TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines

Rua da Missao 123, PO Box 79, Luanda, CP 3010, Angola,.,Luanda - Rep├║blica de Ang,Luanda
Contact Phones: +244 923 190 000,+244 923 190 001
Email : adm@flytaag.com
Web Address: www.taag.com


The years translate a glorious evolution in the operation of TAAG a company with a glorious past and a bright future ahead.


1938 - Creation of DTA – Divisão dos Transportes Aéreos de Angola.


1940 - With a fleet of five small airplanes the first flights are initiated from Luanda to Maçâmedes (today Namibe), Lobito and Ponta Negra


1948 - The first airplanes Douglas DC-3 initiate operation


1962 - The first Fokker Friendship F-27 is acquired


1973 - TAAG changes designation to Transportes Aéreos de Angola, operating domestic flights and launching the regional flights to São Tomé and Príncipe and Windhoek. 


1975 - With the proclamation of the national independence, the first Angolan managers were nominated and the company started flying to Lisbon, initiating its footprint in Europe.


1976 - The jet era begins with the arrival of the first Boeing 737 to the country.


1980 - With the acquisition of new Boeing 707 TAAG begins a period of fast growth. TAAG wings fly more than 30 thousand hours and 18 million kilometers, while expanding its domestic and international network.


1986 - TAAG reaches the million passengers landmark. The abrupt fall of the petroleum prices and the aggravation of the political-military situation in the country the Company incurs in an extraordinary effort to comply with the country needs. The almost absolute stoppages of the road and rail transport turns TAAG into the only reliable and safe connection between the major Angolan cities, a cause of pride for all its 5,000 employees.


1991 - Two new subsidiaries companies are created: Angola - Air Charter, focusing in charters, cargo transportation and non scheduled flights, and SAL - Sociedade de Aviação Ligeira, focusing on aero-taxi services and multi-purpose specialized flights.


1997 - On July the 8th TAAG acquires its first Boeing 747, baptized as “Cidade do Kuito” in the honour of the martyr people of that city


2006 - At the 11 hours and 11 minutes of November 11, TAAG and city of Luanda receive 5 new airplanes: 3 Boeing 737-700NG and 2 Boeing 777-200E. This day is registered in the history of world aviation, as the Boeing 777-200ER broke a world record in the inaugural flight from Seattle to Luanda, as they flew for 16 hours and 40 seconds without refueling. A manufacturers' record was also broken, as this was the first time five new aircraft were delivered at once.


2007 - TAAG received the fourth Boeing 737 - 700NG. 


2008 - Acquisition of the third Boeing 777-200ER.

2009 - TAAG continues writing history, improving the connections between Angola and the rest of the world, opening new routes to Europe, Dubai and China. Being fully committed to demonstrate its adherence to the highest international standards, TAAG is awarded the IOSA certification from IATA.


2010 - TAAG is allowed to resume its commercial operations to the entire european airspace with its modern fleet of Boeing 777 and 737.



To be the company leading the modernization of air transport and associated services in Angola, through an operation that is reliable and financially sustainable and promote the image of Angola in the world.



Safety and Reliability of the Operations

We ensure the strict respect of all operational safety norms, security and quality in TAAG’s operations


We guarantee a close collaboration with national and international regulating entities


We are fully committed to the reliability and the punctuality of our operations


Excellence in passenger services

We serve the passengers in a professional and careful manner

We communicate the passion we feel towards our Company in all our actions

We adjust the distinctive features of our services to the needs of our passengers


Quality of human resources

We transmit a culture of learning and sharing of knowledge

We promote internal unity and decision making under a corporate perspective

We encourage a culture of permanent improvement and individual development Culture of integrity and responsibilities

We work as a team and always place the best interest of the Company above any individual benefit

We are responsible for all our actions and act in accordance with the Code of Ethic of the Company

We face the obstacles in a constructive way, always looking for the best solutions


Financial Responsibility

We work to ensure the financial sustainability of the Company, guaranteeing the capacity to generate positive financial results

We promote a culture of rational use of the Company’s resources

We make sure that the financial information provided is credible and delivered in due time


Social Responsibility

We promote the image of Angola in the country and abroad

We are a dynamic component of the Angolan economy and support our community through social actions


Environmental awareness

We promote awareness through environment-friendly measures within the Company

We work to minimize the impact of our operations to the environment surrounding us, adopting environment responsible criteria


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