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PO Box 18758 Sebha Sabha Libya, Uruba Street, Garyunis Benghazi Bangazi Libya
Contact Phones : +218,+218 (61) 222 0148
Web Address :www.uob.edu.ly
Benghazi University Benghazi University was founded in the fifteenth of the month of December year 1955 on behalf of the Libyan University was the Faculty of Arts and Education first nucleus of this prestigious university, which contained at the time (31) male and (6) faculty and was its former inside the city of Benghazi. In 1973, the university moved to its current campus in the suburb of Garyounis In 1976 changed its name to the University of Garyounis based. It includes university now many colleges and advisory research and service centers, with a total area of about 530 hectares and is considering the university is now more than seventy thousand students and the number of faculty members nearly two thousand As staff Fddhm more than five thousand employees and an employee. After the seventeenth of February Revolution and the building of the Council of the university administration's decision to name the university regained its inherent "Benghazi" in the prospects for a new start

Academy of Graduate Studies

PO Box 79031, Janzour Tripoli Tripoli Libya, PO Box 79031, Janzour Tripoli Tripoli Libya
Contact Phones : +218 (21) 487 3100,+218 (21) 487 3100
The university offer a wide range of courses from arts to sciences and philosophy


Kairawan St. Al-Fowyhat Benghazi, Kairawan St. Al-Fowyhat Benghazi Benghazi Libya
Contact Phones : +218 61 4706647,+218 (61) 223 3910
Web Address :www.limu.edu.ly/en
Misurata University is a Libyan university that contributes in growth development and progress promotion through the education of qualified personnel in various scientific fields. In addition to nurturing students’ creativity and sense of exploration, devising plans for human development programs, sustaining a proper atmosphere for a proper educational process and being a consultatory centre in diverse fields of knowledge. The Beginnings: Misurata University was founded in the year of 2000. Its first faculty, which is the Faculty of Sciences, had been founded in 1984, then other faculties followed steadily until there was 11 of them. Collectively subsuming more than 17,000 students in the faculties of: Sciences, Arts, Economics and Political Sciences, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacology, Education, Information Technology, Nursing and Dentistry. Misurata University also comprises a research and consulting centre and a language centre. The Research and Consulting Center inc


P.O Box 991 Albyda Libya, Albyda City Albyda Libya
Contact Phones : +218 ,+218 (84) 632 963
Web Address :www.omu.edu.ly
Omar Al-Mukhtar University (Arabic: جامعة عمر المختار‎) started as an Islamic university in Bayda, Libya. It was founded in 1835 by Ali al-Sanusi of the religious group 'Kzawip Senussi' in 1961.[clarification needed] It has grown to be a moderately religious institute and teaches practice regarding scripture reading and interpretation. Omar Al-Mukhtar University (OAMU) educates students from many locations, including Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan, and Chad. The Baksmha [clarification needed] room of OAMU is capable of housing several thousand students, though clashes between different religious sects have led to a shortage of experienced preachers and speakers. After the Egyptian revolution, Fatih University was rejected as a beacon to the Islamic Movement of mother-to-Senussi, a movement now banned in Libya. OAMU now belongs to the Faculty of Agriculture in the University of Garyounis, an independent and established university general in 1984. The campus now foll


PO Box 18758 Sebha Sabha Libya, Sebha Sabha Libya
Contact Phones : +218,+218 (71) 626 012
Web Address :www.sebhau.edu.ly
Sebha University is a public university in the southern city of Sebha, Libya, with campuses in Sebha, Murzuq, Brak and Ghat. Sebha awards bachelor's degrees. and Master's degrees. There are nine faculties, or schools, at Sebha University. Agriculture Arts Economics and Accountancy Engineering Law Medicine Physical Education Sciencess Education


-, -
Contact Phones : -,+218 21 484 2920/21
Web Address :www.ulibya.com

Here at the University of Libya we are offering the BTEC programme in the fields of Business and Computing.

Going to university in a major city like Tripoli is an exciting prospect and attending courses is an essential part of learning. Qualifications are essential to gaining recognition and respect. Students from all over Libya want to study in Tripoli and our philosophy is to provide high standards of teaching in an environment that encourages academic achievement alongside personal development while experiencing the culture and life of a vibrant city


Sidy Almasry, Al Furnaj Road, Sidy Almasry, Al Furnaj Road Tripoli Libya
Contact Phones : +218 (21) 462 7910 ,+218214625031 +218214620325
Web Address :www.uot.edu.ly/
University of Tripoli (UT) (Arabic: جامعة طرابلس), is the largest university in Libya and is located in the capital Tripoli. It was founded in 1957 as a branch of University of Libya before it was divided in 1973 to become what is now known as University of Tripoli.

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