Investment Opportunities in Cameroun

Starting a Business in Cameroon – 10 Big Opportunities

Cameroon which is officially known as the Republic of Cameroon is an African country that is located in the central part of Africa and it shares borders with Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The capital city of Cameroon is Yaounde, but the largest city is Douala and it is the economic capital of the country. French and English languages are the official language of Cameroon and its currency is called Central African CFA (XAF).

The major contributors to the economic growth of Cameroon are the agricultural sector, the tourism sector, the services industry, and the manufacturing sector. The Agric sector happens to be one of the highest employers of the work force in Cameroon. The country is notable for the commercial cultivation of crops like oil palms, cocoa, bananas, rubber, tea, sugar, coffee and tobacco plus fishing and livestock farming.

Although, doing business in Cameroon might not come easy especially for foreigners due to the high level of corruption, but the country still remains the number one destination for logging business in Africa and this sector is predominantly dominated by foreigners probably because the industry is profitable and not regulated.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Cameroon

1. Tea Production Business

Cameroon is known for the massive cultivation of some of the finest teas in the world. If you are looking for a business to do in Cameroon, then you should consider starting your own tea production company. The truth is that, if your tea is well packaged, you can sell it beyond the borders of Cameroon; tea happens to be one of the exported cash crops from Cameroon.

2. Livestock Farming Business

Livestock farming is another very lucrative business that an entrepreneur can start in Cameroon. Despite the fact that your major market will be the indigenous community where your livestock farm is located, but it is still a profitable business. As a matter of fact, most livestock farms are found in the rural communities in Cameroon and it requires cheap labor to run this kind of business.

3. Food Processing Company

The economy of Cameroon is still a growing economy and there are loads of industries that are still at the infancy stage and food processing industry is one of them. The truth is that it is cheaper to get raw materials for food processing companies in Cameroon. The only challenge that industries faces in Cameroon is the challenge of electrical power, but if you are able to generate your own electrical power to power your factory, then food processing business is the way to go in Cameroon. Aside from getting cheap raw materials, you will also get cheap labors.

4. Transport Business

Transportation is one major challenge in Cameroon. The country is still grappling with the disorganization in the transport sector. Any investor who can come up with creativity in the transport sector in Cameroon is sure to make good returns on his or her investment. It is fact that connecting the rural communities with the urban communities can be very difficult. Hence, anyone who will come up with a solution will sure make good cash.

5. Plastic Production Company

Cameroon is one of the major exporters of rubber in Africa but they still lack enough manufacturing industries that make use of rubber as their raw materials. If you have a solid financial base, you can consider investing in a manufacturing business. There are several products and components that can be produced with rubber; all you need to do is to conduct your feasibility studies and then discover the product that is in high demand.

6. Licensed Football Agency

If you are conversant with African football, then you might realize that Cameroon is considered a leading football nation in Africa. The truth is that there are many young talented footballers in Cameroun who are looking towards plying their trade overseas, especially in Europe. All you need to do to leverage on this is to acquire your FIFA Agent license badge, and then negotiate to help European clubs scout for young talents in Cameroun. It is indeed a very rewarding business because it is based on commission and you stand the chance of making good cash from one successful player.

7. Sport Shop

Cameroonians are known to love sports and they patronize sports shops a lot. All you need to do is to rent a shop in a good location, and then ensure that you stock it with the Jerseys of popular clubs in Europe and also other sport wares like football, lawn tennis, boxing gloves, cricket bats, basket ball, javelins, et al.

8. Outdoor Catering Services

If you are a caterer and you live in Cameroon, then you should consider starting your own outdoor catering services. Outdoor catering services offer catering services to people who are organizing parties or any event that will require feeding. It could be a tea party, buffet or a cocktail party.


9. Public Address and Party Rental Services

Another viable and profitable business an entrepreneur can start in Cameroon is public address and party rental services. Public address and party rental services entails renting public address gadgets like loud speakers, micro phones, chairs, tables, canopies et al. this kind of business requires moderate capital to set it up. Basically, the areas you will spend money is in the purchase of the stuffs you will put up for rent and also a facility or open field that will be used as a store.

10. Supply and General Merchandise Business

Supply and general merchandise is one business that someone can establish and make instant wealth especially when you land a government contract. If you live in Cameroon, you will agree that loads of contractors flock around government offices to look for contracts. All you need to do to get started with this type of business is to register your own company with the government of Cameroon, and then source for government contracts.