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University of Algiers

02,, Rue Didouche Mourad,
Contact Phones : -,-
Web Address :-

The University of Algiers Benyoucef Benkhedda is a university located in Algiers, Algeria. It was founded in 1909 and is organized into seven faculties:

•The Law Faculty

•The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management

•The Faculty of Medicine

•The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

•The Faculty of Political Sciences and communication

•The Faculty of Letters and Languages

•The Faculty of Islamic Sciences.

Algiers University

2, Rue Didouche Mourad, Rue Didouche
Contact Phones : +213 21 637 765, +213 21 637 765
In the Algerian society, which is undergoing great mutations, the University of Algiers is the backbone of the country’s development. It trains civil servants, teachers, cadres and researchers to meet the needs of all the activity sectors. It enshrines the development of values and constitutes a major asset involving experience, expertise, and research. The University of Algiers, the first Algerian University ( the alma mater) was established in 1909 (under the Law of 3O December, 1909). This creation was however the result of a series of stages in academic activity, marked in particular by the Law of 1879 establishing four specialized schools: medicine, pharmacy, sciences, letters, and law. During the colonial period, it experienced both quantitative and qualitative changes. After independence, while pursuing its teaching mission, it also went through a number of changes involving its organization, structuring, and orientation in terms of pedagogy and research.

Université des Frères Mentouri de Constantine 1. in eng University of Constantine 1

BP 325, Route de Ain El Bey Constantine 25017, BP 325, Route de Ain El Bey Constantine 25017 Constantine Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (31) 81 12 71, +213 (31) 81 12 71
Web Address :www.umc.edu.dz
From a simple appendix to a modern, multidisciplinary university through outstanding achievements. It is March 29, 1968 that was laid by President Houari Boumediene, the foundation stone of the University of Constantine whose "birth certificate" was Official Ordinance No. 69.56 of 17 June 1969. As a reminder, the academic center of Constantine was established by the 1961 decree signed by the President of the French Republic and the Establishment in Algeria of two university centers: one in Oran and the other in Constantine. However, be aware that higher education in Constantine began before the creation of this university center with the opening in 1958 of an annex of Law Faculty of the University of Algiers. This structure, located in the Popular University (Abdelhamid Benbadis currently located behind the main post office in the city center), Constantine assured the students registered with the University theoretical teaching the first two years of law degree and preparing the

École Nationale Polytechnique National Polytechnic School

16200 Algiers Province Algeria, 10 Avenue Hassen Badi, El Harrach Algiers 16200 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (21) 521494,+213 (21) 521494
Web Address :www.enp.edu.dz
Created in 1925 under the name of Industrial Institute of Algeria, the hotel opened in October 1926, was to train Senior Technicians for large utilities and industrial and public works companies. The Industrial Institute of Algeria functioned normally until 1942. Closed at this time because of the 2nd World War, it was reopened in 1945, attached to the State Secretariat for Technical Education and reorganized in French meaning a sea-level studies. This allowed in 1950 (Official Gazette of August 27, 1950), the creation of the "Diploma of Engineer of Public Works and Building", issued by the Minister of Education, (State Secretariat for Education Technical). The Institute took the name of National School of Engineers of Public Works and Building. In 1955, a change in the school program was put to the study and led the creation of two other specialties: Electrical Engineering and Electronics. The studies of evolutionary programs were continued and in 1958 led to the transformati

École Nationale Supérieure de Journalisme et des Sciences de l'Information National School of Journalism and Information Sciences

16058 Algiers Province Algeria, 11, rue Doudou Mokhtar, Ben Aknoun Algiers 16058 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (21) 23 01 13,+213 (21) 23 01 13
Web Address :www.ensjsi.com/en/
major axis of continuing education policy of the National School of Journalism and Information Sciences is to guarantee access to training and the acquisition or renewal of skills. In a changing world , the updating of knowledge and acquisition of new skills are now part of the major issues of the company. The network of continuing education is attentive partner changes in our socio -economic environment. At the interface between the company and the potential of research and teaching , it makes a major contribution to innovation and change control .

École Nationale Supérieure de Management National School of Management

16002 Algiers Province Algeria, 37, Rue Larbi Ben M'hedi Algiers 16002 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : ,+213 (21) 435 877
Web Address :www.ensm.dz
The National Graduate School of Management The National School of Management of Algiers was created by Executive Decree No. 08-116 from 09 April 2008. First public higher school of management, the ENSM is a school that offers a second skill to graduates of teaching superior. It is localized, since July 2014, the university center of Kolea (Tipaza), it has the infrastructure and coaching necessary to achieve its high-level managers training missions and scientific research objectives. It is part of the schools established by Executive Decree No. 05-500 of 27 Dhu Al Kaada 1426 corresponding to 29 December 2005 laying down the tasks and the special rules of organization and functioning of the non-university school. Our missions In the context of public higher education services, the school ensures superior training missions and scientific research missions and technological development. In terms of higher education, the school's fundamental mission is in his (or her) domain (s) pu

École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Politiques National School of Political Sciences

16030 Algiers Province Algeria, 11 Chemin Doudou Mokhtar, Ben Aknoun Algiers 16030 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (23) 23 01 07,+213 (23) 23 01 07
Web Address :www.enssp.dz
The National School of Political Science Is a public specialized higher educational institution authorized to issue degrees of Master, Doctorate and direct research (HDR), management ENSSP is based on the laws of the Republic. Endowed with financial autonomy and legal personality The ENSSP Continues the missions and goals of public utility for post-graduate university degree (PhD) and other services for the year which it receives public funding. The ENSSP has been created on 10/08/2009 Furthermore, the objectivity of knowledge, diversity of opinion, the quality of training, the creation of culture, diversity recruitment (teachers, researchers and students), autonomy from political business, economic, religious or ideological are the parameters of the ENSSP, whose goal is the constant development of an initiative space and transmission of knowledge to future generations.

École Nationale Supérieure Vétérinaire d'Alger National Veterinary School of Algier

16000 Algiers Province Algeria, BP 161, Hacène Badi, El Harrach Algiers 16000 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (21) 525132,+213 (21) 525132
Web Address :www.ensv.dz
Higher National Veterinary School,is a public institution of higher learning founded in Algeria in 1970, by Presidential Decree No. 65-69 of March 11, 1965. It is located in Hacène Badi - El Harrach 12 km east of Algiers. Wikipedia Address: Algiers, Algeria Founded: 1970

Université 20 Août 1955 de Skikda 20 August 1955 University of Skikda

21000 Skikda Province Algeria, BP 26, Route d'El-Hadaiek Skikda 21000 Skikda Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (38) 701000,+213 (38) 701000
Today the University operates the former agricultural school infrastructure that houses the departments of agronomy and natural sciences and life. The site of El-Hadaiek This site extends over 246 hectares located four (04) kilometers south west of the city of Skikda, on the road to El-Hadaiek, hillside between RN 43 and the bush Jebel Msiouen. It includes the former agricultural school facilities and infrastructure of the former ENSET. The infrastructure of the University Centre and educational facilities built as part of the Support to Economic Recovery Plan (ERSP) have reinforced the number of instructional spaces of the university. historical value The former agricultural school gives our university historical value. It is located 4 kilometers from the city of Skikda (Philippeville) on the road to el-hadaiek (formerly St Antoine) in Zeramna Valley. The agricultural school of Skikda was founded in 1900 by the General Government of Algeria in the colonial period. Its purpose

Université 8 Mai 1945 de Guelma 8 May 1945 University of Guelma

24000 Guelma Province Algeria, BP 401, Avenue du 19 mai 1956 Guelma 24000 Guelma Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (37) 204980,+213 (37) 204980
Web Address :www.univ-guelma.dz
Internet Friends; It pleases me to welcome you for a guided tour of the university May 8, 1945 Guelma through its website in its new version. This version was the result of a team work of IT University after an internal audit performed in March 2014. It was designed as part of the implementation program of a global information system discussed and validated by university councils. This site is an open page of information on the activities of the University. It is a support and a valuable tool to share with you all the possibilities that the University of Guelma and helps build direct contact with you through links and messages we are pleased to welcome and to which we force him to follow. This site is a dynamic space in constant evolution, and we watch with great attention to its update. It includes information about the university's activities as well as educational research. It also deals with all the complementary activities to the main activities of teaching an

Université Abbès Laghrour Khenchela University of Khenchela

40004 Khenchela Province Algeria, BP 1252 Route de Batna Khenchela 40004 Khenchela Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (32) 73.12.36,+213 (32) 73.12.36
According to Executive Decree No. 06-281 of 16 August 2006, the Executive Decree No. 01-278 was amended to the University Centre becomes five institutes: Institute of Literature and Languages. Institute of Legal and Administrative Sciences. Institute of Science and Technology. Institute of Economics, Trade and Management Science. Institute of Sciences of Nature and life. Institute of Social Sciences Humaines E (Executive Decree No. 11-139 of March 28, 2011). Legal and Administrative Sciences. Promotion of the University Centre at the University Rank: December 14, 2011, His Excellency President of the Republic, announced the promotion of the University Centre Khenchela to the rank of University, And according to the Executive Decree 12/246 of June 4, 2012, including the creation of the University of Khenchela , composed of the following Faculties: Faculty of Science and Technology. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Life. Faculty of Arts and

Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia University of Béjaïa

Route de Targua Ouzemour Béjaia 06000 Béjaïa, Route de Targua Ouzemour Béjaia 06000 Béjaïa Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (34) 214333,+213 (34) 214333
Web Address :www.univ-bejaia.dz
Vice-Rector for External Relations, Cooperation, animation and communication and scientific events Under the provisions of Executive Decree No. 10-309 of December 5, 2010, as amended and supplemented, establishing the administrative organization of the Rector, the University Abderrahmane Mira has the Vice Rector for External Relations, Cooperation, and Animation Communication and Scientific Events whose main mission is the application and development of international politics and the internationalization of the University of Bejaia. Vice Rector for External Relations consists of two services: Cooperation and the Inter-University Exchanges responsible for the management and monitoring of: National and international partnership agreements Joint supervision of doctoral theses European Programme (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus +, ...) Bilateral research projects (CMEP, CNRS, PHC Maghreb, FIP, ....) Foreign visits (Receptions, Programs ...) Scholarships abroad (Erasmus Mundus, AUF

Université Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen . University of Tlemcen in English

22 Rue, 22 Rue Abi Ayad Abdelkrim Tlemcen 13000 Tlemcen Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (43) 202000,+213 (43) 202000
Higher education was first provided in a university center that included at the origin (1974-1980) the only core curriculum of Exact Sciences and Biology. This teaching has gradually expanded to new sectors, covering every year, a series of training courses and giving students the opportunity to pursue his entire graduation courses in Tlemcen. In addition to the establishment, often in difficult conditions of university in Tlemcen, the former University Centre can count to its credit the release of the first promotions in Social and Human Sciences and in language.

Université Ahmed Ben Bella d'Oran 1 University of Oran 1

BP 1524, El M'Naouer Oran, BP 1524, El M'Naouer Oran 31000 Oran Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (41) 51 92 34,+213 (41) 51 92 34
Web Address :www.univ-oran.dz
The Vice Rector is created by Executive Decree No. 13-100 of 2 Jumada El Oula 1434 corresponding to March 14, 2013 amending and supplementing Executive Decree No. 01-210 of 2 Jumada El Oula 1422 corresponding to July 23, 2001 establishing the University of Ouargla, and is responsible for: Monitor issues relating to the conduct of lessons and courses organized by the university Ensure coherence of training offers by the faculties and institutes in accordance with the university's development plan. Ensure compliance with current regulations regarding registration, and progression of students from 1st and 2nd cycles. Follow remote training activities and promote continuing education activities at the university. Ensure compliance with regulations and procedures in force concerning the award of diplomas and equivalencies. Ensure the keeping and updating personnel records of students. Monitor the functioning of the university's school board and preserve

Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran University of Science and Technology of Oran

31000 Oran Province Algeria, BP 1505, El M'Naouer Oran 31000 Oran Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (41) 560333,+213 (41) 560333
Supply of Canadian Scholarship The University of Laval (Canada ) is calling for applications for a Canadian scholarship offer under the year 2015-2016 for a period of six (06) semester or more in the following areas : (energy, industry, transport, agriculture, etc.) . For further information , please contact Laval University at the following email address: david.a.woods@lineone.net For more details, please click here

Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediène University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene

BP 32, El-Alia, Bab-Ezzouar Algiers, BP 32, El-Alia, Bab-Ezzouar Algiers 16111 Algiers Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (21) 247950,+213 (21) 247950
Web Address :www.usthb.dz
Studying USTHB is acquiring a high level of teaching and research recognized quickly integrate the world of work at the end of your degree. Our University offers three levels of education (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). The courses are classified into the following five areas: Science and Technology (ST) covers the following disciplines: Mechanical Engineering Process Engineering Civil engineering Hydraulic Electrical engineering Electronics Geophysics Physics and chemistry Computer Mathematics (MI), concerns the following disciplines: Mathematics Computing Material Sciences (SM) for the following disciplines: Physic Chemistry Geophysics Natural Sciences and Life (SNV), concerns the following disciplines: All specialties Biology Earth Science and the Universe (STU) covers the following disciplines: Geology Geophysics

Université Djillali Liabès de Sidi-Bel-Abbès University of Sidi-Bel-Abbès

BP 89, Cité Ben M 'hidi Sidi Bel Abbès 22000, BP 89, Cité Ben M 'hidi Sidi Bel Abbès 22000 Sidi Bel Abbès Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (48) 569546,+213 (48) 569546
By means of the East-West Highway, Sidi Bel Abbes is less than 40 minutes from two international airports (Senia, Oran and Zenata, Tlemcen). By means of highland railway, Sidi Bel Abbes becomes easily accessible for Wilayas South. Due to its advantages, the Sidi Bel Abbès Province becomes the point of strategic junction between the different neighboring wilayas.

Université Dr. Yahia Fares de Médéa University of Medea

26000 Médéa Province Algeria, BD de L'A.L.N Ain D'heb Médéa 26000 Médéa Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (25) 581687,+213 (25) 581687
.hiklah Library: From an organizational point of Central Library include the following interests: - The benefit of the acquisition and inventory: interested in a purchase and the acquisition of periodicals and all documentary production that meets the needs of users. - Processing of documentary interest in the Arabic language: classification of the functions of Arabic books, cataloged and indexed. - Processing and cataloging books in French interest: The classification and cataloging books in French mainly in addition to some of the books in other languages. - Interest loan and bibliographic search: repositories of Arab and foreign books, and oversees the interest on the loan follow-up process and organization for each of the students and professors. - Interest periodicals: Includes the Arabic, French and English languages ​​patrols this section.

Université El Hadj Lakhdar de Batna. In eng University of Batna

1, Rue Chahid Boukhlouf Mohamed El Hadi Batna, 1, Rue Chahid Boukhlouf Mohamed El Hadi Batna 05000 Batna Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (33) 814039. / +213 33 31 91 34 (rector),+213 (33) 814039
I also take the opportunity to extend my sincere Bckrati to all the academic community and the spirit of perseverance and persistent efforts in order to ensure Sir Hassan of the various vital interests of the university , as well as to maintain the gains made by our university since its founding in 1977 .We are and we are gearing up to complete the restructuring defined by the University of Batna day project , through divided into two universities , can not fail to appreciate the former loyal officials efforts of those who contributed to the establishment of this university ancient and worked on its development to become a reputation on the national and international levels .We are working now and make every effort to support the termination of new restructuring , and to ensure the necessary stability so , we emphasize to all the academic community and its various ; that this transition period need to unite everyone in order to overcome obstacles that may confront us during the impleme

Université Ferhat Abbas de Sétif 1 University of Sétif 1

Cité Mabouda Sétif 19000 Sétif, Cité Mabouda Sétif 19000 Sétif Province Algeri
Contact Phones : +213 (36) 721025,+213 (36) 721025
Web Address :www.univ-setif.dz
It is not communication specialist , moreover under the influence of emotion, that I address my warmest since that platform and heartfelt thanks to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for trust he places in me to succeed the head of our prestigious university . I hasten to note that this is a very great honor for committees and scientific councils of the departments and faculties of the University Ferhat ABBAS to see one of their members access to the highest office of the university. Once again thank you to the Minister for the trust he places in the scientific advisory structures

Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef University of Chlef

BP 151, Hay Essalam Chlef 02000, BP 151, Hay Essalam Chlef 02000 Chlef Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (27) 722877,+213 (27) 722877
Student life at the University Hassiba Benbouali has many advantages . The UHBC is a relatively small university that brings together in a single location all types of activities: educational , scientific , associative . Classrooms , libraries, computer resource center, sports facilities, university restaurant , is available in a limited area . Numerous lectures , cultural events and festive , social life punctuate everyday life and provide many opportunities to expand the scientific training.

Université IBN Khaldoun Tiaret University of Tiaret

14000 Tiaret Province Algeria, BP 78, Zaâroura Tiaret 14000 Tiaret Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (46) 42 56 88,+213 (46) 42 56 88
Administrative services Networks and information center systems, communication, tele-education and distance learning: The center and information systems and communication networks, distance learning and distance education, was established in 1996 for all teachers, researchers and students of Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret. Its mission is the implementation of New Technologies of Information and Communication for the benefit of the different structures of the University (Departments, Faculties, Research Laboratories ...) It is responsible for: The operation, administration and management of the network infrastructure. The operation and development of computer applications pedagogy management. Management of different services (email, DNS, web server, Proxy ....). Internet access and RNA Network "Academic Research Network." Support for practical work in IT for all university students. Setting up online courses. Technical assistance. Network a

Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla University of Ouargla

BP 511, Route Ghardaïa Ouargla, BP 511, Route Ghardaïa Ouargla 30000 Ouargla Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (29) 712468,+213 (29) 712468
Monitor issues relating to the conduct of lessons and courses organized by the university Ensure coherence of training offers by the faculties and institutes in accordance with the university's development plan. Ensure compliance with current regulations regarding registration, and progression of students from 1st and 2nd cycles. Follow remote training activities and promote continuing education activities at the university. Ensure compliance with regulations and procedures in force concerning the award of diplomas and equivalencies. Ensure the keeping and updating personnel records of students. Monitor the functioning of the university's school board and preserve the records. Monitor the functioning of the university mentoring committee and preserve the records. Monitor the functioning of the university's scientific board and preserve the records. It consists of the following services: 1. The service of lessons, courses and evalua

Université M'hamed Bouguerra de Boumerdes University of Boumerdés

Avenue de l'Independance Boumerdès 35000 Boumerdè, Avenue de l'Independance Boumerdès 35000 Boumerdès Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (24) 816901,+213 (24) 816901
( All sectors of the conventional system are endangered ) Long cycle : ingéniorat (bac + 5) , license ( bac + 4 ) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Engineer Faculty of Engineering : Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering . Faculty of Hydrocarbons and Chemistry Hydrocarbons and Chemistry . Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics : Electrical Engineering and electronics . SCIENCE OF NATURE AND LIFE Engineer Faculty of Science : Biology Engineering . SOCIAL AND HUMAN SCIENCES LICENCE Faculty of Economics , Trade and Getsion Sciences: Commercial Sciences , Management and Economics Sciences . Faculty of Law : Legal and Administrative Sciences.

Université Mohamed Boudiaf de M'sila University of M'sila

28000 M'Sila Province Algeria, BP 166, Route Ichebilia M'Sila 28000 M'Sila Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (35) 550411,+213 (35) 550411
Supply of Canadian Scholarship The University of Laval (Canada ) is calling for applications for a Canadian scholarship offer under the year 2015-2016 for a period of six (06) semester or more in the following areas : (energy, industry, transport, agriculture, etc.) . For further information , please contact Laval University at the following email address: david.a.woods@lineone.net For more details, please click here

Université Mouloud Maameri de Tizi Ouzou Univerisity of Tizi-Ouzou

BP 17RP, Route de Hasnanoua Tizi-Ouzou Tizi-Ouzou, BP 17RP, Route de Hasnanoua Tizi-Ouzou Tizi-Ouzou 15000 Tizi-Ouzou Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (26) 218995,+213 (26) 218995
Web Address :www.ummto.dz
Under the authority of the Rector, the Secretary General is responsible for the administrative management of the university, and ensures compliance with administrative rules. Indeed : - It manages the personal careers with the powers of the faculties. - It prepares the draft budget of the university and follows its implementation. - It monitors the funding of research laboratory activities. - It ensures the proper functioning of the common university services: - The center of intensive language teaching (CEIL). - The center of printing and audio-visual. - The center of information systems and networks and communications, tele-education and distance learning. - The tech lobby. - It implements the University of cultural activities and sports programs and promote them. - It monitors and coordination of internal security plans. - It ensures the management and conservation of archives and documentation of the rectory. - It ensures the operation and man

Université Saad Dahleb de Blida 1 University of Blida 1

BP 270, Route de Soumaa Blida 09000 Blida, BP 270, Route de Soumaa Blida 09000 Blida Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (25) 433625,+213 (25) 433625
Web Address :www.univ-blida.dz
Blida , capital of Wilaya , is located 50 km West of Algiers, on the southern edge of the plain Mitidja 22 km from the sea. It is in a situation contact between the mountain and the plain. the cone dejection of the Oued El Kebir Sidi way to a altitude of 270 m. The territory of the municipality extends over an area of ​​7.208 ha. The greenfield site has four parts distinct : The first two present the entire foothills which is bounded on the side South by the mountain , they gathered at level of Sidi El Kebir valley. The part West is bounded by the Oued El Kebir Sidi North side , it is powered by numerous ravines .

University of Mostaganem

BP 188, Route, BP 188, Route de Belahcel Mostaganem 27000 Mostaganem Province Algeria
Contact Phones : +213 (45) 42 11 18,+213 (45) 42 11 18
Web Address :www.univ-mosta.dz/
The establishment of the University of Mostaganem and in accordance with Article 3 of Executive Decree No. 03-279 August 23, 2003, as amended and supplemented, the number and the calling of the faculties and institutes of the university Mostaganem component are set as follows: Faculty of Exact Sciences and Informatics (FseI) Faculty of nature and life (FSNV) Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Faculty of Letters and Arts (FLA) Faculty of Law and Political Science (FDSP) Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management Sciences (FSECSG) Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) Institute of Physical and Sports Education (IEPS).

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