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LOYA - For the health of the entire family.

The Loya milk is currently a leading brand in Angola milks, milk is preferred by the families for both home use in the preparation of ice cream, yogurt and other foods requiring milk. The Loya milk is also a reference to the dairy industries and products will milk.

The Loya comes in three different ranges:

Loya, fat whole milk powder (not instant)

Loya Forvita, whole milk instant powder

Loya, UHT liquid milk


Loya milk powder  is healthy, nutritious and has a rich and creamy flavor that results in high-grade milk and helps in maintaining strong and healthy family. It contains calcium, protein and vitamins A and D, essential for healthy growth.

The full Loya milk is ideal for all type of food preparations require a consistent and tasty milk.


- Refill Packs of 15g, 20g, 500g, 1000g and 2270g.

- Cans of 400g, 900g and 2270g.

- 5 kg bags and 25 lbs.


Loya Forvita, milk enriched instant powder with 28 vitamins and minerals essential for strong and healthy crescismento.

The Loya Forvita milk is a tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare, ideal for the whole family.


- Refill Packs of 500g.

- Cans of 400g, 900g and 1800g.

- 25 Kgs bags.


UHT Loya, the Loya milk also comes in sterilized UHT liquid milk, subjected to high temperatures for a few seconds allowing a long life period always keeping your good taste to milk, the packaging allows preserving milk several months out of the fridge before being opened.

Loya UHT is a natural source of calcium and vitamins with superior quality assurance.


- Package Tetra Pak a pint semi-skimmed

- Tetra Pak package of a fat liter


Loya has the promise of five stars:

Made from fresh milk of dairy cows best, subject to various quality control conditions;

Loya - the health of the entire family is the ideal drink for family and can also be drunk with tea, coffee or cereals;

 It is a drink rich in protein and calcium, vitamins and minerals, is creamy and the pure taste of milk.

Their prices are accessible to all consumers;

Its diverse range of presentations offers more choice to the needs of all families.


Benefits for consumers:

Loya is done under strict quality control conditions.

It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals essential for the development of a strong and healthy family, ideal as beverages, cereals and cooking.

Its wide range of sizes, allows consumers to get the best alternative for their needs.


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