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Université de Kinshasa University of Kinshasa

PB 127 , Kinshasa XI
Contact Phones : (+243) 81 067 66 66,(+243) 82 333 96 93
Web Address :www.unikin.cd
UNIVERSITY OF KINSHASA Here is a business card of the University of Kinshasa The University of Kinshasa was created in 1954. HISTORY The history of the University of Kinshasa started in 1924 with the establishment by the Catholic University of Leuven, a medical association that was to take care of health and education in Congo. The result of this initiative the creation, by professors from the University, the Medical Foundation of the University of Louvain in Congo (FOMULAC), and later in 1927, the first health facility built at Kisantu in Bas-Congo where took place the first nursing training in Congo. In 1932, founded the University of Louvain, in the same site, an agronomy section, to which is added a section of Administrative and Commercial Sciences in 1936, and a section of medical assistants in 1937. In 1947, these three sections were grouped under the name "Lovanium Congolese University Centre", which was transferred to the site of Kisantu than Kimwenza, and became

Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (The Free University of the Great Lakes)

PB 127 , Kinshasa XI
Contact Phones : +243 997841542,+243 994095179
Web Address :ulpgl.net
The Free University of the Great Lakes is a non-governmental academic institution initiated by six Protestant denominations. The university takes pride in training staff by providing them with academic and scientific education of good quality, in close collaboration with local communities.

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