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Plan Design

We design for you the plans of houses and various works, simple or 3D. To help you choose a perfect plan, the firm Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION advise on fundamental issues such as orientation, implementation, adaptation of the house on your land, optimizing spaces, distribution parts and all forms of useful recommendations.



Construction & Rehabilitation



The realization of the project will be carried out from design plans to the keys. After a comprehensive discussion of ideas and possibilities, a clear and specific project will be available. We will accompany you throughout the work: regular information and communications, changes, planning, delivery, etc. The given deadline will be scrupulously respected. Our quality work will lead without fail your expectations.

The possibilities are endless pardons: Renovate or transform identically. First, we do an inventory of the possibilities to reach a rehabilitation project. Work will be performed in the studied time. You will be regularly contacted and informed of the progress of work. Changes will be made in accordance with your wishes. With our expertise and choice of quality materials, we guarantee you a result that meets your expectations and more.



A swimming pool gives added value to your home, a unique atmosphere and an addition to your garden. The pool is a luxury leisure, the priority is to enjoy it without worry. This starts with the location of the pool up to the weekly maintenance through its design and implementation. The services of our firm are here to assist you in all these steps.Once finalized the project, we will implement a dynamic team on site so that the book is delivered to deadline.


Maintenance:    Maintenance refers to all procedures regarding the maintenance of your pool throughout the year (or in your presence during your absence). This maintenance consists in getting started in the spring, cleaning and weekly treatment, wintering layout, etc. Each operation will be recorded in your pool folder. We are at your service for exceptional problems like: cloudy or green water, algae, filtration problems, etc.



A well designed and created garden beautifies your land, your living environment. Massive flowering Mediterranean plants, we will delight your eyes in our knowledge and application that we demonstrate in achieving your gardens regardless of their size and structure. Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION create your small paradise where you will be tempted to spend of your time.

 Rehabilitation-Renovation:  A garden requires to keep all its splendor, regular maintenance, otherwise it loses its shine and becomes a thicket. If for one reason or another, your garden can be found in such a situation, do not worry! Resizing to shearing, we bring you our assistance and expertise to give your garden to its former glory.



Project management (EOM)

One of the services offered by the firm Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION is the prime contractor that is to say, the operational management work closely with the client (State, local authorities, public enterprises or even individual), which is the owner of the work and / or sponsor the work and running the procurement.

As such, we set ourselves the mission:

•The design and preparation of the project;

•The development of technical specifications and control of the proper execution of the work;

•Make interface automatically between the client that is to say, the project owner and the companies responsible for carrying out the work, the choice of the latter belonging to different trades (bricklayer, roofer, electrician, etc. .) falling to the client which requires at leisure the opinion of our firm.



Monitoring and control of work

Our job is also to monitor the process leading to the realization of the work.

It can be divided into two (2) components:

- A ssistance to M ASTER of O uvrage  (AMO): Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION provides assistance to the client during construction (construction, renovation of buildings, industrial buildings, etc.) in order to meet the standards Construction and safety standards. We represent you at site meetings with all trades. At the end of its mission, Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION give you a file containing the various written and photographic observations. There is no better Bamba CONSULT & CONSTRUCTION to track your site.

We will do everything necessary so that your construction is carried out in the standards.

- O rdonnancement- P ilotage- C oordination (OPC): Our services are:

•Conducting rehabilitation work all trades;

•Consulting firms;

•Consultation of suppliers;

•Analysis of offers;

•Site preparation and start of work;

•Monitoring of work and timeliness;

•Reception work;

•Removal of reservations

•Return of keys


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