Investment Opportunities in Mali

Investment Opportunities in Mali

Agriculture Sector

  • Processing plants for wheat, rice, millet fonio (digitaria exilis), potato
    varieties and corn
  • Production/merchandising of agricultural industry by-products
  • Processing of mangos, oranges
  • Servicing improvement of cotton, spinning & textile mills
  • Hat manufacturers

 Livestock and fish Sector

  • Servicing of farms producing livestock
  • Modern livestock and poultry abattoirs
  • Meat processing plants (drying, preserving, smoking, canning)
  • Processing of livestock and poultry by-products
  • Processing of dairy products
  • Processing of leather goods
  • Egg production (incubation)
  • Fish processing

Natural resources Sector

  • Cement processing and production plants
  • Gold excavation, processing and merchandising
  • Glass production plants

Transport Sector

  • Transport  maintenance related companies,

Tourism Sector

  • Construction and maintenance of hotels
  • Construction and planning of zoos, amusement parks, etc
  • Tourism resource development

Art, music & ethnic handicrafts Sector

  • Manufacturing plants for furniture
  • Merchandising of ethnic arts & crafts
  • Recording companies

Education Sector

  • Investment in education reform, higher education, language schools, and vocational colleges, and facility improvement