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Black Horse

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About Black Horse

Black Horse is a distinguished player in the Nigerian plastic sector. 100% Nigerian owned, Black Horse Plastics has been producing plastic household items, garden furniture, kitchenware, industrial products and packaging materials in Nigeria for over 25 years meeting the European and international Standards.

Our high quality furniture is number one in the business. Our chairs are great for all events, school functions, conference rooms, churches, hotels, café, reception areas, training rooms and offices. Our design selection grows by the day so we can offer you only the best with various options of designs to the Nigerian public and the whole of West Africa.

Popular all over the country today, our products have achieved a pervasive presence that proves the staying power of good design. Our Chairs are organic shapes, clean and simple form sculpted to fit the body.

Whatever your need, whether it be making your growing church congregation more comfortable, starting a rental service business, starting a new school or day care, putting a classy touch to your reception area, office or garden, we stand as a progressing partner.

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