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About Somali National University

History of Somali National University

AFIS (Amdministrazione feduciario Italiana della Somalia) did lay the groundwork for the country’s higher education by establishing higher institute to provide Somali high school graduates with advanced semi-professional training. In 1950 the administration established the school of politics and administration. But effective higher education in Somalia began in 1954 when the AFIS administration established the Institute of Law, Economics, and Social Studies. This institute was satellite of the Universities of Rome and Padova, which provided all the instruction material, and the faculty, administration. In 1964, the institute of law and economics was offering two years of university study here in Somalia, followed by other two years of study in Italy to obtain university degree.

SNU was officially found In December 1969 and the Institute of law and economics were transformed into the faculties of law and economy. In 1971, the faculty of Agriculture and the Chemistry were activated followed by the faculty of education in 1972. In 1973 the faculties of Medicine, Geology, Veterinary and engineering were founded and in 1979 faculties of language, Islamic study and journalism were also added to the faculties of SNU and lastly the faculties of Technical Teacher Training and the Political Science were the last faculties that joined SNU.

Before the collapse of the Somali state in 1991, SNU had an enrollment of 15,672 students, with about 700 academic and non-academic staff and consisted of 13 faculties. University study consists of two (Education faculty) to four year program leading to the bachelor’s degree or laurel. At the time of the civil war, the National University was beginning to offer post-graduate courses and degrees. Unfortunately the civil war has totally destroyed SNU.


The Higher Institute of Administration and Political Science1950 (AFIS- Italian Trusteeship Administration for Somalia)The Higher Institute of Economy, Law & Social Science1956 (AFIS)The Higher Institute of Economy & Law1964 (SOM. Government tansferable to Italian Uni.FacultyEstablished dateLaw1969 (SNU is founded)Economy1969Agriculture1971Chemistry1971Education1972Medicine1973Geology1973Veterinary & Animal Husbandary1973Engineering1973Islamic Studies1979Language1979Journalism1979Political Science1981Tech.teacher training1984



To acquire and improve quality National University that promotes knowledge research and technology transfer so as to produce the necessary trained work force for the country.



The establishment of an affordable and equitable world class public university that generates well-trained professionals that meet the socio-economic and technological needs of the country.



SNU strategy is based on the following:

1. Responds to the urgent need for highly qualified professionals and specialists necessary for the rebuild of the country.

2. Hands on based learning.

3. Accessibility and Equitability.

The objectives of the SNU are:

•To develop a world class public University that contributes the attainment of rapid development and quick transformation of every aspect of the social life,

•To produces sufficient and well trained professional workforce that satisfy the professional need of the country in the field of Socio-Economic development, Science and Technology.

•To advance the knowledge by exploiting the technological progress and advancement of the science so that it spreads the scientific knowledge to the society

•The advancement of economically and socially relevant researches


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