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The best business opportunities are in Kigali City.

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Food Processing

More than 50% of imported goods are food products. Rwanda imports rice, sugar, dairy products, juice and jams, wheat flour, etc. Due to the increased number of population, especially in urban areas the demand in food products is steadily increasing.

This increased demand presents many opportunities in the area of food production and processing. Business opportunities are in in soy products making, dairy processing, fruit processing, maize and sorghum milling, cassava processing, etc.

Construction and Real Estate

Rwanda is currently growing its potential for real estate investment and is attracting international estate developers.

Statistics from the National Bank of Rwanda show that an estimated 25,000 new houses have to be built annually in for the country to meet the demand for urban housing. The City of Kigali is promoting the construction of housing projects to address the backlog, as well as expand the city.

Real estate investors have the opportunity to acquire expropriated land and develop residential housing for low to middle income earners.

Small Scale Manufacturing Industry

Rwanda's manufacturing sector has a ready domestic and regional market, as demand for products continues to increase rapidly.

Investment opportunities include: production of plastics bottles, paper mill and printing, general paper packaging, manufacture of wood and metal products, and the establishment of a pharmaceutical plant.

Tourism and Hospitality

Rwanda’s tourism is experiencing a boom because of the government’s deliberate policy to develop the sector.

Tourism is currently among the top foreign exchange earners, bringing in $42.3 million in 2007.

Its hotels have a capacity of 1,153 rooms with three-quarters of them located in the capital Kigali. The current capacity in hotels and accommodation could be increased to host various categories of tourists including high-end business travellers and eco-tourists.

Business opportunities are in hotels, retaurants, tourist attractions, cultural events, etc.

Internet and Commputer Services

The country is moving from agricultural subsistence towards using ICT to build a knowledge based economy.

The government is proving high speed broadband internet connectivity carried by fibre-optic cables in all schools in the next two years.

Rwanda which has two fibre -optic rings around Kigali, and a cable being laid across the country envisions being the information-technology hub for the resource rich nations of Eastern and Central Africa.

Business opportunities are in internet and computer services, especially in internet cafés, call centers, computer consulting, hardware reselling,etc.