programs to Malawians.. The Department of Human Resource Ma

DMI-St John the Baptist University

P.O. Box 406, Mangochi Malaw, P.O. Box 406, Mangochi Malaw
Contact Phones : +265 991 2 / +265 881 0.,+265 991 2./ +265 881 0.
Web Address :www.dmisjbu.edu.mw/
DMI St. John the Baptist University was started at the request of Diocese of Mangochi to fulfill the Educational needs of the area at a tertiary level. The University was approved by the Government of Malawi on 29 June, 2010.And got the accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Malawi on 29, March, 2011. The university is located in a spacious, beautiful campus, in which once St. John the Baptist Seminary was functioning. The university owes its existence and operations, to its mission which focuses on Capacity Building by offering Quality Employable Education. The products of the university are well sought in the market for their mantle and dedication. SJBU produces the leaders of the country, who are well-known for their discipline, knowledge, skill and loyalty.

Exploits University

University Registrar, Exploits University, Near Shayona Cement, Off Paul Kagame (Chilambula) Road, P.O. Box 40187, Lilongwe 4 Malawi, University Registrar, Exploits University, Near Shayona Cement, Off Paul Kagame (Chilambula) Road, P.O. Box 40187, Lilongwe 4 Malawi
Contact Phones : 0999 950 445, 0888 855 537 ,0999 950 445, 0888 855 537
Exploits University (EU) is a private Christian University headquartered in the City of Lilongwe, Malawi with another Campus in Blantyre. EU was founded in 2010 by Pentecostal Life Church International (PLCI) with the original mandate of training both undergraduate and postgraduate students. EU is a Christian institution of higher learning and is strictly governed by the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ designed for the intellectual, professional and personal developments of its students. The University has two faculties: the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Faculty of Commerce and it is envisaged that EU will grow to other faculties such as Education, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Public Health and Information Technology later.

Kamuzu College of Nursing

private bag 1 Lilongwe Lilongwe 265 Malawi , private bag 1 Lilongwe Lilongwe 265 Malawi
Contact Phones : 2651751622, 2651751622
Web Address :www.kcn.unima.mw
On 26th January the year 2 Masters of Science in Midwifery Degree students handed over a bicycle ambulance at Ntonda Village in Blantyre. It is one of the hard to reach communities and has high maternal and neonatal mortality. The bicycle was donated by Sacramento and was worth MK 160,000.00. The students initiated this activity as part of their Community Midwifery assignment.

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Bunda Campus, P.O. Box 219, Lilongwe. Malawi, Bunda Campus, P.O. Box 219, Lilongwe. Malawi
Contact Phones : +(265) 01 277 222/260,+(265) 01 277 222/260
Web Address :www.bunda.luanar.mw
Lilongwe university of Agriculture and Natural Resources is a university based ... and manufacturing of value added agricultural and natural resource products.

Malawi Adventist University

Malawi Adventist University P.O Box 148 Ntcheu Malawi, Malawi Adventist University P.O Box 148 Ntcheu Malawi
Contact Phones : +265 999 759896, +265 888 927605 ,+265 999 759896, +265 888 927605
Web Address :www.mau.ac.mw
The Malawi Adventist University was established by an action of the Executive Committee of the Malawi Union Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As early as 1996, the action was taken to upgrade what was the Lakeview Seminary to a Junior College. It was envisaged to offer four year degree programmes of an already existing University. At that time the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton was the best candidate. In 1999 the Malawi Union Mission agreed to run the four year degree programmes. In January 2000 the institution was opened as Malawi Adventist College. In the middle of 2006, the Malawi Union Officers, opened new negotiations with the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton for affiliation purposes. By May 2007 the negotiations had reached a remarkable stage leading to the signing of the Affiliation agreement between that University and the Malawi Adventist College on 27th May 2007. Later the Institution developed from a Junior College to an affiliated University. Th

Malawi Assemblies of God University

Off Paul Kagame Road Area 32/10 Lilongwe City Central Region Malawi, Off Paul Kagame Road Area 32/10 Lilongwe City Central Region Malawi
Contact Phones : +(265) 995 779 952 / 995 950 895,+(265) 995 779 952 / 995 950 895
Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) is a Christian University located in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi, which is in the southern part of Africa. The University situated along the Paul Kagame road in area 32, in the capital city of Lilongwe The university began with three faculties providing high quality and innovative education to its students. MAGU is it is set up as an independent education institution led by a University Council which is guided by a Charter. It is envisaged that Faculties will increase by broadening into various social-humanitarian arena of humanity. The leaders dream that the University will be a premier Christian school establishing itself as the place for developing capacity of transformational leaders who in turn impact their communities. MAGU was established with the Purpose to provide quality education to both local and international students and is singularly placed to do this with a clear vision and strong moral leadership.

Malawi College of Health Sciences

The Registrar, Malawi College of Health Sciences, P.O. Box 30368 Lilongwe 3 Malawi, The Registrar, Malawi College of Health Sciences, P.O. Box 30368 Lilongwe 3 Malawi
Contact Phones : 265) 01 756 908/752 208,265) 01 756 908/752 208
Web Address :www.mchs.mw
MCHS was formed by a merger of Lilongwe School of Health Sciences (LSHS) in Lilongwe, the Medical Assistants Training School (MATS) in Blantyre and the Zomba School of Nursing (ZSN) in Zomba. The merger of the three campuses was through government order dated 21st June, 1996. Lilongwe School of Health Sciences, formerly known as the Medical Auxiliary Training School was built in 1976. The school opened its doors on 12th July, 1976. The initial classroom infrastructure was built with funding from the French Government. Later, the Howard University Project constructed the administration block and some hostels. Additional students’ hostels were erected by World Bank under the Population, Health and Nutrition (PHN) project. The World Health Organisation (WHO), under ‘the essential drug programme’, donated several equipment and rehabilitated a laboratory to facilitate teaching and learning. Medical Assistant Training School in Blantyre became operational in the 1960s. However, the pre

Malawi Polytechnic

The Malawi Polytechnic Chichiri Blantrye 3, The Malawi Polytechnic Chichiri Blantrye 3
Contact Phones : +265) 1 870 411,+265) 1 871 637
The Malawi Polytechnic is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi (UNIMA). University of Malawi has been in existence since 1965 and is a federal university with five constituent colleges: Bunda College, Chancellor College, kamuzu College of Nursing, College of Medicine and Malawi Polytechnic. The Polytechnic has five faculties, five centres and fifteen departments. The faculties are: Applied Sciences, Built Environment, Commerce, Engineering and Education and Media. The Polytechnic has fifteen departments offering undergraduate degrees in the following disciplines: accounting, business administration, management, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture and land management, environmental management, computing and information technology, journalism, language and communication, mathematics and statistics, physics and biochemical sciences, technical education and quantity surveying. The multidisciplinary nature of the college puts the Polytechnic

Malawi University of Science and Technology

Goliati Road off Robert Mugabe Highway, Near Ndata Farm., Goliati Road off Robert Mugabe Highway, Near Ndata Farm.
Contact Phones : 0993948355/ 0882076822.,0993948355/ 0882076822.
Web Address :www.must.ac.mw
The Malawi University of Science and Technology was established on 17th December 2012 by the Malawi University of Science and Technology Act No. 31 of 2012 as the fourth Public University in Malawi. The university comprises three functional areas: teaching and learning area, sports area and living service area. The teaching area includes the teaching block comprising 60 classrooms, the teaching hospital, the administration complex, the library and science and technology building and the auditorium. The sports area includes sports facilities such as an outdoor track field, basketball court, a volleyball court and a football field. The living area includes the student hostels and the service area

ShareWORLD Open University

CSC House, Behind mount soche hotel P.O.Box 2518 | Blantyre, Malawi, CSC House, Behind mount soche hotel P.O.Box 2518 | Blantyre, Malawi
Contact Phones : (265) 01 820 246,(265) 01 820 246
Founded in August 1994 as Malawi’s FIRST and ONLY private owned University College and now we operate in all three regions in Malawi in:- Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. ShareWorld started operating in 1994 from Malawi Red Cross Offices with 6 students pursuing a Degree program. In 1999 we enrolled the first MBA students, and the same year we opened our doors in Lilongwe and we were situated at Old Wenela. In 2001, we built our own campus in Area 36 in Lilongwe, Off Katete Farm Rd In 1999 we opened up in Mzuzu at St. Andrews CCAP Primary School. In 2002 we moved to Matrutchaya Building where until now we are still operating from.To date over 10,000 students have gone through the corridors of ShareWORLD with Cerificates, Diplomas, Bachelor degrees ,Masters Degrees and PhDs. Our Mission is to bring about the best in others. Our students have proved they can compete globally with others in the industry. ShareWORLD has lecturers who are: Qualified, Committed, Responsible,

St. John of God College of Health Sciences

Saint John of God Hospitaller Services P.O. Box 744 Mzuzu, Malawi, Saint John of God Hospitaller Services P.O. Box 744 Mzuzu, Malawi
Contact Phones : + (265) 1 311690 / + (265) 1 311495,+ (265) 1 311690 / + (265) 1 311495
Web Address :www.sjog.mw
FOUNDATION The foundation of Saint John of God in Malawi The Brothers of Saint John of God Ireland arrived in Mzuzu in October 1993 in response to an invitation from the Diocese of Mzuzu to establish a Community Based Mental Health Service as part of the Churches response to the unmet Health Care needs of the people of the Northern Region of Malawi with a population of 1,500,000. The initial Service Development was in conjunction with the Primary Health Care (PHC) Department of St. John’s Mission Hospital, a constituent of the Diocese of Mzuzu. From this small beginning has grown the present day Saint John of God Community Services with its multifaceted approach to the development of people in the context of the challenges they face in sustaining life at each stage of their life span. MISSION STATEMENT To evangelise through Hospitality in the style and manner of our founder Saint John of God by providing high quality health, education, training, and social services in acco

University of Livingstonia

University of Livingstonia P.O. Box 37 Livingstonia, Malawi, Africa, University of Livingstonia P.O. Box 37 Livingstonia, Malawi, Africa
Contact Phones : +265.1.368.234 or +265.1.368.731,+265.1.368.234 or +265.1.368.731
The University of Livingstonia through excellence in teaching, research and learning environment shall educate and inspire students to become principled leaders who will transform society for the glory of God

University of Malawi

P. O. Box 278, Zomba, Malawi., University Registrar, University of Malawi, P. O. Box 278, Zomba, Malawi.
Contact Phones : (265) 1 524 282,(265) 1 526 622
Web Address :www.unima.mw
The University of Malawi offers undergraduate programmes in the fields of Medicine, Education, Commerce, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Development Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Theology and Religious Studies and Administrative Studies. These programmes are offered by the four constituent colleges of the University of Malawi namely: Chancellor College, College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing and The Polytechnic

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