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FAQ about Michaela's Oven

Question. But I really want 5 flavors!
  • Answer:

    In that case we recommend you go for a two-tier cake, where you can have up to 3 flavors in one cake, and 3 in another tier.

Question. Can I have all the flavors in one cake?
  • Answer:

    Not quite. Not all flavors go well together – for example lemon and chocolate don’t go well together, while orange and chocolate do. We recommend a maximum of 3 flavors in the same cake, one of which we recommend is vanilla, as this is a nice neutral flavor which can bridge the other two.

Question. I don’t understand the sizes you are quoting.
  • Answer:

    We give the size indication in both inches (that is the diameter of the cake) and in kgs. For example our most popular size for birthdays is the 10” round. That is approximately 2.5kg cake. 10” is the size of a typical dinner plate. 8” on the other hand, is the size of the inside of a typical dinner plate, while 7” is the size of a side plate.

Question. I hate chocolate cake. I prefer red velvet
  • Answer:

    Red velvet is in fact a light chocolate cake. If you are allergic to chocolate, please do not order a red velvet. However if you simply don’t like a strong chocolate taste, then red velvet will be a perfect cake for you.

Question. I have many guests and I would like to serve them all cake, but I cannot afford the price
  • Answer:

    No worries. A large part of the cost goes to decorating the cake. If you have many guests but a limited budget, we can decorate just one or two tiers, then provide plain cakes for serving. That way everybody gets a slice of the same great cake, and you get a beautifully decorated one as well! This is a popular option for wedding intros where you really don’t need many decorated cakes.

Question. I really like your cakes but my budget was only 50,000
  • Answer:

    Low budget? No worries! Our decorated cupcakes are only 3,000/= each and can be packed in 6 or 12 packs.

Question. I want just a small cake for a birthday
  • Answer:

    The smallest size we recommend is the 8”, 2kg cake which starts at 80,000. While we do have smaller sizes (1kg, 1.5kg) we tend to use these only as part of tiered cakes, or when a cake is being gifted to an individual – e.g. for Valentines Day.

Question. I would like chocolate fruit
  • Answer:

    We do not believe these go well together. Chocolate is chocolate and fruit is fruit. In fact we do not marry fruit cake with any other flavor in the same tier.

Question. Please put half the sugar of your normal cake
  • Answer:

    Changing one ingredient can significantly affect not only the taste but the texture of the cake. While we can reduce sugar in the recipe, we can only go so far without completely altering the cake. Do note also that the overall size of the cake will reduce slightly – because there is less of a particular ingredient.

Question. The cake is for someone who is diabetic.
  • Answer:

    We do have a sugar-free honey cake available. However it works well for smaller cakes up to 8”. If you have a big function, we recommend making the sugar free cake (or even cupcakes) specifically for the person who cannot take sugar, and make a regular cake for everyone else.

Question. There’s a flavor I wanted but you don’t seem to have it
  • Answer:

    Let us know what it is, we will see if we can get it done for you! Our customers keep us on our innovation toes!

Question. We have a dairy allergy
  • Answer:

    Most of our cake recipes do not contain milk or butter. However frostings / fillings like whipped cream, cream cheese and pastry cream do contain dairy. Just let us know so that we can use an alternative.

Question. We have someone with an egg allergy
  • Answer:

    We have options for eggless cakes. Please let us know if the allergy is to both eggs and dairy, in which case a vegan cake is required.