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Elgon Springs U Ltd

, Hospital Road
Contact Phones : ,0781437038
Web Address :

Kabunga Farming Company Ltd

,, Masaka, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256758009361,+256758009361
We are the Kabunga Farming Company Ltd, a family business company incorporated in 2021 dealing in piggery, cattle rearing and poultry farming. We have a vision of providing the best and quality products on market including ; pork, beef, chicken, eggs, and manure products to our customers. We are the best farming company and looking forward to doing our level best in farming as a business. Visit our social media pages @ facebook" kabunga farming company ltd"

Mashambani Dairy goats

Kampala, Uganda, Carefour Supermarkets and Capital Shoppers
Contact Phones : +256 772 661 714,+256 772 661 714
Web Address

Mashambani Dairy goats (Mashambani is a Swahili word for “at the farm”) is an organically developing company. It started as a family enterprise to provide goat milk to the Lactose intolerant child. As time went by, and with various cases of parents inquiring about goat milk for their children, the farm expanded and it has now become a commercial enterprise. The farm produce and processes all its products from its own flock. This milk is then distributed either directly to the various organizations and individual families or through the supermarkets.

The goats at Mashambani farm are mainly Toggenburgs and Sannens sourced from within Uganda as well as Eastern part of Kenya. Other breeds present are Anglo Nubians and Alpine. The goats are fed on ordinary grass and Shrubs which are sourced from healthy pastures.

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