Investment Opportunities in Equatorial Guinea

Investment opportunities in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is set to be a country with high potential gas reserves and many opportunities in different sectors in the country that need to be exploited. Equatorial Guinea offers national foreign investors the desired balance and profitability for investment.

Shipping industry

  • Construction of shipyards and maintenance of ships
  • Packaging and processing and conservation of sea/seafood products
  • Improvement Industry of salting or smoking of fish
  • Construction of an aquaculture plant

Agriculture sector

  • Creation of a fund for agricultural development
  • Training centres for farmers
  • Investment in new machinery
  • New centre for agriculture technology
  • Export of processing food


  • New hotels and resorts
  • Ecotourism and safaris
  • Water sports
  • Improvement of the transport infrastructure
  • Workshops and trainings in the tourism sector (Human Resources)

Financial sector

  • Improve inter-banks payment
  • Promote new financial infrastructure (financial hub of the region)
  • Establishment of centres for training and management and business school