Investment Opportunities in Kenya


Investment opportunities exist in nearly all sectors:


There is high potential for investment in the textile industry, while there is also a big demand for electronic goods, paper made from non-traditional raw materials and automotive parts.


Kenya has potential for mining of gold and precious stones, and has an extensive area for exploration of petroleum oil.


Tourism, which is Kenya’s third largest foreign exchange earner, is a potential growth area that has significant investment opportunities in conferencing, eco-friendly tourism in the parks and cruise ship tourism.

 ICT & knowledge industry

Kenya intends to have a well-developed communications network by 2015 Therefore, great opportunities exist for provision of IT and related services, development for incoming and outgoing call centres and software. Kenya being keen on attracting reputable educational institutions, there are opportunities in expansion of science and technology centres, IT centres of excellence and training centres for the hospitality industry.

Energy & infrastructure

There are investment opportunities in oil and LPG supply and distribution, and in the country’s rural electrification and water supply programmes. Furthermore, there is huge demand for investment in infrastructure of all kinds, in view of the country’s Vision 2030 economic blueprint programme.

Banking & finance

Kenya’s financial sector is the largest in the East and Central African region, and requires investment to allow the micro-financial sector reach its full potential, as well as the investment banking, lease hire and housing finance sectors.



Kenya is a sporting nation and renown for prowess in athletics.  There is great potential to invest in athletics through setting up centres for training. Investors can help nurture sporting talent from the grassroots level, while also contributing to the development of sporting facilities such as golf courses, car and horse racing etc.


The following are the relevant laws pertaining to investment and trade in Kenya:

  • Capital Markets Act
  • Companies Act
  • East Africa Customs Management Act
  • Employment Act
  • Energy Act
  • Export Processing Zones Act
  • Foreign Judgements (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
  • Foreign Investment Protection Act
  • Investment Promotion Act
  • Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) Act
  • Mining Act
  • Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act
  • Public Private Partnership Act
  • Public Procurement and Disposal Act 


Investment opportunities abound in the agricultural sector. Investors have the option of investing in agricultural support services, production and processing.

Agriculture support

  • seed production;
  • manufacture of sprayers and pesticides;
  • installation of irrigation systems;
  • services that enhance production of industrial crops such as oil seeds, barley, sugarcane, groundnuts.

Production for both local consumption and export

  • cutflowers
  • various types of beans;
  • fruits (pineapples, mangoes, avocado, passion, melon) etc.;
  • Asian vegetables.


  • any palm oil substitute technologies (to take advantage of oil crops grown in the country, such as groundnuts, sunflowers, cottonseed, sesame, coconut, corn/maize etc.);
  • wine production;
  • coffee: packaging, roasting, blending, decaffeination, gourmet;
  • tea packaging for direct sales to consuming markets;
  • leather & leather products;
  • Milk and meat processing.