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Samona Products Ltd

P.O.Box 70447, Kampala, Uganda, Busega Central B zone, Masaka Road
Contact Phones : +256 751084206,+256 704 768 252;+256 772 401 879
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Samona Products Ltd is a leading manufacturer of herbal cosmetics, skin care and personal care products in Uganda. SAMONA was founded by Salongo Kasawuli Mukasa in 1997. The word SAMONA is an acronym from SANYU MOVING SHOP AT NATETE which was a business first started by Salongo. The Company pioneered the research of application of herbal medicine into cosmetics and toiletries in Uganda. The Company initially started with the production of herbal soap and herbal jelly. Our success has only been possible because our operations have always been guided by ethical principles and a keen sense of responsibility to society as a whole.

Tile Center

Tile Centre Ltd, PO Box 4009, Kampala, Uganda., Plot 91 – 93, 6th Street, Industrial Area Kampala, Uganda.
Contact Phones : +256 (0414) 345350 / 348232/3/4,+256 414 342 297

Tile Centre Limited was established in Uganda in 1990 and has now expanded to become the largest and leading suppliers of building materials. We have a strong focus on providing high quality materials, which surpass international standards, and delivering them at local prices.

We are a prominent distributor of ceramic wall and floor tiles, glass blocks, sanitary ware, brassware, shower cubicles, laboratory fittings, stainless steel hospital products, tile adhesive cement, colour grout and accessories.

An expert team of individuals who have serviced the local market for over 20 years carefully selects our range of tiles and sanitary ware. They aim to integrate local tastes and international industry designs and trends.

Uganda Clays Limited

P.O.Box 3188 Kampala, Uganda, Factory at Kajjansi, 14 Kms Entebbe Road, Kajjansi
Contact Phones : +256 772 700255,+256 312 305403 / +256 392 750154

Uganda Clays is leading manufacturer of quality baked clay building products in Uganda. It uses state of the art kilns to currently provide the building materials in a brick-red color. The company’s products are categorized into roofing tiles, bricks, maxpans, quarry floor tiles and others.

UCL operates with plants in Kajjansi and Kamonkoli (eastern Uganda). The Kajjansi plant’s operations are majorly manual but Kamonkoli’s are automated. At Kajjansi the two kilns are powered up by coffee husks,which are procured locally, Operations at Kamonkoli were also turned from furnace oil to coffee husks to reduce on the production costs.

A.K Oils and Fats (U) Ltd

30, Mukwano Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414312313313
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African Polysack Industries Ltd

Africa Polysack Industries Ltd Block 106, Plot No. 171 – 172 Nvumwa, Kigunga-Seeta, Mukono District, Nvumwa, KP.O Box 4886, Kampala – Uganda.
Contact Phones : n/a,+256 772 233318

Africa Polysack Industries was incorporated in February 1999. Began the rehabilitation of a dilapidated Woven Polypropylene manufacturing plant in October 2000. Production commenced in August of 2001. Today Africa Polysack Industries is the leading manufacturer of Superior Quality Woven Polypropylene bags, Polypropylene Braided Ropes, Vegetable Net Bags, Bag Bottoming and Bag closing Thread, Laminated Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Mattress Covers and Construction Plastic Sheets for Roofing and Damp proofing and providing direct employment for 542 individuals

Afroplast Enterprises Limited

19-33, Port Bell Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414505926


Plot 120, 6th Street Industrial area, P.O.B.ox 85 , Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,.
Web Address :africa2trust
Distributors of aluminium


209, industial area 6
Contact Phones : +2567297355,+256757514830
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we make ornet tyres in east africa.

Aqua Coolers Ltd

M264, Ntinda Industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414287044
soft drinks


137-145 Industrial Area, 6th Street
Contact Phones : ++256776932335,-
Web Address :- ug
Manufacturers of auto mobile leaf springs,u bolts,centre bolts,wheel studs,dealers in magnum Germany trailer parts & wheel rims.


71, 6th street industrial are
Contact Phones : +256751786601,+256785655196

we make the best mechanical equipments in africa.

Bata Shoe Co. Uganda Ltd

9-95, 5 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,25641233517

Berger Paints (U) Limited

4915, Bombo Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414342571

Blue Wave Beverages Limited

7, 5 industrial area spring
Contact Phones : n/a,256414252852
manufacturing mineral water

British American Tobacco Uganda

69-71, Jinja Road
Contact Phones : n/a,25641233070
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Caltex Oil (U) LTd

7, 7 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
petroleum products


98, industrial area
Contact Phones : ,0312263974
At citytyres we make quality tyres so trust us.

Clanita (U) Ltd

Kampala, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,25641285242

Continental Paints Limited

60-64, 6 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414254577

Crocodile Tool Co. Ltd.

Plot 86/90 , 5th Street,Industrial Are
Contact Phones : +256 703 735500,+256 414 233577
Web Address

Crocodile Tool Co. Ltd. Crocodile Tools Co. is located in Jinja – Uganda and is the only manufacturer of hoes in Uganda and the entire E-African region. Its “Crocodile Chillington“ brand hoe is of superior quality and a household name in Uganda.

Crown Beverages Ltd

M214, Jinja Road
Contact Phones : n/a,0312343100
soft drinks

Crown Buildings and Products Ltd

703, Banda
Contact Phones : n/a,256312261964

Culix Gen Marketing Agency Limited

54 Ismile road, Mbuya hill
Contact Phones : +256 751 705 939,+256 777 775 595
we are the leading marketing company in Uganda with professional and experienced work force. That is why our slogan is "we lead the leaders via technology. win market through Quality" Try us you wont regret. we do Product activation, Business events management, Models, Promotions, ushers, branding and graphics design.Stationary supply among others.

Decase Chemicals (U) Ltd

P.O. Box 22 Kampala, Plot M 502 Kyambogo Industrial Area
Contact Phones : 256 752 760760/772 200345,+256 (414) - 285927 /286385 / 222537


Desbro Uganda Limited

P.O. Box 22615, Kampala, Uganda, Plot 60-64, 6th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 (0)312 260 296,+256 (0)414 254 557, +256 (0)414 347 565
Web Address

Desbro is the largest chemical distributor in East Africa, supplying the region with the best products from over 50 world-class manufacturers. With offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, we serve the whole of East and Central Africa. We are the leading supplier of industrial chemicals to industries across the region, including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia.

Elijah Mcquinn

4, plot 4 Sturrock Rd, Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : ,
THE BOLDEST FASHION BRAND IN UGANDA Do you wish to buy African print clothing? Do you love kitenge fabric and respect the African fashion tradition. Are you concerned as much about your own looks as about the origin and durability of the clothes you wear? Do you also want to look amazing without compromising on your ethical values? We know that you want to feel respected and be assured that others who fabricated your African print clothing were also respected! Therefore is proud to present Elijah Mcquinn as the first sustainable fashion brand selling African print clothes directly out of Uganda.

Export trading Co. (U) Ltd

Wankoko, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256772893987

Graphics Systems (U) Ltd

8, Buvuma ROad
Contact Phones : n/a,25641504502


Kampala - Uganda, Industrial area Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0772251877
We are a registered company offering Smart stainless steel water tanks

Hared Petroleum Limited

49, Lubas Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256434123325
petroleum products

Hariss international LTd

83, Bombo Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414567057
soft drinks

Hema Beverages Ltd

923, BWAise KAlerwe ROad
Contact Phones : n/a,2563122651104

Hima Cement Ltd

Kampala, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256006132000

House of Eden (U) Ltd

128, 6 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
soft drinks

Kakira Sugar Works (1985) Ltd

jinja, Kakira estate
Contact Phones : n/a,256414444000
Web Address

Kengrow industries Ltd

68/70, 7 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414340507
soap manufacturing

Kobil Uganda Limited

4, WAnkulukuku
Contact Phones : n/a,256414272765

Korica (U) LTd

P.O. Box 7287, Kampala Kampala Uganda, Plot 27/29, Nalukolongo Industrial Area
Contact Phones : +256 772-789 111/222,+256 312 264 111/112

IF you are looking long-lasting, high-performing transformers made by engineers with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing transformers, Do NOT hesitate to contact us.


Plot 28, Old Kira road next to Elgon courts, Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0782319305
We are a register company dealers in wooden floor renovation

Lubricants and Oil Refinery Limited

1551, Ntinda
Contact Phones : 256702749155,n/a
petroleum products

Makss Packaging

41, Makubuya CLose
Contact Phones : n/a,256412886544

Maritime Investmentss Limited

28/30, Bombo road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414230771
Plastic products

Metrotile Uganda Limited

plot 87, 6th street industrial area
Contact Phones : +256774246142/+256705221002/7,+256200900927/+256200902162
lightweight coated metal roofing tiles

Modern Steel Industries Ltd

4, Kyagwe Road
Contact Phones : n/a,25643122300

Movit Products Limited

Bunamwaya, Entebbe road
Contact Phones : n/a,256392736801

N.C Beverages Ltd

84, Bombo Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414566975


39 Vishala (WEST) Industr, 39 Vishala (WEST) Industr
Contact Phones : 9974692580,919974692580
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Nile Plastic Industries Limited

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414271175
plastic products

Nile Plywood Ltd

., JINJA FACTORY INDUSTRIAL AREA. Plot No. 7-15, Factory Street
Contact Phones : .,+256 434121946/7/8
Web Address

Applications & Products ... Our laminated and painted MDF boards are ideal for a wide array of applications especially high quality furniture.

Nile Tanks Limited

7/9, Kisiki road
Contact Phones : n/a,256434122522
plastic products

Omega Plastics

M502, Kyambogo Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414288280

Orbit Chemicals and Equipments

139, NAmuwongo RODad
Contact Phones : n/a,256414346894

PAPCO Industries Ltd

M60, Kimaka Road
Contact Phones : n/a,25643412240

Peacock PAints Limited

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256312291676

Petro Services Limited

9, Factory Close
Contact Phones : n/a,256414221015
petroleum products

Pipeline Designs and Foam Industries Limited

6, Luzira Industrial Park
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
plastic products

Plastic Recycling Industries Ltd

463, Nakawa industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,25641233225

power products uganda

81, industrial area 6
Contact Phones : ,0712814030
At powerproducts we make quality products so trust us.

Premier Packaging (Uganda) Limited

P.O. Box 72495, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Plot 258 Kyambogo Road, Ntinda, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 (0)772 722 916,+256 (0)312 260 696/7, +256 (0)414 286 116
Web Address :.

We have solutions for all your packaging needs from corrugated boxes, etc

Quality Plastics (U) Limited

114, 6 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414348946
plastic products


104-106 Industrial Area, 6th Street
Contact Phones : +256718348772,+256414348565
Web Address

We manufacture grain dryers,maize mills,hullers,coffee processing plants,block making machines,building structures & steel burglar proofs


703, Banda jinja road
Contact Phones : +256750145728,
we import paint of all kinds.say it acryline,flowcr!ete.

riley Industries Ltd

M444A, stretcher Road
Contact Phones : n/a,25641287902

Ritver Paints

41, Makububya Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286547

Road Master Cycles (U) Ltd

nalukolongo, Nalukolongo
Contact Phones : n/a,25641271072

Rwenzori Beverages Co. Ltd

403/404, Nakawa industrial Area
Contact Phones : n/a,25641222847


Kampala - Uganda, Kawempe Tula, Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0770701003
We are a one stop shop selling safety gears in uganda

Sembule Steel Mills

1, Off masaka road
Contact Phones : n/a,256041272219

Shell (U) Limited

9/11, 7 industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414339499
petroleum products

Shumuk Aluminum Industries Ltd

24, Makubuya Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286282


Plot 28, Old Kira road next to Elgon courts, Komamboga 6miles off Gayaza road
Contact Phones : .,0776546828
Web Address
Wr are a registered specialising in the best gardening services


137/145, 6street industrial area
Contact Phones : +256701500000,0701500000
Web Address :www.staunchmahinery
we make the best mechanical equipments in africa.

Steel & Tube industries Ltd

2450, Namanve Industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,25641288560

Steel Rolling Mills

P.O. Box 2243, Jinja, Plot M-78, Tororo Rd. Masese, Plot 86/90, 5th Street Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 (77)2- 603810, (75)1 - 700700,+256 (434) - 120987(Factory), 234000/1/233577/612
Web Address

Steel Rolling Mills is the leading Steel producer. The plant specialises in the manufacture of various high tensile steel profiles and sections. A subsidiary of Alam Group of Companies, Steel Rolling Mills is the leading producer of high quality steel products in Uganda. The Company specialises in the manufacter of various high tensile steel profiles and sections confirming to BS4449 and US155-Grade 460 and Grade 250. 

Tembo Steels (U) Ltd

17/19, Nkurumah
Contact Phones : n/a,25641341271

Tororo Cement

Tororo, Jinja Malaba highway
Contact Phones : n/a,256414344578


23, Nkurumah road
Contact Phones : n/a,25641342814

Tullow UGanda Operations pty Limited

15, Yusuf Lule Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414564005
petroleum products

Uganda Beverages limited

141, Buwate
Contact Phones : n/a,256414342082
mineral drinking water

Uganda Breweries Ltd

Luzira, Port BEll Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256312223200
Web Address

Uganda General Collections Limited

635, Nabunya ROad
Contact Phones : 256712803805,n/a
mineral drinking water


Luzira, Luzira
Contact Phones : n/a,256312555500

UKI (U) Ltd

P.O. Box 31304, Kampala, Plot 183/186, Kawempe Bombo road, Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 (75)2 - 735634; +256 752 585 105,+256 (414) - 235664
Web Address :.

Beauty Parlours and Salons, cosmetics and beauty products

Unilever (U) Ltd

10/12, Nyondo CLose
Contact Phones : n/a,256414343547

Victoria Beverages Limited

140, Kungu Bivanju road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414376491
mineral water drinking

Victoria Beverages Ltd

Kira Town Council, Nagera
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
soft drinks

Wavah Water Limited

Lugogo, Lugogo Show grounds
Contact Phones : n/a,256414375038

Wavah Water Limited is the brain child of Mr. Gordon Wavamunno.  We extract real mineral water from a natural site far outside of the city and process it to create safe bottled drinking water available for sale throughout the region.

Wavah Water is distributed through major supermarkets, company appointed agents and can be ordered online.

​At Wavah Water, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality for the price. Ugandan owned and with many years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.


P.O.BOX 539 Kampala , Blo, Bombo road
Contact Phones : -,0751478947
For all your steel doors, windows, aluminium , Burglar proof windows, stainless main gates...

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