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Nouakchott, Mauritania , Nouakchott, Mauritania
Contact Phones : + 222 44 48 39 29 / + 222 33 26 11 11,+ 222 45 24 15 64 / + 222 45 25 18 88
Web Address :www.liu.mr/
The creation of the LIU in Mauritania is an extension of universal academic education project launched for over a quarter of a century in Lebanon, in the Bekaa region, on the initiative of His Excellency Mr. Mourad Abderrahim who held several ministerial portfolios within several Lebanese government, including in particular:. the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education, Ministry of National Defense Mr. Murad is the founder of a network of institutions and associations Further education since 1978, Western Bekaa region that is considered among the most disadvantaged regions in Lebanon. These efforts culminated in the establishment of the International Lebanese University (LIU), officially recognized by permission of the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon under the 5294 decree of April 9th, 2001, as amended by Decree No. 14592 of 14 July 2005 (the LIU is initially known as the first decree as the University of Bekaa). The philosophy of the

National School for Administration

Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser BP 252 Nouakchott Nawakshut Mauritania, Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser BP 252 Nouakchott Nawakshut Mauritania
Contact Phones : +222 525 32 22,+222 525 32 22
Web Address :www.ena.mr/
Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education , Mauritania

National School for Administration, Ecole Nationale d'Administration

P.O Box 990 Nouakchott Nawakshut, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Nouakchott,
Contact Phones : +222,+222 525 32 22
Web Address :www.ens.mr/
The ENS Nouakchott (ENS) is the oldest higher education institution in Mauritania. It was founded on 20 September 1970 and is under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Its main mission is to ensure coverage of the needs of the Ministry of Education in training teachers and inspectors of secondary education, the fundamental inspectors, educational planners, trainers of Normal Schools and Teachers laboratory technicians. In 2014, ENS has a hundred Mauritanian higher education teachers and has about 500 students teachers and students training inspectors. She has trained until today more than 7000 teachers and supervisors at all since the first class in 1972. In the field of scientific research and outside projects and units research, ENS houses other research structures are: 1-national research center and development of biodiversity that works in partnership with: -The Museum of Natural History in Paris Scientific -L'Institut Rabat -L'IFAN Daka

University of Nouakchott

BP 5026 Nouakchott Nawakshut Mauritania, BP 5026 Nouakchott Nawakshut Mauritania
Contact Phones : ,+222 (2) 513 82
Web Address :www.univ-nkc.mr/
The University of Nouakchott (French: Université de Nouakchott, Arabic:) is a university in the city of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania. It was established in 1981 and has more than 8,000 students.

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