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About Sonangol

Created in 1976, Sonangol - National Fuel Society of Angola - is the exclusive licensee for exploration of oil and gas in the basement and on the continental shelf of Angola. Its activities span exploration, research, development, marketing, production, storage, transport and refining of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, and can be performed independently or in association with foreign companies.


The beginning

Oil exploration has been done in Angola since 1953; after independence to take on the mission of managing that extraordinary richness in order to transform it into development for the Angolan people, following the nationalization of Angol Sonangol was created according to modern market economy business models which, with efficiency and competitiveness, is capable of converting the resources obtained through its oil business into new development opportunities.


Through the years our company has grown and increased it's production of crude oil which led Angola to fit between the major producers of oil in sub-Saharan Africa which exports regularly, significant volumes to countries in Europe, America and Asia.


Sonangol operates with excellence in processes, offers quality in its products and services and is aware that health and well-being are fundamental to manage a daily oil production of high quality. We are an example of competence and trust, and a reference in Africa and worldwide, thus fulfilling the dual task of performing as an integrated company and acting as the driving force for exploration of oil resources in Angola.

We have a workforce of approximately 13,000 employees and we have our subsidiary companies and national and international partnerships to transform the largest natural wealth of Angola on creating opportunities, pride and welfare for more than 24 million Angolans. To ensure the continued growth of the organization and the country, Sonangol focuses on diversification of its activities.

For Sonangol generating oil richness is also an opportunity to value the human asset and open pathways to the growth of Angola. Based on the belief that creating value and do good are two inseparable realities, in addition to creating jobs and technology Sonangol's mission is also to promote sustainable development - expressed as support to social, environmental, cultural, scientific and sports projects.


Sonangol — Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, E.P. — is the sole concessionaire for exploration of oil and gas exploration on the subsoil and continental shelf of Angola, and is responsible for the exploration, production, manufacturing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons in Angola. We operate in an efficient safe and transparent manner, and are committed to environmental protection. Our purpose is to promote the harmonious development of the country and reinforce sustainable use of hydrocarbon resources.


Created as a public company in 1976 from the Decree-Law No. 52/76 of 9 June, which established the National Fuel Society of Angola (Sonangol) as a state-owned company dedicated to exercise the activities of exploration, research, production, transportation, refining, storage, distribution and processing of oil and other hydrocarbons and their derivatives and waste and so is the equipment in their respect, petrochemical and related industries and their marketing. The decree also establishes that Sonangol is intended to manage on behalf of the assets held by the Angolan Government, based on the standards applied to commercial undertakings. Sonangol operates in the market under strict performance standards in order to ensure efficiency, competitiveness and profitability, aiming to add shareholder value.

In this context, Sonangol works to become a benchmark in the international market and, in particular, the African market and fulfill the dual task of performing as an integrated and competitive company and act as a transforming force in Angola. To this end, implements fundamental assumptions of an inserted company in the market economy, customer oriented and a strictly ethical conduct, engaged in the communities in which it operates responsibly in relation to health, safety and the environment.


Our main activities include prospecting, exploration, development, production, transportation, marketing, refining and processing of oil and gas, and the supply, storage and distribution of its products, including petrochemical activities and can be performed in order alone or in association with other companies - domestic or foreign. Furthermore, Sonangol assumes, in full, its role as a public company, whose achievements should be paid directly on behalf of sustainable development of their country.

With this goal in mind, Sonangol is oriented towards:


•diversification of business in order to reduce dependence on fluctuations of oil prices;

•the development of refining, marketing and distribution of oil derivatives as competitive business;

•establishment of LNG related activities and the development of business in the petrochemicals industry; and

•generating options for repositioning the support business of Sonangol.



Despite being a public company, Group Sonangol bases the financial and administrative management of its companies on the management standards of Commercial companies. To achieve the established levels of efficiency and productivity, the company emphasizes the application of modern management methods to make the Group more efficient and transparent to the outside world. Some of the policies we use:

•accounts reporting of all group companies in conformity to international standards of financial rigor.

•achievement of each group's companies goals with transparency and responsibility.

•valorisation of the human capital and creating of a professional environment conducive to self-motivation.

•responsibility towards the environment and for its preservation.

Foreseeing the entry of domestic private companies in the oil sector, Sonangol expanded its business and level of expertise to prepare for free competition.



• Promote sustainability and growth of the national oil industry, to ensure greater return for the Angolan government. Guarantee the participation of nationalbusinesses and individuals in in the industry activities and benefit the Society with the results generated.

2015 Goals

• Be an integrated and competitive oil company. with international projection and high level of performance based on the best practices of Corporate Governance.

• To be always up to our commitments to the state, society, partners and our employees and ensure generation of dividends for our shareholders.

 Our values

•Orientation to the client

•Excellence in performance

•Team Work

•Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

•Ethical conduct

•Efective communication



For vehicles, motorbikes and airplanes Sonangol offers the following types of fuels:



oUnleaded regular (Octane 93) e

oLeaded (Octane 91)

•aviation fuels:

oJet A-1

oJet B

•marine fuels


The brand Ngol represents the lubricants Sonangol and offers several types of greases, waxes and lubricants for diverse kinds of applications.

Our lubricants are divided in two main categories:

•Automotive lubricants

•Marine and Industry lubricants

•LPG cylinder 

Liquefied Pretroleum Gas (LPG) is sold in a pressurized tank as an inexpensive and safe form of energy for household use.

• Our propane tanks can be purchased at authorized retail stores and agencies.


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