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Catholic University of Mozambique

P.O Box CP 821, Beira, Mozambique , Rua Comandante Gaivão No. 688, Ponta-Gea,
Contact Phones : +258,(+258) 23324809
Web Address :www.ucm.ac.mz
Principles and Values "Every Catholic University, while the University, is an academic community which, in a rigorous and critical fashion, assists in the protection and advancement of human dignity and of a cultural heritage through research, teaching and various services offered to local communities, national and international. "[1]" It is an honor and responsibility of a Catholic University to consecrate itself without reserve to the cause of truth ... is distinguished by its free search for the whole truth about nature, man and God . "The Catholic University of Mozambique, in line with the words of the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde ECCLESIAE of Pope John Paul II on Catholic Universities, justifies its existence in the way of Truth and service and search permanently unity in variety of human knowledge. The University recognizes, at its roots, a strong inspiration in the values ​​of Christian civilization and does not recognize frontiers in their specific role, assuming your jo

Eduardo Mondlane University

P.O Box 257 Maputo Mozambique, Praca 25 de Junho Caixa Maputo Cidade
Contact Phones : +258,+258 (21) 430239
Web Address :www.uem.mz/
The Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) is a public institution of national scope, the oldest institution of higher education in Mozambique. It was founded on August 21, 1962, by Decree-Law no. 44530, under the name of General Studies University of Mozambique. In 1968, he ascended to the category of University, and then called University of Lourenço Marques. The May 1, 1976, President Samora Moises Machel assigned to this institution the name of Eduardo Mondlane University, named after the relevant historical role played in Mozambique by Dr. Eduardo Mondlane Chivambo. It's still in his honor the day June 20, the date of his birth is celebrated as the Day of the University Eduardo Mondlane. The University Eduardo Mondlane early was assumed as a national university, has designed a policy to ensure equity of access to students from the various regions of the country and trying to maintain and increase the presence of women in the institution. It is a public higher education institution w

Polytechnic University

P.O Box 1170 Maputo Cidade Mozambique, Avenida Paulo Samuel Kankhomba, 1011 Maputo
Contact Phones : +258 82 3585250 | 3133700,258 (21) 352750
The POLYTECHNIC Who we are The POLYTECHNIC initially designated ISPU (Polytechnic and University Institute), is an institution dedicated to three main areas of research include: Business Studies, Social Sciences, Human Sciences and Technologies; Its action takes place through a variety of different activities, with a permanent sense of interdependence between education / training, research and service to the community. Mission The POLYTECHNIC's mission is to contribute to raising the educational, scientific technical and cultural Mozambicans, pursuing the highest standards of quality of education to its students and the training of its teachers and researchers, viewing a theoretical and practical approach and of vocational subjects. Goals The POLYTECHNIC aims to strengthen the patriotic sentiment; intervene critically in the analysis and public interest issues of debate at national and international level; and contribute t

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