Investment Opportunities in Gabon

Investment opportunities in Gabon

There are considerable investment opportunities in Gabon, due to the exceptional diversity of the country’s natural resource. Abundant availability of natural forest resources in Gabon offers enormous potential for new opportunities to the timber and downstream industries.


  • Iron: the deposits in the Bélinga district in the north east of Gabon
  • Diamonds seem to be extremely widespread across Gabon
  • Phosphate reserves

Oil sub sector

  • Oil drilling

Energy sector

  • Development of integrated infrastructure
  • Production of gas
  • Production of hydroelectric power
  • Promotion of renewable energy sources
  • Invest in transport and distribution

Agriculture sector

  • Transformation of raw materials
  • Production of bio fuel and rubber tree farming
  • Telecommunications and ICT
  • Development of fibre optic broadband infrastructure
  • Setting up of the fibre optic network
  • Equipping of all the schools in Gabon with multimedia rooms with Internet connections
  • Implementation of a digital administration

Tourism and ecotourism

  • Organization of tourist chartering
  • The creating of specific training, for the tourist sector requires bilingual guides, local facilitators and hotel staff
  • The creating of a professional school of tourism and a dedicated University stream
  • Setting up accommodation (luxury and mid range) in proximity to the national parks
  • Planning of park accessibility (roads, railways)
  • Design of ecotourism programmes;
  • Creation of sales networks for ecotourism
  • Forestry
  • Timber processing and downstream industries