Investment Opportunities in Republic of South Sudan

Business Opportunities

Southern Sudan engaged in liberation struggle for decades. But in January 2005, a new dawn of peace came upon the region when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed. The agreement resulted in convergence of the war scattered population of Southern Sudan back to the large cities, towns and villages. Settling down into the land that had nothing economically on the ground was challenging. But four years down the CPA, business and investment have taken over the large cities of the autonomous region. The boom that CPA has triggered has resulted in explosive growth and undisputed opportunities.

Cities such as Juba, Wau and Malakal are the main economic centers of Southern Sudan that are experiencing extensive economic boom. The cities are going through a period that is similar to the pre-Second World War period of the New Deal in The United States of America when all kind of economic activities sprang up. The above cities host various NGOs, UN agencies, and Multinational firms and off course Juba serves as the administrative, legislative and judicial headquarter of the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS).

Other towns that are cashing in on this new unprecedented economic era are Rumbek, Yei, Torit, Bor, Yambio and Kapoeta. Opportunities in sectors of business and investment are enormous throughout those towns. The main sectors that are highly noticed are construction, hospitality, telecommunication (including internet facilities), transport and commercial trade.

But considering the level of demand for all kind of modern needs, many investors and trading companies are pouring in all over the world. However, the investors are mostly from the neighbouring countries of Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Eritrea and Ethiopia. But investors from farther countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, India, China and South Africa have begun converging at Juba. Most of companies from these farther countries are focusing on supplying consumables, logistical services, aviation, and all kind of furniture. Furthermore, Juba has become a destination for a great number of four-wheel-vehicles which is then attracting mechanical services.

The international influx can not be a surprise because everyone wants to cash in on the oil revenues and contracts for reconstruction and construction. Health service is also a field that fattens bank accounts worldwide and Southern Sudan is not an exception. Reasons for being in South Sudan are therefore many and rewarding.

Many companies that see potential in exporting are venturing into the vast natural resource that Southern Sudan is blessed with. First and foremost, the agricultural sector alone leaves no room for further investment desires. The land is so fertile that should the agriculture investment take shape, South Sudan is likely to become the breadbasket of the continent and the Middle East. It has a potential of becoming an agriculture production centre because of its large swaths land and underground water reserves.
 Currently, exporting of mangoes, gold, and timber is taking place through informal and uninstitutionalized channels. The potential in exporting is huge and is an opportunity that must not be missed.

With such enormous opportunities, ROSS will like to invite all developmental investors to South Sudan where there is an assurance for mutual benefit. Until 2005, South Sudan has been in isolation from the world economic competition and the earlier a company establishes, the better the competition position. For more information, please get in contact with Republic of South Sudan Embassy in South Africa or the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Investment in Juba or many other liaison offices Worldwide.

Some other areas of business and investment opportunities are:

Trade  Transportation  Construction
Building Materials Farming Water development
Telecommunication Mining Manufacturing
Shipping  Property development Agriculture
Hospitality Air conditioning service financial services
Health services Advertising services Architects
Tourism Consumables Education