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Jinja - Uganda, Jinja Eastern Region
Contact Phones : ±256781505608,.

Horn Products Limited

--, --
Contact Phones : +256 77 2459134,+256 41 253617

Maridadi Crafts & Design

4054, Kiwafu Road
Contact Phones : +256 752 555 438,+256 712,+256 712 875 886

Mwangwe Eden Centre Ltd

x, Kyanamukaka
Contact Phones : 256-75-646653,x


Kampala - Uganda, Kampala central region
Contact Phones : .,0782224026
We are a registered company specializing in recycling of Glass and in paper production such as photo albums, writing pads, notebooks, picture frames....We also make soap on small scale basis

Sustain A Skin

plot 17, Crafts Africa, buganda road, shop no. 15
Contact Phones : +256 782 744231,+256 772 459134

Sustain-a-skin creates unique and original African crafts from waste materials by partnering with impoverished communities in Uganda, East Africa. In order to build a sustainable income stream for these communities we use a broad range of waste materials including scrap paper, plastics, bottle tops, wood chippings, metallic wires, straws in addition to natural products like plant fibre, seeds, wood, tree bark and wildlife stock like animal teeth, horns hides and shells.


Kampala - Uganda , Plot 2239, Kansanga - Ggaba road
Contact Phones : .,0793325372
We are the leading Uganda Arts Trustshop specializing in all Art galleries and Art Library

A&K 97

Plot XX, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)963965,+256(414)251988


Kampala - Uganda, Block 56/57, Kenneth Drive Close off -Kiira road
Contact Phones : .,041437545
We are a registered company specialising in all Art galleries, Picture flaming, Flames ...


Plot 11- 17 Makerere Hill road, Kampala- Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0703442780
Dealers in Aftican tribal art especially old art in East Africa.

African Mini Art Gallery

Nsambya, Nsambya
Contact Phones : 256772406299,n/a

Aidchild's Equation Cafe & Gallery at the Equator

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 0772616861,n/a
Web Address
art gallery

Allied Garment Industry Ltd

bukesa , n/a
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
art and craft


Entebbe - Uganda, Plot 1, Station road
Contact Phones : .,0789593196
In a new location, this wonderful expat institution does wood-fired pizzas and the best coffee in town. Bored with local food? Dig into a Bali burger with mango curry or Thai beef salad. Breakfast is a good bet too. There's also a Congolese craft store, Friday movie nights, Tuesday salsa lessons and regular coffee tastings.


colline House, 4pilkington Rd
Contact Phones : 0772-451169,0414-254759

Banana Boat

Garden City Mall, Ground floor, Plot 64-86 Yusuf Lule Road
Contact Phones : +256(414)232885,+256 784 014 091, +256(414)525190

With 3 shops, Banana Boat supports hundreds of Ugandan Crafts men and women following principles of Fair Trade.

Where else to find us:

Banana Boat Kisementi Next to Endiro Coffee. Tel: +256 750 995809

Banana Boat Lugogo Mall. Tel: +256 750 995 783.

Opening times: 

Week days 9am too 7pm; 

Sunday: Lugogo Mall opens at 10am - 4pm

Sunday: Kisementi & Garden City Open 11am - 5pm

Child Protection Forum

Kampala - Uganda, .
Contact Phones : .,.
When communities hold the power and take the key decisions, there is a high level of collective ownership and responsibility”* The Exchange is a communications and learning initiative which collects, shares and promotes evidence and learning for stronger community engagement and ownership of child protection. We work with global practitioners, researchers, agencies and coalitions to share information and promote community-led child protection. We have a particular focus on East Africa and Sierra Leone and support two action research projects in Kenya and Sierra Leone (implemented by the Child Resilience Alliance) which are testing models of community-led child protection.


Kampala - Uganda, Plot 17, Buganda road opp. UNHCR
Contact Phones : 0772513695,0772633994
We are a registered company specialising in all african handmade fashion arts like bags, art and crafts ...

Euro Line Source

4, william Street
Contact Phones : n/a,25641253381
art and craft

Exposure Africa

15, buganda road
Contact Phones : 256772444962,n/a
art and craft

Gallery Okapi Bunga

Bunga, KAmpala
Contact Phones : n/a,0414468764
art gallery


Kampala - Uganda, Kampala central region
Contact Phones : .,0752145146
We are a registered company specialising in proffesaional Gardening, Land scaping, Apparell fabrics ...

Gifts 'A Curios Ltd

kampala, n/a
Contact Phones : 256772502363,25631279017
art and crafts

God's Care Ministries (GCM)

P.O. Box 1076, Nyakabara village, Kyenjojo town, Kampala, Uganda, .
Contact Phones : .,+256 392 174 370
God's Care Ministries (GCM) is an organization based in Uganda, East Africa, and located in the western part of the country. GCM is registered as a Not for profit organization or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the government of Uganda under the ministry of internal affairs with a registration certificate number 7908(S. 5914/8410). GCM is primarily a faith based organization that promotes Christian values. God's Care Ministries began as a dream by one young man called SANDE SERUNJOGI VICTOR in 2007 and he shared it with a few friends of his who encouraged him to pursue the dream. Victor left the capital city in the same year in the month of July on 12th and went up country to pursue the dream, and with the help of his friends and family he successfully registered the ministry in February 2008 with Kyenjojo district local government. He was later joined by his wife (Mrs Alissa. C. Sande) in 2009 and she had a similar vision, they have supported each other to fulfil the great

Great River Commodities

kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 256772453932,n/a
art and craft


Gulu - Uganda, Plot 3, Jinnah Road ,
Contact Phones : .,.
We are a registered company with an excelled restaurant, nice clean setting, available wifi, good food. All the servers have been awesome, but especially Tommy. Would definitely recommend for travelers.

Horn Products Ltd

Kalerwe, Kalerwe
Contact Phones : 256772t506194,n/a
art and craft

J. Akii-Bua Designs

1, Portal Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,0312262362
art gallery


Plot 104, Semwata road, Ntinda, NOSEP Building - Ntiinda
Contact Phones : 0786842581,0786842581
For all your Commercial, Artistic, Weddings plus Events

Kapwata Sawmillys Ltd

99/101, industrial area
Contact Phones : n/a,256414254705
art and crafts

Kreations Gifts

Plot 55, Upper Kololo Terrace
Contact Phones : +256(772)373917,+256(712)767214

Lweza Nursery Plants

National theatre, n/a
Contact Phones : 256772400707,n/a
art and crafts

M/s Afro Art

Kampala road, Kampala road
Contact Phones : 256774373226,n/a
art and craft


Kampala - Uganda, Ntinda - Central region
Contact Phones : 0774528602,0772345055
Web Address
We are a registered company specialising in all Art galleries, Picture flaming, Flames ...

Majestic Brands Limited

P. O Box 14401 Kampala – Uganda, Bulange Building – Mengo Kabakaanjagala Road
Contact Phones : .,+486 660 334

Majestic Brands Limited (MBL) is a limited liability company that was established by the Buganda Kingdom to undertake innovative and competitive activities to harness the Buganda Brand for the benefit of the people of Buganda.

MBL is a subsidiary of Buganda Investments & Commercial Undertakings (BICUL), a Kingdom’s holding company that was formed to generate revenue from engagement in viable and appropriate investment and commercial undertakings for the financing or co-financing of Buganda’s economic, social and cultural program.

Makerere Art Gallery / MIHCR

Kampala - Uganda, .
Contact Phones : .,+256 781561834
Makerere Art Gallery was founded in 1969 as exhibition space for the growing collection of art works by faculty and students of the renowned Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts.[1] This collection, gathered from the early days of the art school in the 1940s, is today the only historic collection of modern Ugandan art. Since Uganda does not have a National Gallery of Art or any comparable institution with a mandate to collect art works the university collection is filling this gap. The art collection is a unique resource for local, national, and international researchers. The Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration has recently been founded under the roof of the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) and is located in the Makerere Art Gallery within the campus of Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts (MTSIFA). Its mandate is to safeguard Ugandan objects of cultural heritage for posterity and to carry out scholarly research.

Mbabazi House of Styles

Next to Uchuma Kabalagala, Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : -,+256 777 723567
Mbabazi house of styles

Micheal Angelo Crafts & Stationery Agency

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 0712552807,n/a
art gallery

Moses Magala and Company Ltd

n/a, kawempe Mbogo
Contact Phones : 256772671356,n/a
art and craft


Kampala Jinja road - Uganda, Kampala central Region
Contact Phones : .,.0705691716
Our Vision: To see rural communities in Uganda develop using sustainable solutions that give HOPE and DIGNITY to the most vulnerable. We Believe In… LOCAL OWNERSHIP: Our projects are envisioned and implemented by a team of local men and women who empower and drive the community to take a leadership role in “being the change.” SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We promote an innovative social business mentality by creating enterprises focused on health, education, and skill development. SUSTAINABILITY: We aim to generate 100% of our operating budget through locally generated funds from our social enterprises. ACCOUNTABILITY: We fight corruption through strict checks and balances, and internal controls to ensure that every Ugandan shilling is spent with integrity and efficiently supports the development of the community.


Kampala - Uganda, Industrial Area , 2nd street
Contact Phones : 0414222197,0784566606
We are a registered company specialising in fashion, jewery & accessories for all occasions...

National Arts & Crafts Ass of Uganda

4-6, Dewinton road
Contact Phones : n/a,414344818
art gallery


Kampala - Uganda, Kampala central region
Contact Phones : .,0772462221
Web Address :www.naturaleaf.cim
We are a registered company specialising in paper production such as photo albums, writing pads, notebooks, picture frames...

Ndere Centre

Plot 2872-9867, Butukirwa Rd.Kyanja
Contact Phones : +256(772)700108,+256(312)291936
Web Address

Nommo Gallery

Plot 4, Victoria Avenue,Kampala
Contact Phones : +256(772)502553,+256(414)234475

Nyanzi Art Studio

Shop 30, Nat.Theatre,Craft Village
Contact Phones : +256(414)344818,+256(414)257848


Kampala - Uganda, Kampala - CENTRAL
Contact Phones : .,0752846806

We profuce papet products such asphoto albums, notebooks, picture flames...

Saana crafts

Entebbe road, entebbe road
Contact Phones : 25675254532956,n/a
art and craft

Seico Uganda Ltd

12, johnson street
Contact Phones : n/a,256414253381
art and craft


Kampala - Uganda , Plot 43 , Bukoto Street
Contact Phones : .,0750066284
Kona is our homage to two beautiful cultures of India and Africa. Its an expression from the heart that brings forth the magic of these two worlds in all its glory.

The Source of Life Resource Centre

20, Main Street
Contact Phones : 0772687554,4134120911
Web Address
art galleries


Plot 21 Kampala- Uganda, Market street - Kiyembe Lane
Contact Phones : 0757503970,0782286328
Web Address :africa2trust
We perfom cultural dances like, Runyege, Mwaga dance, Kitaguro, Nalufuka, Kiganda...


2530 tirupati shop 41-42, Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : 256787010994,256787010994
We train women and youths art skills and quality control programme. We do art and crafts


2530 tirupati shop 41-42, Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : 256787010994,256787010994
We deal in artistic lights and crafts.

Tulifanya Art Gallery

Plot 26, Hannington Road
Contact Phones : --,256(414)254183


Kampala - Uganda, Tank Hill parade - Muyenga
Contact Phones : .,0778093080
We are a registered company specialising in handmade crafts, tour & travel ...

Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd

Plot 32-36, Bombo Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)673435,+256(414)250077

Uganda Handloom Crafts company (U)

Mukono, mukono town council
Contact Phones : 256782731100,n/a
art and craft

Uganda National Culture Centre, National Theatre & Nommo Gallery

2,4 & 6, De-winton Road
Contact Phones : +256 772 449262,+256 414 254567
The Uganda National Cultural Centre whose official acronym is UNCC, is a Ugandan statutory body that was established on the 8th October 1959 by the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act, a 1959 Act of Parliament (amended 1965). The Uganda National Cultural

Uganda Weavers and Produce Co. Ltd

Entebbe, Kitoro
Contact Phones : 25671936480,n/a
art and craft

Ujuzi Art Studios Ltd

Plot 1515, Kira Road
Contact Phones : +256(782)372542,+256(772)542255

Unique Crafts and craft centre

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 256772616861,n/a
art gallery

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