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Roland Garros Building, The Campus 57 Sloane St
Contact Phones : .,(011) 575-0511
Web Address :www.ananzi.co.za

The Ananzi Search Engine aims to be the best South African search engine on the internet. Ananzi is devoted to South African web sites. (Did you know that more than 10% of South Africa's web sites have a domain that does not end in .za? Many end with .com or .net instead.) On Ananzi, sites are individually checked by us to ensure that we stay South African.


Ananzi was first created it in early 1996, making it the first South African search engine. In June 2000 it was re-engineered to make it one of the fastest search engines on the Internet. Ananzi currently indexes over 2 300 000 web pages related to South Africa, and the number is growing daily. Alongside the search engine, Ananzi's SA Site Directory is a hand-picked category-based list of the best sites South Africa has to offer.

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