Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe

Small Business Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe

1. Gold mining or selling

Zimbabwe is rich in gold, the most precious metal. While many investors and businesses are already into the gold mining business, the door of opportunities remains open to new investors.

So, if you gather the required knowledge of the market, you can easily jump start your gold mining business. Better yet, you can collaborate with a gold mining business to sell gold instead. It goes without saying that gold business is very, very profitable.

2. Microfinance

Because of the increasing rate of unemployment, Zimbabweans are now becoming more aware of the need to start their own private businesses. Business ideas abound, but lack of funds is the main problem intending entrepreneurs are facing. Microfinance banks lend money to startup and small business owners. Since these businesses are increasing in Zimbabwe with each passing day, there are opportunities for microfinance businesses.

3. Business consulting

Aside funding, many startup and small business owners in Zimbabwe soon realize after entering the market that things aren’t really as rosy as they expected. But these entrepreneurs, in a bid to save their businesses from ruin, hire the services of business consultants who help them keep their businesses alive.

Other entrepreneurs prefer to hire business experts right from the start to help them analyze various market realities. So, if you have a background in business management, you have a good business opportunity here.

4. Fast food and Snacks

People are getting busier, and they have little time for themselves. Some can no longer find the time to cook their food or eat at home due to work pressure. Such people, who now form a large chunk of Zimbabwe’s workforce, prefer to eat out. So, starting a business that sells fast foods and snacks is a really smart move that will fatten your pocket quickly. This business requires no formal qualifications and is easy to start.

5. Car importation

Car importation is another very lucrative business in Zimbabwe. More people can now afford to buy cars and are really going for them. So, this is one business opportunity for someone who knows much about the automobile market. Keep in mind, however, that this business requires huge capital. So, it’s not an option for entrepreneurs with a small budget.

6. Accounting and bookkeeping services

Due to the tightening economy, many Zimbabwean businesses, in a bid to cut costs, lay off most of their in-house employees – including very important ones like accountants. They only hire those they need on a contract basis. If you have a strong background in accounting or bookkeeping, you can start a business that renders these services to other businesses on a freelance basis.

7. Construction services

With hundreds of buildings being erected in Zimbabwe per day, the demand for construction services keeps booming, just like the demand for materials used for construction. So, if you have a background in engineering or building construction, you have a large market in Zimbabwe to cater to. Better yet, you can start a business that sells materials used in construction, such as cement, nails, wires, etc.

8. Taxi and transport business

Transportation is one of people’s strongest needs, thus the reason why the transport business thrives well in any economy. And Zimbabwe isn’t an exception. There are unlimited opportunities in the country’s transport sector. You can start a local taxi business or a transport service that operates within major cities – depending on your startup budget.

9. Web development, hosting, and internet solutions

With more Zimbabweans becoming aware of the profitability of online business, there’s an increasing demand for website development services, web hosting services, and internet solutions. Businesses are seeking to establish an online presence, and individuals are going into online businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, and website flipping. So, there’s big business for website developers and businesses that offer web hosting services.

10. Clothing

Zimbabweans, like every other people, love to look good. So, fashion businesses in Zimbabwe are really making profit. Although this line of business seems flooded, there are still opportunities for new businesses, especially those that can adopt surefire strategies for weakening the competition.