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Illovo Sugar (Malawi)

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Contact Phones : -,+265 1 843 988

Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Limited is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange with 76% of the issued share capital held by the Illovo group and the balance by public and other institutional investors. The corporate office is based at Limbe with two operations at Nchalo in the south of Malawi and Dwangwa in the mid-central region, producing sugar cane and raw and refined sugar, together with speciality sugars at Nchalo. Illovo Malawi is the country’s sole sugar producer with more than 60% of total sugar sales sold to domestic consumer and industrial markets, and the balance exported to preferential markets in the EU and the USA, and the surrounding region. In Malawi, as in Illovo’s other countries of operation with the exception of South Africa, the agricultural operations are significantly enhanced by a number of factors, including access to secure water sources for irrigation, excellent soils and ideal climatic conditions to promote optimum cane growth. Combined, these attribute

Illovo Sugar Malawi Limited

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Contact Phones : -,+265 1 425-200/55
Illovo is a leading sugar producer and a significant manufacturer of downstream products. The group is Africa’s biggest sugar producer and has extensive agricultural and manufacturing operations in six African countries. The group produces raw and refined sugar for local, regional, European Union (EU), United States of America (USA) and world markets from sugar cane supplied by its own agricultural operations and independent outgrowers who supply cane to Illovo’s factories.

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