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INSPIRATIONS Centre for Counselling, Education & Parenting SERVICES

Plot 1001 , Gaba Road, Kampala, Uganda, Gaba Road, Nsambya
Contact Phones : +256 772 626 766 ,+256 393 111 240
Inspirations Centre is a registered company in Uganda founded in 2002 with a mission to provide individuals with tools necessary for a holistic lifestyle through acquisition of the essential life skills at Inspirations Centre we offer the following: General Counseling and Guidance Parenting Empowerment Training / Services Education Services and Consulting At this organisation a group of trained personnel provide Counseling, Parenting and Education services so that through the multiplier effect, more Ugandans at different levels may be sensitized and consequently benefit from Counseling and Parenting as major services.


Jinja - Uganda, Jinja -Central region
Contact Phones : .,0775186182
Chamberlain Consulting Ltd is a full service bilingual training, Public Relations and consulting firm operating in Belize as its principal location. We operate on a social entrepreneurship model. For every paid consultancy, we provide a matching philanthropical endeavor.

Insight Ninane Counseling Centre

., P.O.Box 12069, Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 706 462 037,+256 772 462 037
We are a registered counseling center.


Jinja - Uganda, Jinja -Central region
Contact Phones : .,0773748590
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