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Vegetable Cooking Oil

We have three prominent brands, Refined Palm olein (Korie), Refined Sunflower oil (Sundrop) and Refined Soyabean oil (Korie Gold)

these three brands have been very well honored by consumers in Tanzania. There is no doubt that the three brands are the leading cooking oil brands in Tanzania market. Being free from Cholesterol, this keeps the consumer away from heart ailments. All our products ore in line with international standards and approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards

From pure sunflower oil to the finest soy bean oil, Murzah Oils have proved themselves to be among the best oil producers in the world. Our range of Korie, Sundrop and Korie Gold are of the highest quality.


Cooking fat, Bakers’ Fat & Industrial Margarine

The company also has plants for producing cooking Fat, Bakers Fat and Margarine. These products are produced from the bye product of Fractionation plant. We are proud to say that this is the First full – fledged Fat plant in Tanzania Till about a year and a half back, most of the bakeries, bread and biscuit producers were dependent on imports for their cooking fat supplies. Now, with our product, the dependence on imports has greatly reduced and they are able to get quality products from us, thus conserving invaluable foreign exchange

From low-fat to full-fat spreads, Murzah Oil have consistently provided consumers with the most exquisite quality margarines available. Our range consists of Saladi, and B&B Margarine.


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Vegetable Cooking Oil, Cooking fat, Bakers’ Fat & Industrial Margarine

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