Investment Opportunities in Guinea-Bassau

Investment opportunities in Guinea Bissau

Once hailed as a potential model for African development, Guinea-Bissau is now one of the richest inventory countries in the world with various investment opportunities in agro processing industries climate, fisheries, livestock, manufacturing, and tourism and service sector. These can be explained as below;

Tourism Sector

  • Tourist zones project, which will extend throughout whole region of the country
  • Opportunities in the national parks and reserves
  • Ecotourism projects
  • Barbeque Port cruise-ship project
  • Sport tourism
  • Fishing tourism
  • Tourist resort projects in the Bijagos Islands
  • Bijagos islands hotels projects
  • Tracking tourist rote projects
  • Cultural tourist projects
  • Conference-tourist hotels in Bissau
  • Tourist resort project in Saltinho


  • Import food
  • Machinery
  • Hospital equipment
  • Textile good
  • Cosmetic good
  • Cars, trucks and jeeps
  • Export cashew nut
  • Export frozen fish
  • Export fruits and vegetables
  • Develop trading centres
  • Export palm oil






ICT Sector

  • Establishment of ICT infrastructure
  • Education in a field of ICT (public and private sector)
  • Sale of Hardware & Software
  • Call Centers for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Wide range of Business Process Outsourcing activities
  • Software development
  • Establishment of ERP infrastructure in large companies
  • E-government
  • Development of Broadband infrastructure


  • Propriety development
  • Construction of resident houses (low cost housing)
  • Industrial houses (light industrial parks, warehousing facilities)
  • Commercial houses
  • Regional and local shopping centres
  • Office accommodation
  • Construction equipment
  • Building materials

Agriculture Sector

  • Production of drinks
  • Wood industry
  • Production of machinery for agriculture purpose
  • Extractive industry
  • Cashew nut
  • Fruits, legumes, production of juice, compote, honey, processing cashew nut
  • Production, processing and exportation of maize and other cereals
  • Processing flour from manioc
  • Production of food for animals
  • Production and processing palm oil for the production of soap
  • Processing and conservation of fish
  • Rehabilitation of different unities for production of oil

Transport Sector

  • Construction of a new port
  • Rehabilitation of port services
  • Management of port services
  • Capacity building for the Guinea-Bissau Maritime Authority
  • Supply of equipment, technical and consultancy services for marine engineering
  • Potential opportunities exist in the form of developing airports to cater for the necessity of the tourism, increasing passenger and the growth of air traffic.
  • Rehabilitation of airports
  • Management of airports
  • Supply of equipment, technical and consultancy services
  • New opportunities for horticultural and fish transport from Bissau to Europe and other African countries


Health Sector

  • Elaboration of the strategy for development of health care
  • Controlling system
  • Services for coordination of financing different activities in regional and sector level
  • Laboratories and hospital equipment
  • Supply of medicaments
  • Material for hospitals
  • Health care services
  • Hospital building projects
  • Private clinic projects

Education Sector 

  • Kinder gardens
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Universities and faculties
  • Professional schools
  • Centres for trainings
  • Language schools
  • Adult education
  • School infrastructures
  • Research institutes

Finance Sector

  • Lease Hire
  • Micro-Financing on whole sale basis
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance Services
  • Business Advisory services – trusteeship and Receiverships