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Aerial transport: FRET SERVICE assists the importation and exportation transactions of all your merchandises. It guarantees an incomparable aerial capacity of transport. FRET SERVICES represents all exportation aerial companies like : TUNISAIR - AIR FRANCE - QATAR AIRWAYS- EMIRATES AIRLINE- LUFTHANSA -  ROYAL JORDANIE - SAOUDIA AIR LINES - ROYAL AIR MAROC ...)     


  Transit customs clearance: FRET SERVICE assures the following of your commands and dispatches. It assures also the goods customs clearance from beginning to end in the fifth of continents.


  Maritime transport: it’s a choice of security and confidence with our available resources. FRET SERVICE looks after its guest’s interest.


  Stocking: FRET SERVICE offers several solutions of stocking from the storing (1000 m² in RADES PORT) to distributions.


  Grouping: weekly grouping, for import and export: air freight and sea freight.




  Being our unique interlocutor a bout the totality of your import and export transactions.


  Offering a global, meticulous detailed, and especially a really visibility a bout the merchandise statu.


  FRET SERVICES assists their customers for the transit and customs clearance.


  FRET SERVICES guarantees the rigour and transparency a bout the commercial files control.


  FRET SERVICES respects the delivery time limit and the security unfolding operations of transit.


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