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CDH Investment Bank

P.O. Box 1444, Blantyre, Malawi , CDH House, 5 Independence Drive
Contact Phones : +265 (0) 1 821 300 ,+265 (0) 1 821 300
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CDH Investment Bank (CDHIB) is a leading investment bank in Malawi. It is part of CDH Holdings Limited, a fast growing financial services group with investments in Malawi and East Africa. We offer innovative, high-quality financial advisory, trade and project financing, trading, personal, business and corporate banking services. Our offices are in the two major cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe. CDHIB opened for business on 2nd April, 2012 following the successful conversion from Continental Discount House Limited (CDH) which had operated in the financial services sector for 14 years since August, 1998. The other companies in the CDH Group include: CDH Asset Management Limited, CDH Asset Management Nominees Limited, CDH Capital Limited, CDH Properties Limited, CDH Rwanda and CDH Commodities Limited. CDHIB has a 100% stake in CDH Forex Bureau Limited.

FDH Financial Holdings Limited

P O Box 512 Blantyre Malawi, Umoyo House No. 8 Victoria Avenue North
Contact Phones : +2651820219/397,+2651820219/397
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FDH Financial Holdings Limited (FDH) is a diversified investments and financial solutions centre with interests in Banking, Discount House Operations, Stockbroking, Investment Management and Advisory Services as well as Forex Bureau operations. FDH prides itself in the quality of its services, which has created a formidable reputation for itself in all its business arms.

First Merchant Bank Limited

P.O Box 30890 Lilongwe 3, Malawi, Chief M’mbelwa Hse-Robert Mugabe Crescent, City Centre,
Contact Phones : +265 1 775 060,+265 1 775 082/772 060
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First Merchant Bank Limited (FMB) is a public limited liability company incorporated in Malawi under the Malawi Companies Act, 1984. It is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange and is registered as a commercial bank under the Banking Act 2010. It has four wholly owned subsidiaries incorporated in Malawi, The Leasing and Finance Company of Malawi Limited, a licensed financial institution engaged in deposit taking and asset finance, FMB Pensions Limited, a company administering pension funds, FMB Capital Markets Limited, a licenced portfolio manager and FMB Forex Bureau Limited, a licensed foreign exchange bureau. FMB also holds a 70% shareholding in Capital Bank Limited, a licensed commercial bank incorporated in Mozambique, a 38.60% shareholding in Capital Bank Limited, a licensed commercial bank incorporated in Botswana and 49% in First Capital Bank Limited, a licensed commercial bank incorporated in Zambia.


P.O. Box 358 Blantyre, Indebank House Kaohsuing Road
Contact Phones : + 265 1 820 055 ,+ 265 1 820 055
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The Investment and Development Bank of Malawi was inaugurated on 30th December 1972 with the main objective of contributing to the advancement of productive business enterprises, which in turn contributed to the economic and social progress of the country. The Bank achieved its objective by obtaining overseas resources to supplement local resources for investment made preferably, but not entirely, in limited liability companies or corporations. First priority was given to agricultural and agro-processing sectors with a view to broadening Malawi’s export base. Second priority was given to processing and manufacturing industries which either saved foreign exchange through import substitution or generated foreign exchange through exports. Funds were also provided to other sectors such as hospitality, property development and other services.

Malawi Saving Bank

P.O. Box 521, Blantyre MALAWI, MSB House, Corner Victoria Avenue & Chilembwe Road
Contact Phones : +265 (0)1 824 560,+265 (0)1 825 111
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One of the Bank’s core values is “to accord attention to issues of the society.” Malawi Savings Bank has over the year’s provided support to various individuals and institutions as a Corporate Social Responsibility gesture

NBS Bank

P.O Box 32251 Chichiri Blantyre 3, Corner Chipembere Highway & Johnstone Roads Ginnery Corner Blantyre
Contact Phones : +265 (0)1 876 222/ 231/ 218,+265 (0)1 876 222/ 231/ 218
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NBS Bank, then New Building Society was formed following the amalgamation of Central Africa Building Society, Commonwealth Century Building Society and First Permanent Building Society. The New Building Society had been incorporated under the Building Societies Act on 7th February, 1964. Since then, The Society continued to operate under this Act and raised funds from the public and advanced them by way of mortgage loans against the security of land and buildings. Today, NBS Bank is the still market leader in mortgage loans. NBS Bank (formerly The New Building Society) has been a part of many lives for many years in Malawi. Not just assisting customers with home loans – the biggest investment of their lives – but helping them with their dreams too. And we are still the same financial institution you have always trusted. The bank was incorporated as a Limited Company on 14th March 2003, registered under the Banking Act on 1st March 2004, and started its operations on 1st July,

Opportunity Bank Malawi

Private Bag A71 Lilongwe Malawi, Private Bag A71 Lilongwe Malawi
Contact Phones : (265) 175-8403,(265) 175-8403
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Our vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. By providing financial solutions and training,we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. MOTIVATION We respond to Jesus Christ’s call to love and serve the poor. We seek to emulate the Good Samaritan, whose compassion crossed ethnic groups and religions. We serve all people regardless of race, faith, ethnicity and gender.

Reserve Bank of Malawi

Box 30063, Lilongwe 3, Malawi, Convention Drive City Centre, Lilongwe
Contact Phones : (265) (0) 1 770 600/1 771 600,(265) (0) 1 770 600/1 771 600
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At inception, the Bank had total assets amounting to K15.96 million with foreign assets amounting to K15.2 million an equivalent of £8.8 million, representing 18.1 percent of the federal currency which was redeemed in Malawi. By 1981, the year its head office moved to Lilongwe, the Reserve Bank of Malawi had expanded its operations when total assets increased to K230.7 million with foreign assets amounting to K43.9 million.

Standard Bank of Malawi

Limbe lilongwe, Limbe lilongwe
Contact Phones : +265 1 878 823/824,+265 1 878 823/824
Standard Bank, previously known as the Commercial Bank of Malawi, was registered as a commercial bank on 15 March 1969. The start-up share capital was K2.5 million and the founder shareholders were the Malawi Development Corporation (20%), Press Holdings Limited (20%) and Banco Pinto Sotto Mayor (60%). The first branch was opened in Limbe on 11 April 1970. In the increasingly competitive environment in which we operate, managing talent has become a critical factor in maintaining competitive advantage, and is an area where we invest significant resources. The successful performance achieved by the Bank over the years is testimony to the ability of our people to execute our strategic objectives effectively and consistently. The Standard Bank Group’s Global Leadership Centre (GLC) plays an important role in developing excellence among executive and operational leadership. The GLC offers internationally designed management development programs aligned to global best practice and the Gr

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