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Université de N'djamena University of N'Djamena

B.P. 1117, N'djamena
Contact Phones : (235) 51 46 97 ,(235) 51 44 44
Web Address
The University of N'Djamena is the leading institution of higher education in Chad. It was created in 1971 as the University of Chad, and was renamed to "University of N'Djamena" in 1994. Ahmat Taboye is the head of the Department of Letters.This university is the only university in Chad. Only 68% of the population of boys in chad attend primary school. The University of N'Djamena (Chad) was established by government decree in 1971 and serves as the main center of higher learning for this strategic country. Its national acronym is UNDJ, whereas UNDT and sometimes NU are used internationally. Tchad has derived its tradition of academic excellence from France and its university continues to offer world-class learning with specialized programs in areas that are relevant to the geographical area and to the international community. The university serves 6,000 students. It is a full member of the International Association University - a sure sign of its international recognition and o

University of Roi Fayçal Université Roi Fayçal

BP 582, N'djamena
Contact Phones : +56 (235) 2530289 ,+56 (235) 2530289
Web Address
University of Roi Fayçal (URF) is located in Ndjamena, Chad. It is locally known as Université Roi Fayçal. The university was established in 1992. It is accredited by Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de la Formation Professionnelle, Tchad.

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