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Cheikh Anta Diop University

P.O Box 5005 Dakar Senegal , Dakar
Contact Phones : +221,+221 825 7528
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Created February 24, 1957, the University of Dakar was officially opened December 9, 1959 after a long evolution marked by: - The creation of an African School of Medicine, first draft of a higher education in Africa in 1918 (Decree of January 14, 1918); - the creation of the French Institute of Black Africa (IFAN) in 1936; - the creating a certificate of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB), preparatory to medical studies and the opening in the early fifty colleges academically attached to the University of Bordeaux as part of what was called in 1950 Institute of Advanced Studies in Dakar - the erection of independent faculties instead of these colleges to form the 18 th French University, academically attached at the Universities of Paris and Bordeaux in 1957; - the change of name University of Dakar, which becomes Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar March 30, 1987; - educational reform following the National Dialogue on Higher Education and the creation of the Faculty

Dakar Bourguiba University

12, Avenue Bourguiba, 12, Avenue Bourguiba
Contact Phones : +221,+221 33 825 36 11
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First private university of Senegal, the UDB is a higher d'enseignement private, secular and apolitical institution enjoying legal personality and financial autonomy Due. It was created in 1995 by the eminent Professor Sakhir Thiam, Associate Mathematics from the University of Paris, Doctor of Mathematics of Science and PhD in theoretical economics from the Universities Paris VI and Paris IX Dauphine, Man of Arts and Letters. Anxious to contribute to the overall development of the individual, some psychological unlocks the UDB include the following items: Multidisciplinary university professionalized and executed in three training sessions (winter, spring, summer). Located on an attractive site, the environment the UDB is green with a floral Furnishing suggestions. The Dakar Bourguiba University has all the advantages associated with its location in the residential district of Grand Dakar, while inserted in an area where the average industry and service companies retain their place. Th

Euro-African University

Km 6, Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop (formerly ENEA), Dakar-Senegal , Km 6, Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop (formerly ENEA), Dakar-Senegal
Contact Phones : +221,+221338646064 / +221772773263
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primary objective is to strengthen the capacity of our country in education and formation.Le center of excellence that we offer today to Senegalese youth and those wishing to where they come from, is committed to combining the effectiveness of training and the virtues of good corporate governance. For the Euro-African University is also a final entreprise.En, our hotel opens the prospects of the largest international market through cross-training and two high-level degrees in the areas of public administration and business.

University Gaston Berger

B.P: 234 -Saint-Louis, SENEGAL, Université Gaston Berger - Saint-Louis, SENEGAL
Contact Phones : +221,+221 33 961.23.60 / +221 33 961.23.56
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The UGB is located 13 kilometers from the city of St. Louis, on National Road No. 2 to Mauritania. It extended over an area of 240ha. The premises housing the UGB were originally designed in 1975 to transfer to St. Louis the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the UCAD, a project that was abandoned in 1998. Thanks to the political will of the government and the aspirations of the people Senegal, the National Assembly voted unanimously, the legislation which the BMU the second university of Senegal. The start of this University is an implementation of the measures adopted by the National Commission for Reform of Education and Training (CNREF) that, in order to establish a balance between academic training and the needs of socio circles economic Senegal, hoped that university courses are now focused on vocational streams.

University of Ziguinchor

BP: 523 Ziguinchor Senegal, Ziguinchor
Contact Phones : +221,+221 33 991 68 09 +221 33 991 68 09
Web Address
VISION The University of Ziguinchor aims to be a center for training and quality research open to local socio-economic, national, sub-regional and international, and aims to be one of Senegal's sustainable development engines and the sub-region. MISSIONS train qualified senior managers from Senegal and other African countries, mainly in the sub-region, in sectors corresponding to the needs of local, national and regional economy; develop a quality scientific research in line with local issues and national; Emphasize good university governance for optimal use of human, material and financial resources of the institution; Using information and communications technology to improve performance in teaching, research and management. VALUES The development and sub-regional integration, dialogue and the economic, cultural and intellectual exchange with neighboring countries; Respect for the environment Respect for standards of good governance with the establishment of supe

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