Investment Opportunities in Mauritania

Investment opportunities in Mauritania

Livestock Sector

  • Modern slaughterhouses
  • Establishment of milk manufacturing and dairy products
  • Establishment of leather manufacturing and processing units

Fisheries Sector

  • Acquisition and exploitation of fishing boats
  • Opportunities to invest in the processing and conservation industry
  • Opportunities to invest in Emerging Fisheries Development like anchovies and shellfish
  • Opportunities to develop aquaculture and prawn breeding
  • Infrastructure for offloading
  • Development of fish processing and transformation industries
  • Industries related to fishing

Agriculture Sector

  • Irrigation
  • Production of vegetables and fruits for local markets and export
  • Manufacturing cattle feed
  • Manufacturing and processing units
  • Dates manufacturing and processing units
  • Cultivation of Arabic gum.

Mining Sector

  • Exploration and exploitation of minerals
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Pellets project in the area of Awaj
  • A new mining port
  • Increasing the production and export from the Iron mines
  • Exploitation project underground to mine iron in Tazadit
  • Phosphate project in Bofal

Oil and Gas Sector

  • Exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields
  • Development of oil industries
  • Gas power plant



  • Construction and operation of hotels
  • Construction and operation of tourist resorts on the shores of the Atlantic
  • Development potential of tourism, eco-tourism, cultural, fishing tourism, and business tourism industries

Other opportunities

  • Extension of the autonomy port of Nouadihbou
  • Desalination unit of sea water
  • Naval repair workshop