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Question. Am deaf I cannot hear properly can you train me also?
  • Answer:

    Yes we can; if you can write and read English properly

Question. Do I need to come with my computer?
  • Answer:

    Having your computer is an advantage for you to practice, but you can also use our desktop computer available.

Question. Do you accept installments?
  • Answer:

    Yes you can pay in installments, but you need to pay at least 50% before starting the training

Question. Do you connect us to jobs after training?
  • Answer:

    Yes we do. Terms and conditions apply

Question. Do you give discounts?
  • Answer:

    Yes. Terms and conditions apply

Question. Do you offer bursaries?
  • Answer:

    No. We can negotiate on a discount but no bursaries yet.

Question. How long does the course take?
  • Answer:

    All our courses take 3 months; you study for 3 hours every day Monday to Friday

Question. How much does the course cost?
  • Answer:
    • Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design (ACGD) 3months = 500,000/=
    • Advanced Certificate in Motion Graphics (ACGD) 3months = 800,000/=
Question. I cannot speak English will I understand?
  • Answer:

    Our trainings are conducted in both English and vernacular to make our trainees understand better and they are 100% practical so you study by doing.

Question. If I bring my laptop do you put for me the design software?
  • Answer:

    Yes we do; but at a fee of 25000 shillings

Question. If I fail to study after paying do you refund the fees?
  • Answer:

    Yes. But only and only if you notify the management within 72 hour after paying. Above this period, fees will not be refunded.

Question. If I miss class for some time do you compensate?
  • Answer:

    If you miss for 1-2weeks you pay a fine of 50,000/=. If you miss for 3-4weeks you retake the course/subject missed and repay the fees accordingly.

Question. Is your institution recognized by Ministry of Education?
  • Answer:

    We are in the process of acquiring a license from the Ministry, but we are currently operating under the supervision of Uganda Private Vocational Institutions, an umbrella organization mandated by Ministry of Education to monitor and guide vocational training centers in Uganda. Registration No.1098

Question. What are the requirements to study?
  • Answer:
    • 2 recent passport size photos
    • Photocopy of valid ID (National ID, passport, driving permit,) Pen, Notebook, Sketchbook, 1GB flash disk, a clear ruler, Minimum 50% deposit on training fees
Question. What courses do you offer?
  • Answer:
    • Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design (ACGD)
    • Advanced Certificate in Motion Graphics (ACGD)
Question. What do I get after training?
  • Answer:

    All our trainees get a certificate after training. Note: only those who score above average (50%) are awarded a certificate. I you score below average you are given two chances to retake the exams and improve your marks.

Question. What do you study under Motion Graphics?
  • Answer:

    We study video editing, music video composition, Designing TV adverts, Radio adverts, Slide presentations and basic animation using After Effects, Premier Pro. And Adobe Audition.

Question. When is the next intake?
  • Answer:

    Registration is on just contact the 0704699269 or visit Fine Graphics offices for details.

Question. Where are you located?
  • Answer:

    FINE GRAPHCS is located on:
    Sayuuni Towers 4th floor, Room N-06/07, Nasser Road - Kampala
    Call: 0704699269, 0788567656
    Facebook page: finegraphicstraining

Question. Where do you pay the fees? In the bank or at the office.
  • Answer:

    You can pay in any Orient Bank branch near you (bank details can be provided) or pay at our office on Sayuni Tower and obtain a receipt.

Question. Who are you and what are you called?
  • Answer:

    We are Fine Graphics; a Graphics Design training facility dedicated to equipping our students with skills, through providing hands-on training in computer graphics art and design.