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Transair Group

.,Route de l’aéroport Léopold Sédar Senghor - Yoff (face à l'hôtel Onomo) BP 30147 Dakar Sodida,Central,Dakar
Contact Phones: (+221) 33 865 25 65,+221 33 865 25 65 | +221 33 868 31 01
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About Transair Group

Specialized in charter in the first decade of its fiscal year in Dakar, Transair has developed between 2000 and 2009 to become Group Transair and place among the leaders of the aviation sector in Senegal.


With multiple high-quality services, the Transair Group continues to make a name in the national market. This beautiful image allows him to record and retain a large demanding customers, from the particular to the VIP, via firms and companies, embassies and consulates, ministries, NGOs, commercial and private aviation partners, and that any organization wishing a competent partner.


Leader of the airline industry for the service within Senegal to meet the expectations of the PES


The TRANSAIR Group SA has the capacity and the will to develop modern, efficient operations and provide all types of airport services including essential services.


Our ability is to put in place a structure that includes services relating to the flight, track handling and passenger services for all commercial flights, private jets and chartered cargo at the airport in Dakar, but in addition:

•baggage handling and assistance to passengers

•airport services (for business aviation in private jets) - intended for individual personalities and personalities not members of government

•baggage handling and assistance to passengers

•technical assistance of its aircraft

•the issuance of travel tickets through the travel agency CURRENT, branch TRANSAIR Group SA

•booking passengers through the CURRENT agency


TRANSAIR SA The Group has designed its structure to provide all the services of commercial flights, chartered freighters and private jets at the airport in Dakar, and more:

•a passenger support and luggage from / to the airport

•track of all operations

•airport services for private jet flights or business

•handling air cargo demand

•maintenance stopover

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