Investment Opportunities in Central Africa Republic

Investment Opportunities in Central African Republic

Central African Republic has various investment opportunities in the following sectors.

Agricultural Sector

  • There is need to modernize agriculture since the economy depends on subsistence


  • Educating farmers on improved farming methods that are vital in increasing yield.
  • Food processing

Energy Sector

  • Generation of power
  • Power potential, there are 37 identified sites for development of dams for electricity generation


  • Plenty of fresh water
  • Fish processing and fish farming


  • Mining, especially uranium mining, the country has 20,000 tonnes of uranium deposits
  • Raw materials like ore


  • Central African Republic requires transportation network which includes train, road and air networks. There is limited transportation and communication network as the country has only 429 kilometers of paved road, limited international, and no domestic air service, and does not possess a railroad.

Real estate

  • Low-cost housing


  • Timber processing
  • There are 22.9 million hectares of forest, exploitable forests cover 27 million (43% of the total land area). Transportation bottlenecks on rivers and lack of rail connections are serious hindrances to commercial exploitation.

Financial sector

  • Need for mortgage finance
  • Opportunity for banking/financial services as there are currently four commercial banks in operation alongside the Crédit mutuel de Centrafrique (CMC), a savings and loan co-operative specialising in micro finance


There may be petroleum deposits along the country’s northern border with Chad (Two billion barrels of oil are present in private estimates)