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We have no attachment  to any particular technology or product brand. Our main concern is choosing the best solution to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our client’s input is essential when we design and help them select the right solution for their business or home. At VOLTA PV, we strive for our client’s 100% satisfaction. 


PV for your Business

A solar energy solution is a smart option for different businesses. Many business owners, from hotels to restaurants to retail stores, are making the decision to go PV today. PV has many benefits to your business:


Save significantly on your electric and/or gas utility expenses

Add value to your commercial property

Take advantage of major tax benefits available only to businesses

Create a greener image for your business, and make your establishment stand out from the rest

VOLTA PV offers complete clean energy solutions custom designed for your business. Find out what we can do for your business today.



Fill out a Solar Evaluation to get started today!


Product advances in solar electricity and utility rules now make generating clean solar power a simple reality. Solar power provides secure and stable electricity to nearly any building. These solutions deliver silent and effortless electricity while reducing dependence on insecure, polluting forms of electricity. These other forms contribute to global warming and are rapidly increasing in cost. Generate a portion or all of your electricity with solar power, TODAY!


Just like the sun, we deliver independence, self-assurance and reliability. Other solar electric benefits include:


-The cleanest and greenest energy you can buy today

-Simple operation, no moving parts

-Shelter from escalating costs

-Reduced personal carbon footprint

-Increased value of your home or business

-Government Incentives

-Independence from dirty energy sources

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